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  1. IC: [Vhisola] “Yes! This way...please hurry!” The Toa didn’t have to worry about the Matoran walking, she kept up and even outpaced him at times. It didn’t take all that long, but the urgency made it feel like trekking through the swamps all over again. When they finally arrived back at the astronomer’s hut, she suddenly froze. When she’d left, Nixie had been audibly in pain. Now there was silence. Cold panic gripped the Matoran. Were they too late? Forcing herself not to lose it, Vhisola approached the hole in the side of the battle-damaged hut. Inside was almost dark. The heat stone must have gotten knocked out of sight again. “...Nixie?” she asked, barely louder than a whisper. She looked briefly at Okuo, eyes full of worry. There was no reply, but they did hear something moving, accompanied by a groan. Or was that a growl? The Matoran glanced at the Toa again, as if asking: What do we do? OOC: @Onaku
  2. IC: [Vhisola] Vhisola almost barreled into the Toa suddenly in front of her. Toa was good. Okuo? Yes, that sounded right. Explain fast. “Nixie - she’s sick. Changed. I don’t know, I woke up and...She’s in trouble - back at her hut. Please help!” As the words tumbled out of her mouth, she kept pointing in the direction she’d come from. OOC: @Onaku IC: [Takadox] You wanna follow this one back to...nope, nope nope. The warlord was about to start dissociating again. This day just would not stop piling it on. He desperately wanted to go back to Metru-Nui. Pridak and his fellow Barraki and whoever else was waiting in line to get a piece of him be . At least it’d be familiar. Stop. You try and go back now you won’t make it in one piece. You couldn’t make it one night on your own. And even if you miraculously do make it you’re heading for a quick end no matter which side of the war finds you first. But if you get a grip on what’s going on out here...you just might learn enough to get an edge. To survive long term. Maybe even figure out that weird temple place they kept you at before... He took a deep breath. You’re still a king… I was a king. ...Whatever. Use those kingly words. He stood up a bit straighter and deliberately turned towards Providence, trying to downplay his frayed nerves as much as possible. When he spoke, he tried to put as much of the old authority behind his words as he could muster. “Besides avoiding potential trouble above ground - what exactly is it you hope to achieve by going down there?” In the moment of silence left after the question, Havohk and Zak-Yak piped up. “I don’t like you, Tall Blue.” Oh no...however will I recover from this? Maybe don’t antagonize them? You’ve got no friends as it is anyway. ...fine. “I’m sorry you feel that way.” ...that wasn’t an apology. Shut up. OOC: @Burnmad @Kal the Guardian @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147
  3. Curse of the Were-Matoran All things considered, this should have been a Halloween post. Feel free to run into a very shaken Vhisola in Metru Koro.
  4. IC: [Takadox] Like a giant worm, but worse. Perfect. Just perfect. So not only were there various tribes of marauding Skakdi on this land, jockeying for places in line to desecrate themselves with these Aspects for a little more power. No, on top of that you had giant mythical monsters people could just...summon. And here all he’d wanted was to conquer a city, and a war and bring about a more egalitarian society. Inconvenient. At that word, the foreign warlord actually burst out with a short, bellowing laugh. “Oh, I could tell you a story or two of inconvenience after my time in those caverns.” he commented, before catching himself and raising his hands palms up, already apologetic. “But, you raise a fair point. Let’s find some place safe.” He glanced from Providence to the Mesi. “Who knows, since this one hasn’t tried sacrificing any of us to some pit monster, perhaps they’re willing to tell us of safer routes.” He glanced at the Bohrok again. “And while we get there, maybe you can explain where in the blazes you came from and how you’re up and about all by yourself.” OOC: @Burnmad @Kal the Guardian @Nato the Traveler @Sparticus147 IC: [Vhisola] After parting ways with Sorilax and Sala, Vhisola’s remaining trek back to Metru-Koro was little more than a stroll compared to the hardship of navigating the swamps these past few days. The ground was solid, the path ahead was clear and she didn’t have to constantly scan every possible corner for some hungry Rahi. Not that she went from alert to careless in an instant, but she could physically feel the tension releasing within her. She followed the smoke rising from the recent battle to lead her back to the village itself. To her great relief, most of the smoke was coming from the hulks of dead airships that had come down, not the settlement. But Metru-Koro had still gotten hit hard. The damage was extensive, but not insurmountable. They could rebuild, in time. As she got closer, Vhisola found that her return was hardly noticed. She had expected more heads turning, but she soon realized that in this state of affairs, she was just another lost Matoran wandering the aftermath of the battle. People were way more focused on those closest to them. She knew the feeling well. It had brought her back earlier than intended after all, and she definitely kept an eye out. Eventually she waved down a group of three Matoran clearing rubble. She didn’t know any of them and none of them seemed to recognize her, but she still asked: “Have any of you seen a Ga-Matoran called Nokama? Or Nixie?” The trio argued amongst themselves for a moment whether or not they’d seen anybody going by those names or their descriptions, before they all concurred that no, they had not seen them, but to go and check the new archives cave. But on the way there, she finally got lucky, spotting a certain Matoran wandering around, looking a bit dazed. It took her a few seconds to notice Vhisola standing in front of her and recognition to set in. Her eyes grew wide. Vhisola smiled awkwardly. Nixie looked...well, as good as one could, surviving calamity after calamity. “You look terrible.” Vhisola finally said, breaking the silence. Nixie looked the other Matoran up and down, shaken out of her thoughts. She took in all the scrapes, bruises and mostly the mud and dirt clinging to her friend. Her blue figure faded rapidly into mottled brown, green and tan from her face on down. “Thanks. You too.” she replied. They laughed and embraced one another. “It is so good to see you!” “Same! I came as soon as I heard of the attack! It was the league, right? Did we win?” “I...I don’t actually know. I heard some weird Skakdi attacked right after the league too, so...it’s all been a mess.” Nixie replied, honestly. “The league came and offered a truce, but Turaga Sans refused so they came back with those airships. Sans...didn’t make it.” “Oh…” Vhisola’s eyes dropped. “Did we lose anyone else? What about...about…” “She’s not here.” Nixie said, knowing instinctively who she was referring to. Vhisola could feel her throat clenching. “Not here...because she escaped, or did they...did they…?” she couldn’t finish. Nixie took a step back, but held onto Vhisola’s shoulders, steadying her. “No I mean, Nokama isn’t here at all. I haven’t seen her since the spirit fell.” The astronomer was quiet for a moment. “There are many familiar faces I haven’t seen since then.” Her thoughts briefly stopped on Taja. “And even some of the ones I have, I don’t recognize anymore.” Vhisola took a shuddering breath. This was not the news she had hoped for, she’d somehow convinced herself Nokama would be here, not waiting for her, but...just be there. But at least she wasn’t dead. She was certain of that much, somehow. Nixie coughed and cleared her throat. “Come on. It’s been a long day for us both and you have had a long journey. No way we’re gonna get anything else done today anyway, so come with me. You can stay at my place tonight.” They made their way back to Nixie’s hut. To the astronomer’s great relief, the airship blasts had missed her hut for the most part. She still had a massive hole in it, but her telescope was still there - covered in dust and sitting at a weird angle, but if the lenses weren’t damaged it would be fine. While Nixie went and began to clean up the place, Vhisola took time to clean herself, before they settled down in the middle of the room on two bed rolls. They ate a meager meal of rations Nixie dug up and then sat and chatted, huddled around the heat stone between them, catching each other up on their respective adventures. Nixie recounted everything she’d witnessed leading up to and during the attack. Vhisola mentioned her run in with Sorilax and Sala and they had a good laugh over her using Nixie’s name. At any other time, the astronomer might have been upset at the identity theft, but she was just so glad to have a friend to talk to, she continued chuckling, until the laughter turned into coughing. “Are you alright?” Vhisola asked, looking concerned. She’d originally just figured it was because of the battle, but now... “You look unwell.” Nixie coughed once more before answering. “Sore throat and a headache. Nothing a good night’s rest won’t fix.” Nixie reached for a canteen and took a deep gulp of water from it. Vhisola looked unconvinced, but replied. “Okay, if you say so…” Eventually, both exhausted from the day’s events, they laid down. But Vhisola found it hard to fall asleep. Her body craved rest, but her mind...it almost was like she was back in the swamp, the jungle, with danger all around her. Or maybe it was the opposite? Out here, there was no noise. No insects, birds or other Rahi...no rustling leaves in the wind. Just calm breezes...just calm...calm. Vhisola woke up startled in the middle of the night to the sounds of struggle right next to her. She looked around in the darkness of the hut, alarmed, thinking they might be under attack, but there were no sounds of battle. What she did hear was Nixie writhing on her cot, as if struggling to breathe. Vhisola kicked off her bedding, scrambling to uncover the lightstone between them to see what was going on. Just as her fingers found the canister, Nixie spasmed and lashed out. Something hit Vhisola’s hand hard and the canister went clattering off into the darkness. Nixie yelped. “Oh no!” Vhisola muttered, trying to keep the rising panic in check. “Try to lie still, I’ll get it!” Vhisola dove after the canister, crawled on all fours to try and find it, she blindly patted the floor in front of her, knocking over eating utensils and mugs, until they finally brushed against the canister once more. With shaking fingers she opened the lid. A soft, warm glow sprang forth. Despite it’s dimness, the sudden change from utter dark to light was momentarily blinding. Blinking, she turned around - and froze. What she thought had been Nixie was still writhing on her cot, convulsing...but this creature could not be her friend. It was almost twice as long as Nixie had been tall - claws scraped at the hut’s floor and it’s elongated tail whipped around - probably what had hit the canister from her hand, a part of her mind noted. But then one of the eyes frantically rolling around in their sockets locked on to her - and Vhisola knew that this WAS Nixie. She recognized her eye and she saw the pain and confusion and fear behind it. Oh god… She felt her stomach drop. For a heartlight flash, she was tempted to just freeze up. But then another instinct took over and she moved, desperately kicking her legs until they found purchase and she managed to get to her feet. She didn’t know the layout of the hut, so she went straight for the hole in the wall and ceiling, where a patch of starry sky provided a point of reference. She tried to vault over the gap in the wall but misjudged. Her foot caught on the edge and she tumbled outside. She tasted sand but ignored it, struggling to her feet again and running to...whoever first crossed her path. “Help...get help.” she rasped, in-between gasps for air.
  5. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Zataka looked at the destruction around her. Had Yumiwak known about this? No, apparently not. All the Skakdi of the airship crew looked like they’d had no idea this had been going on. Their expressions ranged from shocked to distraught. It didn’t take a mind reader to tell they’d expected to find their homes intact. Maybe Yumiwak would understand her own quest a bit better now? Or perhaps the princess would double down. Destruction like this left people looking towards leadership. Zataka wouldn’t be surprised if Yumiwak rushed to fill that need and the rig’s power vacuum. Up ahead, what must be McGrokk’s hut appeared to have survived the Tahtorak’s tempest largely intact, but it was hard to tell what parts of the ramshackle hut had always looked this way and which had suffered damage during the storm. Yumiwak couldn’t see Kunok immediately, but he had mobilized more than enough helpers, dragging salvage up from the beach on improvised sleds, using torches to cut metal down to size etc. Despite the devastation, life at McGrokk’s was thriving at this moment. And then she heard the eponymous Skakdi, caught in an argument. “You’ve got to be kidding!” “I assure you I am not.” Kunok’s voice replied, as light hearted as ever, but there was definitely an undertone to the way he said it. As they approached, they found the trader facing off against a fellow Skakdi that easily towered over him. “Five...fer this prime piece!? All me’ life an’ belongins got swept an’ yer only offerin’ five?” they bellowed, pointing at the pile of machinery between them. “Yes, all your belongings got swept, so unless you’ve got something worth more tucked away between all that muscle somewhere, five is what this is worth and five is what you will get. Or you can pack your scrap and try your luck elsewhere.” “Ain’t nowhere else!” the other snapped back. Kunok flashed them a brief smile. “What a shame.” The other growled. “Shame if I snap your neck proper. Right ‘ere.” Kunok tsked. “I wouldn’t recommend it. You know I keep things moving around here. Things keep moving, people get to eat. You kill me dead and they’ll go hungry and unhappy on your account. You don’t want that kinda heat on you.” The other growled again, but finally just snatched the bag of whatever “five” Kunok had offered them and trudged off, while other Skakdi carried away the salvaged machinery. Pleased with himself, Kunok took a look around and spotted the new arrivals coming from the ‘Panda’. “Ah my dear Yumiwak! I see you were successful! Well met yet again. Welcome to the aftermath.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua IC [Coliseum]: "Prepare for any attacks on the Coliseum. Oh, and send some Vahki to move my ACR and the debris from Pridak's ACR to a room on this floor. I want to set up a workshop here. And one last thing: mind showing me to my new sleeping quarters?" “Certainly.” was the Vortixx’ reply, with a smile. They turned and motioned for the ‘king’ to follow them. Facing away from him, the receptionist's eyes rolled hard. Prepare for any attacks? What am I, a warlord? I prepare for attacks on the breakfast meeting buffet, not the entire building. Didn’t you just go down to the Vahki processor hive? Do I get a raise with the added responsibility? Oh my bad, I don’t get paid, period. Guess I’m part of the inventory now, your highness... As they walked, the receptionist swiped around on their tablet, passing on the directions regarding the cleanup, ACR workshop, as well as security arrangements to the Vahki. They just had to trust Nuparu’s algorithms were adequate. A few moments later they opened a discreet door that led to the former city ruler’s sleeping chambers. It was spacious enough to accommodate beings larger than Matoran and Toa, but was otherwise rather spartan in its appearance. A bed, closet, a few small artsy objects not worth mentioning on display. Everything was softly lit from a window overlooking the city. Pridak had not bothered changing the decor too much since moving into the coliseum either. It had been very low on his to-do list. Evidently rulers of Metru Nui had not much need for luxury in their quarters, as they hardly spent any time there anyway. OOC: @~Xemnas~ EMT Vahki The Vahki whirred and clicked, finishing up the first aid it excelled at, treating all the superficial wounds and scrapes. Then it spoke again: “Mutation - is not covered by emergency medical protocols. Please consult a specialist about your condition for further treatment.” it explained to Waveahk. “Your lost property report has been forwarded. Your items will be ready for pickup at the reception shortly.” OOC: @Toru Nui
  6. Just got around to catching up on other characters. If I missed anyone, or if anyone is requiring posts from me otherwise, please ping me here.
  7. IC: [Takadox] Takadox was standing at the back of the group, one hand tensely balled into a fist, held in the spot where he normally would have one of his blade hilts by his side. First, the Skakdi raise a Tahtorak and then a Bohrok shows up. The powers that be couldn’t leave well enough alone and leave it at one fundamental revelation for today. Never rains but it pours...have you not heard of pacing, universe? I can’t even be properly terrified by the juicy bits of the previous horror story before the next one crashes down. Spirits! The warlord had his own, private little freakout moment as Hahvok appeared, but he wrangled his feelings of dismay down and concentrated once again on the previous unexpected encounter: the Mesi talking to Providence. “I know where your faith lies…far below.” Takadox spoke up from behind the aspect. “Your kind almost fed me to it earlier, after a decidedly unpleasant sightseeing tour.” “I feel rather inclined to return that particular flavor, but since we’re already talking and if you can ignore the Bohrok there for another minute - they’re nothing to worry about without a hive - then perhaps you can tell me how a bunch of Skakdi managed to raise a beast that is all but legend? Is a Tahtorak just another thing in this place, like that giant worm you share your tunnels with?” IC: [Coliseum] The Vahki didn’t reply, instead it froze in place, blinking, slowly first, then very rapidly. Those who knew a little about how Vahki worked might have guessed that the automaton had just received some sort of patch, forcing it to reboot: Aurax’ update had been rolled out. Then it looked up, down, left and right, up and down once more - before continuing on, as if nothing had happened. The Kanohi around the machine’s neck jingled on its chain as it approached Rose and set about treating her various injuries, starting with an ice cold disinfectant spray, for which the canister had been attached to the Vahki’s staff, before patching up scrapes and bruises and removing splinters and whatever else had gotten stuck in the Toa in her fight. Once satisfied it had executed its first protocol properly, the Vahki stepped back. “Extensive but superficial.” the Vahki assessed. “Category: Fortunate individual.” It reached behind its back and from the backpack-like container it carried, produced a box, smaller than a Matoran’s hand, which it unceremoniously dropped into Rose’s lap. “For pain, if needed. Do not try to intentionally experience pain as an excuse to use them.” Then the Vahki-EMT turned towards Waveahk. “Your architecture does not match baseline parameters. Please specify the nature of your injuries and/or sickness.” IC: [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda] The warlord stood on the foredeck of the Panda, watching the devastation below from the portside railing. Whatever structure or structures had been here previously, they had been utterly demolished and swept away. One creature had done this? One that shouldn’t even exist. And then her mind flashed back to Metru-Nui and the damage it must have suffered in the crash and perhaps what similar fate had struck her home...no, there was no time to mourn or think of these matters now. She had to stay focused. Yumiwak was a “Tahtorak princess” implying some sort of family tie to the fabled beast. Whether directly or metaphorical, the connotations that carried in light of this destruction were to be taken seriously. Then Zataka spotted something else as the Panda began to descend a bit: Small figures moving among the floating debris, some on boats, some swimming, others navigating what little of the structures still stuck out of the waves. “There are survivors.” she said, loud enough for the Skakdi crew to hear. “Let’s hope this Kunok of yours is among them...” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Burnmad @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian @Toru Nui @Tarn
  8. As Halloween is over, I can finally return to the land of the living! Sorry for the inactivity, I had intended to get back regular posting as far back as 3 weeks ago, but that plan did not work out thanks to some very busy work weeks. Then last week the urge tow rite got strong but first I had to get through all the wonderful posts that appeared in the meantime. My goodness you have been busy! In a really good way. I am on the edge of my metaphorical seat watching the Le-Metru Nuva battle unfold and I'll echo what Sparticus said: the untethered are by far the scariest thing, even when you're privy to the other GMs thoughts at times. Speaking of, very happy to have Eyru on board this little triumvirate! =3 Quick Takadox post to get into the swing of things and hopefully more regular interaction from here on out again! Cheers!
  9. OOC: I live! IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] Standing a little off to the side, the Barraki watched as the Skakdi took the ACR arm in for repairs in his cube-shaped mobile workshop and Zak-Yak accepted the deal to be desecrated. The warlord watched the proceedings intently. He once again thought of the Mesi tribe in their cavern temple, and if the squirming heartlight in the aspect’s hand had been the fate they intended for him. He could hardly imagine his life’s essence turned into nothing more than this...slug, now attaching itself firmly to Zak-Yak’s spine. But then, Takadox was surprised by the level of affection and gratitude the Mesi showed Providence. The warlord knew this type of relationship well. Binding another to oneself to gain an advantage or dominance of some kind over them - he had done so countless times before, but in his own particular way. But this...this went so much deeper than his hypnotic bonds and was so much more...permanent. He of all the strangers on the land probably understood best the weight of this rite of desecration - and the weight it carried. He was deeply impressed. And worried - if not a bit scared. He finally addressed the aspect. “Where did you learn how to do that?” he asked. “Did you even learn it? Or is it something your kind can do by instinct? That other one with the Skakdi...they could perform it too, couldn’t they?” OOC: @Burnmad
  10. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: “Well, you found me following the trail of corpses I left behind, so you know a little of what I am capable of already. But if those poor sods were any indication of what the bottom of society looks like on this Zakaz, then it would appear you are already in the hierarchy’s top tier and quite wealthy enough to convince or hire people to join your cause- as you’ve already done.” “Unfortunately I don’t know what exactly your cause is. So in regards to what I can do for you, without some more specifics, I’m afraid my answer may cover the entire spectrum from ‘plenty’ to ‘very little’.” The warlord thought of more things to say, but decided to wait for Yumiwak's reply first. There was little point in explaining that she herself had held very little faith in Mata Nui as a god in the first place. Or that she had not the slightest clue why the head had fallen, except for belonging to an extremely decrepit body. Obviously Yumiwak wanted power of some kind, but this wasn’t so much about the end-goal but the means of how to achieve it. She was willing to fight, but if the Skakdi princess was going to start a war or seek to dominate all life on her island, that would go far beyond the scope of Zataka’s offer of assistance - what good was being owed a favor if you might not be alive to collect it. At the same time, Zataka knew the Skakdi weren’t fools. They knew she had a desire to go back and they would ask for as much as they could get in return, probably much more than a simple airlift back to the fallen head was actually worth. But that was business.So be it. She could do business. IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] The warlord was slowly piecing things together in his mind, which as racing at this point - these aspects were ancient, and some more than others. The heartlights were a way for a lesser being to ascend - while apparently helping the one offering that boon a boost in power in turn - towards this grand wish. And if each aspect had one - what wish did an elder aspect like Spiriah aspire to...and more importantly: How close were they to achieving it? IC [Coliseum]: The group of assassin’s turned guests of the Coliseum were not left alone in the lounge for long. Shortly after the receptionist Vortixx left, the door slid open once more, and a Vahki stepped in. At first glance it looked like a Keerahkh but the configuration didn’t quite match. A Kanohi was dangling from a chain around its neck and it was carrying a rucksack of sorts. It’s head swiveled, scanning the occupants of the room. Then, having identified the ones that were most injured it moved decisively into the middle of the room. “You are in need of medical assistance.” It’s tone was neutral, to the point where it might have been a statement or a question. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire The administrator made a noise...it sounded digital, distorted...was that a chuckle? “Now that is a very good question. What end indeed? So many variables to consider! Even the wisest could not foretell all - which is why they left these places behind.” OOC: Sorry, no tags today, short on time.
  11. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire After a brief delay, no-one in particular replied as usual in their disembodied voice: “Yes, the passage is open and yes, disks of that power level exist. Existed? Either way, they’re real enough.” “Apologies, my attention was required briefly elsewhere.” the administrator said. “There is an uncommon uptake in activity as of late - though not an unwelcome one. It has been a very long time.” The instant Enra passed the threshold of the final chamber to leave it, the device in her hand disappeared. There was no noise, no alarming effect. One instant the device was in hand, the next it was gone. No, wait - not gone. Looking about the chamber again, the duo found the device was once again located atop its pedestal, as if they had never laid hands on it. OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui IC [Takadox - Fire Ruins]: “They weren’t just harboring that aspect...they worship it…” Takadox replied, the words coming slowly as he contemplated his ordeal again. He wondered how old the aspect at his side was, to gain some perspective and perhaps insight into the creature he’d almost been sacrificed to - just how ‘powerful and ancient’ were they in comparison to the likes of Providence and Whira, that they commanded seemingly endless hordes of these Mesi while sitting at the bottom of a well? He was just about to ask Providence his age, when their own Mesi companion suddenly caused a ruckus. The warlord was surprised - not just by Zak-Yak’s brash move, but his turning towards Varian instead of Providence. The Mesi clearly thought the Exo-Toa was an aspect as well? Or did they? This was all very strange indeed - and not without some worrying implications: Aspects seemingly came in all forms and sizes, but if they could appear in such familiar shapes as well - he would have to be extremely cautious from here on out if it was this hard to tell whether you were talking to the genuine article or... And then there was his own initial instinct: to diffuse the situation. If things escalated, it would be a small thing to pacify most of those present with a liberal application of his hypnotic powers...but not yet. Takadox waited. This whole argument had turned into a wonderful learning opportunity for the once-king Barraki. Through their sacrificial desecrations, these aspects had found a very quantifiable way to divide and vie for power amongst their kind - for all intents and purposes, they’d built an economy. Somehow - and he wasn’t sure how yet - there had to be a way to use that. “But Providence is friends with the blue one, the blue one tried to kill us also. And Master Varian hasn't given us blessing, he even tried to leave us back in Mesi cave." “In fairness, you were rather hard to tell apart in the dark from all the others attempting to gift-wrap me with my own innards.” Thunk THUNK Takadox’ brow furrowed, imperceptibly. Watching was well and good but with the arrival of this miniature...mobile fortress, for lack of a better word, the argument for action in service of self-preservation was pretty strong. The Barraki looked at Cravious. “Kindly, stand down and tell your people to point those weapons at the trees instead of us.” OOC: @Sparticus147 @Kal the Guardian @~Xemnas~ @Snelly @Burnmad IC [Coliseum]: The Vortixx slowly, hesitantly emerged from cover behind the rock barriers. Apparently they...still had a job? They exchanged a very mixed look with Achro, before composing themselves. The customer service smile was very odd, worn by someone otherwise worn out from battle. “...certainly.” was all they said in response to the instructions, before gesturing to the ‘guests’ who wouldn’t have hesitated to take their head off a few moments earlier, to usher them out of the throne room again. Show them to their rooms...sure, because the Coliseum is also a hotel and we always have rooms ready...not. The Voritxx pulled out the tablet again and began quickly swiping, before stumbling across a solution that would be satisfying enough for now. It wasn’t a hotel, but the Coliseum had other facilities. The secretary led those that were following them a little ways down the corridor that encircled the administration level of the coliseum. If they decided to not follow or do something else, then that was certainly a case of Not-my-problem™. The ones that did follow however, found themselves shortly in a meeting lounge, fully furnished with comfortable couches and recliners, tastefully arranged in a lower section of the room around a central hearth with a conical extractor for the smoke above. Plant beds were placed irregularly around the room and integrated into the floor. They equally opened it up and provided an outdoor feeling, while also dividing it into smaller sections that afforded a degree of privacy. This was where the universes’ mighty had once mingled, made small talk and then disappeared to some secluded corner to make their deals. “We weren’t expecting...guests. So there is no buffet prepared. But there are fridges stocked with beverages and snacks that you are welcome to.” the Vortixx explained to those present, still sounding apprehensive despite their best efforts not to. “Those requiring medical attention, someone will come by shortly. If you require anything else, I will be back at my desk...I suppose.” OOC: @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@Tarn
  12. IC: [Takadox - Ruins of Fire] The warlord had followed the Exo-Toa outside as well. This desecration business sounded quite fascinating and he was glad to have a little less attention on him. Some part of him noted that he used to love having all eyes on him. But that was when they were all subservient to him. There...was a lot to unpack there and work through. But later. Right now, perhaps this ritual was a way for him to gain the power to reclaim his dignity properly? But he quickly distanced himself from those fancy ideas as soon as he overheard what the process actually entailed. However, hearing it explained so directly made something click for him - pieces of a puzzle that had been swirling round the back of his mind fell suddenly into place - and not in a good way: “That’s what those sightless maniacs in the tunnels wanted me for…that thing in the pit was one of these aspects…” he muttered to himself. The realization how close he’d come to getting his insides turned into an offering to some dark being sent a shiver down his spine. But the revelation in his thoughts didn’t stop there...he remembered getting dragged through some kind of temple along the way and the blind Shaman chanting something in the dark...if the sacrifice was only the beginning, maybe they were linked? He looked around, trying to see if Providence had stuck around. Maybe they knew more... OOC: @Burnmad IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire “The first digit denotes the point of origin and flight characteristics, the second digit its power, the third the level of that power. Based on the inscription, this device requires a ninth level disk of growth forged in - hmm, there seems to be a database error regarding the point of origin.” OOC: @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler
  13. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire “This device is designed to fit a specific Kanoka disk into the receptacle. Shoving is not required. Please consult the podium to ensure the disk has the required designation.” OOC: @Toru Nui @Nato the Traveler
  14. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire Enra found that the device was bolted to the podium, but that with enough applied force, those anchors would eventually yield as well. The arm the receptacle for the disk was mounted to was adjustable, able to be moved up and down with relative ease, probably to accommodate for the many different sizes of beings that might find themselves in this chamber. As Enra worked, the administrator finally spoke up: “Please do not tamper with the device. It is required to proceed further.” OOC: @Nato the Traveler @Toru Nui IC [Kunok McGrokk]: “Well I’ll be…” Kunok muttered, left otherwise speechless by the sight of the Tahtorahk laying waste to the rig, silhouetted against the horizon. A massive shape, hard to discern in the downpour of rain. The Skakdi trader stood on the roof of his storage building, watching the carnage in the distance unfold with a spyglass fashioned from a telescope. It was fortunate that his shoppe was far enough inland and away from the rig proper to not be in the massive creature’s swath. He watched until the monstrosity moved off, leaving the settlement in ruin. Then he sent out messenger Rahi birds to some associates he knew to be smart enough to survive. There was salvage that needed claiming.
  15. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: The Skakdi definitely had gotten the warlord’s attention. Zataka nodded along slowly with Ysocla’s words as well, waiting a second or two after she’d finished to consider her reply. The confident smirk disappeared from her features, replaced by a hard, serious expression. She remembered her arrival in Metru Nui, just days ago. ‘I’m here to help’, she had told them, and meant it. So did Ysocla, as far as her mask was concerned. She had to admit, the Skakdi had her there. She would not slap away a helpful hand. Except there was one thing: Prisoner. She’d figured that was the case - or at least how this Yumiwak regarded her - but everyone had been trying to keep up the veneer of civility to the point nobody had said it out loud. Which made the talk of assistance and allies, however genuine on Ysocla’s part, reek of coercion. To the Skakdi, she was a captive. At least that meant they were done beating around the bush... “Very well. All valid points. I appreciate the honesty.” The warlord let out a deliberate long breath. “You’re right, I don’t know you. And you don’t know me. You want to know more so you can help me? Then allow me to reintroduce myself: I am Zataka. Warlord Zataka, of the Southern Isles. They're part of the universe that giant cranium on the horizon came from - the head of a god, if you believe in that sort of thing. The rest, including my home, is still in orbit around this planet. Look up at night and you might even spot it with your naked eye. Now I don’t know what their status is, whether or not anything survived up there. There’s no way to tell, but there is a chance that they made it. And as long as my people might still be alive, I have to find a way to get back to them.” At this point she turned to look at Yumiwak again. “I am sure you can relate, princess.” She might not have known her much either yet, but whether it was for selfish reasons or more genuine, the Skakdi leader cared for her people as well. The titan focused back on Ysocla. “The best place to start is to check what's left of the head, to see if anybody else made it out. That’s where I was headed when you found me. That’s still where I’m going. And there’s no putting hold on that.” She let that last bit hang in the air for a heartbeat. “You may think of me as a prisoner, but make no mistake: I am on this ship because I chose to be. Because it presents a chance to help me get to where I need to be sooner. And don’t take this as a threat, but I am also capable of leaving it again at any time.” ”Now, if you truly wish to help me and give me your word, I will honor that and help you in turn. And since my goal is to leave your world again, I can hardly offer you an IOU. So I am willing to work with you, as long as it serves our mutual interests.” “You know where I stand, the question is: what exactly do you want from me? OOC: @pokemonlover360 @EmperorWhenua @Tarn
  16. IC [Coliseum]: Yes, finally! I was back in my element. With every clash of our blades, I could feel the strength I’d missed for so long returning to me, and I couldn’t have felt better. I barely noticed that Oreius had survived unscathed, despite blocking my blade with his bare hands. I followed through with a kick and as my foot connected, I was ecstatic! Still, this much resistance to damage was a mystery worthy of consideration. He wore no armor or mask that would explain it - some mutation or natural ability then? How far did this ability extend? There was no such thing as true immortality - the risen dead were not their old selves and even the gods died, visible for all to see. A mere Toa, no matter how skilled, would not be exempt. If I could not break his body, I would use his body to break him. I moved in again before the Toa had a chance to get back on his feet. I seized his sword arm with my free hand, planted my own feet - one on the Toa's chest, the other on the ground - to get sure footing and wrenched it around. If I could dislocate or break the limb, his neck would… BLAM! My experiment was rudely interrupted. I couldn’t tell if it had worked or not, whether or not Oreius was as impervious as he seemed. I was spun around, searing pain in my side pulling my mind back into focus, just in time to feel a second impact and something rip through my lower back. I snarled, eyes zeroing in on Rose, revolver still raised and smoking. I blocked a third shot with my sword and activated my mask, pulling her in range of my sword. Maybe I had eradicated her people, maybe her anger was justified to some degree, but how could any perceived slight against her compare to the injustice our own people had suffered at the hands of her like? One foot still pinning Oreius to the floor, I kept the other red Toa suspended in mid-air, I lifted my sword towards her face, the edge resting against her mask. My breath rasped as a I spoke but I paid it no mind. “Remind me again how your people suffered - I want to hear it!” “Come on, you were so eager a moment ago, remind me how...” Grey eyes stared at me. I saw them past Rose, standing behind the rest of my foes. That lone figure, just standing there. And those forsaken granite eyes again that I’d hoped never to see again, gazing at me with all the sadness and certainty of inevitability. That was simply not possible. This wasn’t real. Couldn’t be. My most recent defeated enemy gazed at me from beyond his grave at the foot of the coliseum, a specter or illusion. Why? Why his ghost? Of all the dead I knew, why him? Not Mantax, Carapar or Kalmah. Not even my father. Why the old fool? What was the universe trying to tell me with this apparition? Did I wish for him to see the demise of his allies so badly, to ensure he was cognisant of his failure to the point I conjured up his image? Taken off-guard, Aurax’ ACR slammed into me. I yelled and slashed at it blindly as I was swept off of my feet, my eyes still on the mirage watching me. A moment later we crashed into the wall, concrete cracking from the combat-suits impact. I tried to wriggle myself free and felt warmth spread down my midst. I growled, and briefly tore my gaze off of the spectre and saw the hilt of the ACRs blade press against my sternum. That explained the lack of movement and pain. I lifted my sword and plunged it into the mechanical arm that had run me through, then yanked the hilt of my sword sideways, cutting the appendage off at the midpoint before knocking the whole machine over with my mask. With it out of the way, I fell from the wall to my knees. An orange blur descended upon me. Bold of Aurax he would get a chance to backstab me a third time today! With effort, I swung my sword as hard as I could, fed by the very strength the previous attack had granted me. My insides burned with the sudden movement around the sharp object firmly embedded in them - but I managed to bat aside the incoming scythe and it struck the floor with a clang. His momentum carried the Toa forward and I lacked the speed to evade. Aurax crashed into me and we stumbled, until we hit the wall again. The impact dislodged the ACRs blade and the jolt of pain served as inspiration. I held on to Aurax tightly and spun us around so it was him with his back to the wall now. I had my arm across his throat, pushing hard, and looked the Toa in the eyes. “You want my crown so bad, hm? Have a taste of what it’s like wearing it!” With my free hand, I yanked the loosened ACR blade out by what was left of the arm and plunged it into him, returning the favor of having the blade turned against its owner, much like he had turned against me. I smiled through the pain. “Yeah, you can hit me. But you can’t kill me. I can’t lose. No way I can lose.” I staggered backwards, then turned around. Everything hurt, and that was good. Pain meant you were still alive. But some part of me also recognized the hole in my chest was a very bad sign, no matter how invigorated I felt otherwise. My vision blurred for a heartlight beat, and I looked up to see if the ghost was still there. And indeed he was, now standing by my throne. I forced myself back upright. Nothing made sense anymore. Everything I won I’d lost. Everyone I’d trusted betrayed me. Everyone I killed didn’t die. And despite feeling alive I also couldn’t help feel I was on my way out. What a rahi forsaken day… I started to walk, as best I could. I could hear dripping with every step. No matter. Takea needed to swim to survive, to move forward. Never stop moving forward. Never...stop... “Why? Why you!? Why do you haunt me!?” I challenged the apparition. If it answered, I didn’t hear it. My legs gave out at the bottom of the dais. My sword clattered on the steps as it slipped from my grasp. Eyes blurring, I tried to hold on to the spectre as much as possible. I spoke. Whether to Stannis or the living, I wasn't sure. It didn't matter. “The throne comes with...with burdens…impossible to be...shirked.” “Y-you’re gonna carry that weight...” “...ta-take...care...o-of...ou...our…” The last word was so soft, it was barely a whisper. “...people.” OOC: Goodbye Pridak. I almost felt sorry for you. @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@Tarn
  17. Regarding boss fights: Hey everyone, I wanted to quickly address something. I’d hoped not to have to write this, but I noticed something over the last couple of days while writing the Pridak bossfight that I want to curb before it becomes a habit: attacks are not landing, or are being significantly minimized. This is a serious fight, and an important moment, let’s not cheapen it. Obviously we all want to indulge in our bonkle’s epic powers every now and then, but if there’s no struggle, there’s no accomplishment either. As a fictional boxer once said: It’s not about how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” I want to remind everyone of the rules for PVP and auto-hits in Six Kingdoms. Expect to see GM auto-hits to help encourage the significance of these kinds of scenes moving forward. So far, this fight has been a joy to write with all of you. Play well!
  18. IC [Pridak - Coliseum]: I eyed the two Toa facing me, listening to Rose’s words. Why did I listen? I couldn’t tell you. I just felt compelled for some forsaken reason to hear her out. So I did. “I understand. And I’m sorry...” I said as she’d finished. I spoke quietly, briefly glancing down at my sword, breaking eye-contact with her, despite the weapon trained on me. “I’m sorry I don’t remember any of it. it sounds glorious. You see, the day the league came to liberate your shores was the most important day of your life. But for me…?” “For me it was just another day’s work.” "You think just because you conquered the city you're invincible. But you're no king. You're no god. You're a failure, constantly hiding in a warsuit. And now that you're out of it..." A failure? The notion caught me completely off guard. Never! No, I don’t think so. Well...maybe? No. Not entirely. Possibly? Fine, yes. If we’re being honest. Sure, I failed. Failed at many things, quite often in fact. All the time. I’d failed thousands of years ago to create a fair society. All we'd wanted was our fair share. That's how you become a 'warlord': Ask for what is rightfully yours. And everything I'd done since has been one attempt after another to fix that. You look at what’s been going on lately? What can you call that, except failure? If I never failed, these annoyances surrounding me would have been relegated to the scrap heap of history long ago and I would gaze upon a grateful universe from this throne towering above a functional, liberated city. But no, instead we were in a wreck, I was forced to activate the very Vahki we’d fought against just to bolster my numbers again and even those were less than ideal. What a conquest indeed! And I was still waiting for confirmation that Metru Koro was turned to rubble. A few dozen survivors right on our doorstep and we just couldn’t get rid of them? No, instead the people I send out to do the work turn traitor with delusions of grandeur. Take this Toa mocking me, for example. Tried a backstab,, opportunist that he is, then spent the entire fight on the defensive, dodging like a prey Rahi. And now he was talking big smack. Give me a break. And as for my being king: That’s no feeling. That's a fact. "...you'll die like Mata Nui did." I heard the crash, spotted the ACR that had busted through the door raising its weapon. “You first!” I snapped and yanked Aurax into the path of the projectiles with my mask. The movement off to my right barely registered. The next instant a searing hot pain spread across my side, the impact spun me sideways. My eyes snapped onto the hunched Toa. Oreius of the Maru...he and his ilk had resisted the league for as long as I can remember. But now he was the last. And he fought like he knew it too. I only just managed to keep my footing with the help of my sword to brace myself. I drew in a ragged breath. I hadn’t even felt the air being driven from my lungs by this cowardly attack. I looked down, half expecting to see my insides spilled across the floor. The quickly spreading stain implied as much. But what should have been a fatal cut was a flesh wound. My breathing quicking as the adrenaline coursed through my veins, that old familiar feeling taking hold once again. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like, encased in the armor: War. My old friend. I’d spent so much time commanding from the rear, dealing with my fellow regents, trying to build the society that grew in our wake...all far away from where the fighting was. And as time had passed, I had diminished until I practically lived in my armor. It kept me alive - but not living. No. I finally realized why I'd felt so low as of late, what had kept my spirits down and my mind unfocused: I needed the pain, destruction, carnage. The smell of battle and the cries of the doomed and dying. This was where I came into my own, where I was home. I could feel the strength return, gripped my sword tight and launched my counter-attack on Oreius. OOC: Uh oh, is that a second health bar? Actually no. This one’s done. Stick a fork in ‘em.@Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@Tarn
  19. IC: Reliable Narrator | Ruins of Fire They rearranged the pipes, and then it was once again time to hit the ignition switch. Once pushed, they eyed the forges plumbing carefully, alert for any sign of another malfunction. A hissing noise rose, growing incredibly loud, as if some great beast had awakened. The metal of the pipes groaned audibly as they were once again put to the test. The gauges climbed as the pressure inside the machinery built up. The flames that once again sprung to life inside the forge chamber ran through the spectrum, starting at the previously seen orange, before heating up to blue and then white-hot with a roar. Enra and Xane could feel the floor grating vibrate beneath their feet, which also grew in intensity. At first there was a worry that this was merely the prelude to the machine shaking itself apart, but their solution held steady, with the gauges just below the red line. Then there was a thunk, and the trio noticed the source of the rumbling: Pistons and other actuators, driven by the forge’s pressure began to move, revealing a doorway on the far side of the room: a gap of white light, that grew wider as the machinery did its work. "Interesting approach." was the only comment the administrator made. "Access to the final chamber has been granted. Please proceed." Beyond, the group found a corridor lined by more piped, leading into a large, hexagonal chamber. The floor was covered in black, pumice gravel, the walls were mostly unadorned protodermis and rose seemingly endless above them, appearing to vanish at a point where the light became too intense to keep looking up. At the center of the chamber rose a pedestal, and from the pedestal a contraption, not unlike a Matoran telescope. But instead of a lens crystal, there was a receptacle for what could only be a Kanoka disk. Inscribed into the base of the pedestal was a numeric sequence: 1-5-9. And on the far side of the contraption, written in the wall in large, Matoran letters was a single word: NUVA OOC: Congratulations, @Toru Nui@Nato the Traveler@Eyru IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Considering you drawing breath right now, I clearly haven’t killed every native I’ve met...yet. “Is that right?” Zataka asked, looking from Ysocla to Yumiwak and back. The other Skakdi could suggest whatever offer she wanted, without her leader’s approval those words were clearly hollow. “If you want the really juicy details, you’re going to have to do better than “we might try”. OOC: @pokemonlover360@EmperorWhenua IC [Takadox - Fire Ruins]: The warlord gave a nod of gratitude. “I appreciate that, I…” He stopped as a very loud Skakdi entered the chamber, asking to be...desecrated? Oh dear. OOC: @Snelly
  20. IC [Coliseum]: The traitor Toa continued to back up until the path was blocked by one of the stone barriers Stannis had placed. Aurax had jumped in the ring with me to take a cheap shot and missed. Now his cowardice was about to bite him back. I had him now. No point in further dragging this out. In a flash my blade was up, poised to fell the traitor in one slice. Just like I had been taught. For a fraction of a fraction of a second I saw myself back home in my youth, carefully watched by my mentors as I practiced my swordsmanship against the training dummies. Father would have been proud. My grip tensed and I swung - and then my vision erupted with white flashes, I felt a jolt of electricity from my shoulder as circuits ruptured, my knees buckled from a sudden impact. Something exploded by my head, and suddenly the room was spinning. ----- Looking down the sights of her gun, Rose saw Waveahk land atop the warlord, just as she squeezed the trigger. The Steltian’s sword, driven by his mass, dug deep into the armor, severing servos and conduits in an explosion of sparks. Twisted by the sudden impact, the firework round hit the armor instead of the warlord’s head and detonated, throwing both Pridak and Waveahk sideways. The warlord fell, the upper right of his armor nothing more than smoldering scrap metal clinging to the Takean’s frame that it was supposed to protect. ----- When I caught my bearing again, my vision was fuzzy with broken input from my armor’s ocular feed. Flashes of white status readouts interrupted by flashes of red warnings. I was on the floor, sideways, staring up at the edge of the rock barrier. There was a high pitched beeping in my right audio receptor that wouldn’t go away and my left was assaulted by alarms. I blinked, tried to shake off the disorientation and climb back up to my feet - but I couldn’t. The servos wouldn’t budge. I tried to look down and noticed my line of sight obstructed by the remains of the collar that had saved my life a moment earlier. I paid attention to the flashing readouts - but the display was too busted to make out more than a lot of red. Suffice it to say the suit was fried. “Gaaarrrhhhyou spirit-forsaken no-good traitor brakas!” I didn’t even notice the words I yelled, struggling until I’d maneuvered my body against the inert armor enough so that I could hit the eject switch. ----- The next instant, Pridak’s assailants heard another bang as parts of the armor went flying, purposefully jettisoned by the warlord, who was now rising from the scrapped suit, grunting in anger and frustration with the effort. “You no-good Karzhani-loving wannabe usurpers - you come into my domain, break my stuff - you think you can do this to me!?” None of them had ever seen the warlord out of his suit. Pridak was still tall, but also...thin. Nothing like the imposing figure that had strode across battlefields in his suit of powered armor. No, the warlord appeared almost frail and looked like he struggled to stand. He chuckled. It sounded pained. “Heh. You can shoot me, but you can’t kill me. And you know why? Cause I own this - “ he gestured with one free hand, before clenching it into a first - “I conquered it. It’s mine! Mine! And I’m not losing it. No way I’m losing.” ----- I had it with these people. I was so furious, I'd actually started laughing. Reaching down, I grabbed the handle of my sword, still clutched in my suit’s hand. With another growl, I wrenched it free. Not gonna lie, I’d forgotten how heavy it was. Just lifting the cursed thing made my muscles burn. That’s why I'd had that armor in the first place! But fine...they wanted to play it this way, we’d play it this way. “Oh you’ve got no idea who you’re messing with! I’m gonna take this sword, I’m gonna go right back to where we left off and I’m gonna slice you into so many little pieces, the undead in the silver lake will think it’s naming day!” ----- If a machine like the summoned ACR could feel surprise at all, it probably would at the fact it found no further opposition in its path. Despite registering several indicators that security measures were in place, none of them were active. Otis didn’t know it, but the damage the fall had caused was extensive and the blast doors and other obstacles that would normally hinder an assailant or fire from reaching adjacent parts of the building had been disabled by the crash and there simply hadn’t been the time or resources to fix them. The path was clear. OOC: @Snelly@EmperorWhenua@Toru Nui@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Eyru@Tarn
  21. IC [Coliseum]: The elevator rumbled and Otis began to ascend. Metal ached and the cables hoisting the cabin were singing their displeasure at the weight they were now asked to move. Despite those league engineers that had survived putting in the work to repair as much of the city as they could, the impact had taken its toll on the infrastructure. And the lift was no longer perfectly straight and some of its features were no longer working. Luckily for Otis, the voice key access was one of them. It was a long way up still before the ACR emerged in the storage room on 50th level. It was still full of sealed bags of coffee beans, but now in addition, there was cocoa powder. Lord Pridak’s personal supply, going by the labeling, and, as they noted, not to be tempered with under penalty of death. Behind him, the lift doors closed as the cabin was called down again. The homing signal Otis was following showed he was still a ways away from the source: this supply depot was located at the top of one of the large sub-structures that made up the coliseum and was connected via circular walkway to the others. The office turned throne room was located the next section over. ----- As Aurax retreated, Pridak followed. He had the Toa on his backfoot, he wasn’t going to stop pressing his attack now. His betrayal would not go unpunished. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  22. OOC: Thanks for being patient with the slow replies these past few days. Remember to get your licks in on the shark king so we can finally put a lid on this IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: Zataka still didn’t touch the cake. She was hungry, but she couldn’t rule out that it had been spiked with something these Skakdi had built up an immunity against. She’d heard of such instances before and was watching her ‘hosts’ carefully while taking her time answering Yumiwak’s question. “Who am I? Well that’s a bit complicated. You know my name, that’ll have to suffice for now. What I am is easier: I am a warrior and leader. Not unlike yourself. Though with my being here, currently separated from my people and lands - which leads to the ‘what’ part of your question: I was on my way back.” None of what she said was a lie, though she did omit the circumstances and means by which she arrived. She wasn’t going to just give away her actual ticket back home. Then, she decided to redirect the conversation to more important matters: “So...are we going to pretend we didn’t just hear some mythical beast roar out there?” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  23. IC [Pridak - Coliseum Throne Room]: I watched the Toa’s body disappear from view with a momentary feeling of relief. My mistake. The scythe blade sliced through the air. The only warning I had was a brief flash from the proximity warning, then it struck true - and sparks erupted as it embedded itself in the high collar of my armor - designed specifically with this eventuality in mind. You didn’t think it was going to be this easy, did you? My ocular uplink glitched, the image went fuzzy and then went out. The accursed Toa must have severed the cable. I spun around instantly, using the scythe still stuck in the armor to hopefully get this opportunistic traitor off-balance, so I could return the favor with a strike from my own blade. ----- The way to the freight elevator was clearly labeled, as was needed for an installation of this size. Also needed were the surveillance systems, which had been triggered the instant the ACR had destroyed the two Vahki outside. The squad of four Zadahk guarding the elevator itself was on alert already as the mech suit approached and opened fire with their disk launchers. OOC: @~Xemnas~ IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: The warlord scoffed and shook her head, looking down at the table, still incredulous at how badly Tuyet’s plan had gone awry. Then, finally, she met Yumiwak’s eyes again with a look that said you’re not gonna believe this. “Time. Everything.” OOC: @EmperorWhenua
  24. IC [Coliseum]: The Vortixx lunged, claws almost hitting the former dark hunter, but the blast knocked them back and sent them crashing to the floor. With a groan, they tucked and rolled out of the way in case the Steltian decided to follow up on the attack, before they tried to get back on their feet. ----- Freedom Yes, I would finally be free of this nuisance. At first, I hissed in response to the old Toa’s smile, he was so determined to take me with him to his grave, but I refused. I would make sure Stannis died knowing he’d failed. And then, I mirrored his smile and activated my mask, concentrating all its power on his form, pushing him away from me. Behind him, the outside wind howled through the broken window he had shattered himself. “Go with your god.” I could feel the tip of his spear retract from my flesh as the pressure lessened. With one massive effort, I yanked it free with my left hand, while my right twisted my blade and then yanked it backwards, out of him and his grasp. No longer anchored by any earthly bonds, the Toa flew backwards by my will, until there was nothing waiting for him anymore but the gaping void. And then I let go...and watched him fall. IC [Zataka - Aboard the Tactical Panda]: The fact that the near mythical creatures they’d just talked about were now confirmed to exist and were real enough that this Yumiwak apparently could tell it by just the noise went almost ignored. It registered, but after the Skakdi leader had confirmed the name of the land, Zataka was busy staring daggers at the table in front of her. “Karz it...fools.” she hissed, though the remark was clearly not aimed at anyone present in the room. Suddenly, she stood up, too agitated to remain sitting, still muttering, hand scratching at the back of her neck while glancing around. “This was supposed to be fixed by now, what in the pit was she thinking!” Then, regaining her composure, the titan stopped herself and dropped her hand, but it was still obvious she was seething. IC [Nixie - Metru Koro]: The astronomer had spent the battle hugging herself, braced against the wall of the cave. She half expected the cavern to collapse on top of them all, burying the survivors of the universe alive. Thankfully, even without the great spirit to watch over them, it didn’t. But...who won? She noticed Taja getting up, so the Matoran decided to carefully follow the Toa. OOC: @EmperorWhenua@Eyru@Toru Nui@Snelly@~Xemnas~@Kal the Guardian@Tarn@pokemonlover360
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