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  1. OOC: My first time a part of this RPG. Besides the initial post, I have no idea what's going on currently in story. I'll start with something relatively disconnected from other people's stories and then merge into them (If I can, haha). Name: Peter Mitsunaga Age: 36 Gender/Species: Male/Human Appearance: Tall, With white hair and beard (His hair went white early in life). Skills: Leading, Tactical and Strategic abilities, a specialist in computer systems, hyperdrives and navigational equipment (etc.). Force Abilities: None. Equipment: Standard Imperial Commander's equipment. Standard issue rifle, comm, etc. Personality: Kind, thoughtful and calm. (Is known to be able to calm in intense situations.) While serving for the empire, he frequently clashed with those in High Command, due to his disagreements over the empires methods. Some have called him "A republic captain in an imperial age.". He has a strong moral base, and focuses on how he can help and defend others. History: Joined the Imperial Academy 1 year after clone wars ended. Rose in ranks at a normal rate but experienced a number of clashes with High Command over debates on Imperial protocol. He frequently pushed for better treatment of people in circumstances, as well as pushed for keeping of older Republic protocols, instead of newer and harsher Imperial protocols. Due to this, he was assigned a command in a no-where system near wild space and the unknown regions. Due to frequent Pirate activity, and his skill with dealing with them, he was given command of a Imperial Class Star Destroyer prior to the Battle of Yavin. Due to his stance on the treatment of others and the goal of peace, He got into contact with the Rebel Alliance, and acted as an informant leading up to the battle of Yavin, and continued to afterwards. Since the destruction of the second Death Star and the creation of the New Republic. Cmd Peter Mitsunaga and his crew unanimously agreed to join the New Republic and fight for Peace and Justice. Since then, The Monolith has patrolled the outer rim, defending planets from the Empire as well as Pirate groups trying to capitalize on the tumultuous state of the galaxy. Ship: IDS Monolith, Imperial Class Star Destroyer, Currently a part of New Republic Fleet, Outer Rim Devision Affiliation: New Republic, formally Galactic Empire (Before Battle of Endor), Secretly Rebel Alliance informant, prior to New Republic creation. (Fulcrum Agent) Rank: Commander Position: Captain of the IDS Monolith Alignment: Good, Defence of Others, Justice -------------------------------------------------------------- IC: "Entering the Taris system" Lieutenant Jameson said. The blue streaks of hyperspace warp suddenly as the ship exists hyperspace. Outside of the bridges windows, the planet Taris slowly comes into view. Surrounding the planet is a number of cargo freighters, as well as a small assortment of smaller patrol vessels. "Open comms. System wide." Cmd Mitsunaga said. "Aye Sir." A comms officer called from his station. After a moment, the comms officer continued and said "Comms open sir." Cmd Mitsunaga nodded to the officer and started to speak. "This is Commander Mitsunaga of the New Republic ship Monolith, we've received word that there have been a number of pirate attacks over the past few weeks. We've arrived here to investigate these attacks. If you have any information, or other things you'd like to report, please contact us. Thank you." Cmd Mitsunaga nodded again to the comms officer, who promptly closed the comm. "I have a question sir", one of the new Cadets, who was stationed just to Mitsunaga's left, raised her hand. Mitsunaga had encouraged any of the active cadets aboard the ships to ask any questions they'd like during their time training aboard. "Yes Cadet?" Mitsunaga replied. "Why did we just let everyone in the system know we were looking for pirates stationed in this system? Wouldn't doing so let the Pirates know we're coming for them?" "A good question." Mitsunaga said, "Our goal here is to catch these pirates, yes. But another goal of our mission is to show the people of Taris that the New Republic cares for these small outer rim worlds like this. A good number of these pirates will leave the system after hearing that we're here. Probably to some smaller system where they can more easily prey on the small shipping freighters. Little do they realize that we'll follow them there too. No world is too small to be helped by the new republic. That aside, our mere presence in the system will be enough to throw a serious wrench into these pirates organizations. The more people who know that we're here, the better." "Ahh, I understand." The cadet replied. Mitsunaga nodded and said "Thanks for the question. It's really nice to see Cadets your age getting involved in --" He was cut short when his Second officer rushed up to meet him on the bridge. "Sorry to interrupt sir." His first officer said, handing him a Datapad. "We just received reports that there may have been Inquisitor sightings on Taris." Mitsunaga's expression turned from his usual cheerful expression into one of deep concern. He glanced over the info on the Datapad, and after a moment looked up again at his first officer. "This is very worrying." He turned to face the rest of the bridge and issued an order. "We've received reports that there may be imperial inquisitors within the system. Monitor all traffic to and from the system. If they're here, I want to make sure they don't leave." He looked back at his First Officer and continued "Prepare a platoon of troopers. We're going down there to see what's going on."
  2. Hey all! Recently, I was going through some old files here and found some screenshots/files from BZP from a few years back. I felt a huge level of nostalgia looking at the old forum, and I was sad due to the fact the old skin couldn't be used on this newer site due to compatibility issues. So recently, in my free time, I decided to remake the original skin to work with the current website! Right now, it's an extension for different browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.), but if people like it, it can easily be incorporated as a theme option to the site itself! (In the standard theme switcher at the bottom of the page) Here are some screenshots: (More in the Imgur album (High-Res): http://imgur.com/a/e7uBl) It's still a WIP, and subject to further changes and such, but the core concept of it is complete. I've moved the top bar to the bottom, to allow the site to have the original spacing it had. As well as brought back the old logo and gradients. I should be able to release the theme within a week or two, once I work out a few bugs. If you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know! I'd love to incorporate other users ideas if possible. Thanks! -Metax
  3. リ 二 三, ㄷ ㅣ ㄱ ㄴ ㅁ ㅋ Perhaps Japanese (First 3) and Korean (Latter 6) is exactly what they based it off of.
  4. Oh, never knew that existed. Ah well. Well done! But did it occur to you that it might not actually be a language and it's just a bunch of repeated symbols in a random order? (That would be disappointing, but it's posssible.) Thanks! It did occur to me, yes. But lego has been known for developing written languages and such in the past for their stuff. So it wouldn't be far fetched to assume that this is also a complete system. So, I'm a bit confused. Do you think the symbols on the MoCr spell out CREATION? Because that doesn't seem to align with your vowels theory. Do you have any idea what any of the symbols are for sure? Oh, sorry, the vowel theory came after I wrote the "creation" underneath the writing. Most of the image is just me recording and expanding upon the original posters image.
  5. Oh, never knew that existed. Ah well. Well done! But did it occur to you that it might not actually be a language and it's just a bunch of repeated symbols in a random order? (That would be disappointing, but it's posssible.) Thanks! It did occur to me, yes. But lego has been known for developing written languages and such in the past for their stuff. So it wouldn't be far fetched to assume that this is also a complete system.
  6. Hey all! So, after lego revealed the mask of creation and the "Mask Pillars", one of my immediate thoughts (Being a linguist) is "What does that writing say? Is that matoran?" Anyway, at the time, there wasn't much content revealed so I wasn't able to formulate any theories on it. But now that the sets and more photos have been released, I've been able to go over what we have and come up with some theories/ideas. First off, here: http://i.imgur.com/WOLeVdN.png is an image created by someone on the BZP Facebook page, which I then expanded upon. This is the progress I've made on this so far: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t31.0-8/10608193_10205641432139749_5542409021014727866_o.jpg So far, I have cataloged 24 letters. The two remaining letters I've yet to find. I personally think that the 5 straight line characters (The ' | || 二 and 三) are the 5 vowels. And the very wide M and W looking characters are M and W (Which would make sense, lol). Anyway, this topic is mainly for research and theories about this new bionicle writing system. I myself cannot read the original matoran by memory, but those of you who can might be able to draw similarities between this font and the original. Alright, now that my progress is out of the way, let the translation begin! -TheAkihabara
  7. IC: [ Kuaiji Mountains, China ] Kamiya knelt down on the edge of the cliff. Storm clouds rolled overhead, though rain had yet to arrive. Kamiya slowly moved her hand across the bottom of her rifle until her finger came to rest on a small round button. She pressed it, and with a click, two stabilization legs dropped out from the bottom. Resting the metal legs against the boulder in front of her, she moved her eye to the scope. The distant building went from being a distant blur to being close and clear as she adjusting the dials. There we go. Kamiya thought, looking at the looming Hydra base resting in the side of a mountain. She slowly moved the rifle, scanning the building for any signs of activity. Her crosshairs came to rest on a helipad on the east side of the base. Adjusting the dials further, the image in her scope zoomed to reveal a helicopter, with 3 men standing beside it. She watched as a hooded man stepped out of the helicopter. With one raise of his hand, the hooded man singled to the pilot that he should take off. The helicopter rose as the hooded man walked towards the 3 men. After the helicopter had made it's way away, Kamiya closed her eyes and focused on the on the group of men on the helipad. Slowly but surely, the voices became clearer and louder, going from being entirely inaudible to sounding as if they were but a few feet away. Kamiya's mutation, which allowed her to manipulate sound, helped her greatly in situations like this. This ability also allowed her to operate with very little equipment, as she could remain silent in any situation she was placed. "Hail Hydra!" The first man said. The other 3 replied in turn with the same. "Status" The hooded man said in Mandarin. "(Mandarin) Everything is going according to plan. We're finished the remaining parts this morning, and were shipped out an hour ago." The first man replied. "Our installation in Shanghai have reported that their parts have shipped as well. All the parts should arrive in Pyongyang within 4 hours. " The second man interjected. "Good." The hooded man said. That was all Kamiya needed to hear. She flipped the safety switch to off on her sniper rifle and placed her finger on the trigger. Shifting her concentration from the group, she focused her abilities on her rifle. Pressing the trigger, a long bullet charged down the barrel. As the bullet exited the barrel, Kamiya manipulated the sound so that it was no more than a whisper. The long bullet made it's way through the air before it impaled itself into the side of one of the main bases support beams. The bullet itself would do nothing more than scratch a beam of that size. But what was stored within the bullet, a C78 High-Grade explosive, could completely destroy the support beam, as well as a few of the beams surrounding it. In case we need it. Kamiya thought. She used her right hand to pull back the bolt on the rifle, which in turn ejected the casing of the bullet she just fired. In one quick movement, she thrusted her right arm out and caught the casing before it reached the ground. She placed it into a pouch on her belt and stood up. She took a deep breath and said "Next stop, Pyongyang."
  8. Awesome, Thank you! -Akiba
  9. Awesome! I'll wait for Krayzikk to approve before I start posting in the RPG. -Akiba
  10. I understand completely. Perhaps this power-set could be OP if used incorrectly. Taking in Skitty and Your suggestions, I've updated the application: Name: -Classified- Codename: Kamiya 「神矢」(Eng. Devine Arrow) Gender: Female Age: 22 Loyalties/Faction: National Police Agency (警察庁 Keisatsu-chou) - Japanese equivalent of the CIA. Power(S): Can control sound. Appearance: 5'6, Short, shoulder length black hair. Sleek black combat suit. (Ie. http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21900000/Mr-Taxi-Screencap-girls-generation-snsd-21982286-1440-1080.jpg). In casual scenarios she generally wears a Black coat with a white shirt underneath with black or navy jeans. Weapons: Custom PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II and Custom M19 Pistol. Skills: CIA/SHIELD Spec Ops Skills (Incl. Espionage, Self Defense, etc.) as well as long ranged firearm use (Sniping), Fluent in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian (Incl. Ukrainian), English, German, Italian (Incl. Spanish), French. Personality: Silent and Serious. But with a very kind and caring side to Her. Weakness: Physically speaking, she's not very strong. (Her skills are mostly in precision firearms.). Due to being trained since she was very young, She's very isolated from other people and finds it difficult to trust people. Bio: Raised since she was 5 by unknown secret organization to be a deadly sniper. She escaped her captivity when she was 18 and has since come to work with the Japanese NPA. Her parents and family is unknown. (Due to her abduction as a child). She's a very isolated and quiet person. With a rather serious and professional persona. However, now that she's freed from this unknown organization, she's been attempting to learn about and essentially "Rejoin" everyday culture. Hopefully "Can control sound" isn't too OP. I don't think it is though. And it's a perfect power for someone who's life is about being stealthy. -TheAkihabara
  11. Well, that makes things difficult doesn't it, If we can't use marvel as a reference in a marvel RPG. Sorry about the weaknesses, forgot to put them in initially. Weaknesses: Physically speaking, she's not very strong. (Her skills are mostly in precision firearms.). Due to beign trained since she was very young, She's very isolated from other people and finds it difficult to trust people. Here's how her powers would work in a practical sense: She's aiming at a target with her rifle. She slows down time around her (Technically, she speeds herself up, thus making things around her appear slower). Target now appears slower, she gets an accurate lock on the target. She fires her gun and uses her ability to manipulate space to curve the bullet slightly to follow the target. The target suddenly stops walking, which in turn would cause the bullet to hit in front of them (As it was aimed at where they would be). She uses her temporal shift/transport ability to displace the bullet out of time. (This would put a great mental and physical strain on herself after about 45 seconds.) She waits until the target starts moving again then brings the bullet back. It continues on it's trajectory and hits the target. Mission Accomplished. Note: With her displacement ability, she can set up a "Temporal delay", in the sense that she can displace the bullet for a specific amount of time, say a few minutes, and then have it re-enter at a specific time. This lacks the control of a manual displacement as once the object is displaced, she has no control over it and it will respawn itself at the point she originally specified, no sooner or later. As for the skills, we can get rid of the martial arts. (Aside from basic CIA level training of course) Language wise though it's not a far stretch to know this many languages (Due to their similar structures and such). But for the sake of the RPG I can narrow it down. She can know Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German, Italian (by default, that can include Spanish) and Russian. Note: Seeing as Japanese and Korean have an almost identical grammatical structure. It would not be difficult to learn one after the other. (Same goes with English and German, Italian and Spanish, etc.) -TheAkihabara
  12. Yeah there's no way a 20 year old could have learned all of this, plus having that many skills is wayyyyyyyyyyyy OP to begin with. Not to mention having super powers on top of all that. Plus you need to fill out the weakness section of her profile. Also what are the limitations for this? Because these powers alone seem pretty OP as they stand. Being able to slow and speed up time AND teleport objects to who knows where? Yeah no, too much power for any one character. So yeah, until some significant changes are made not approved. 20 is too young? Have you read that Black Widow comics before? Black Widow was able to learn a multitude of martial art and languages skills when she was very young. If 20 seems to young, I can raise it to 25. In the end it doesn't really matter. Her powers let her slow and speed up time for herself, but only to a certain degree. (Think quicksilver in the latest x-men movie.) Her powers aren't teleportation, so she can't teleport objects, merely move them through space. The most she could do is move something the size of a bus about 20 feet. And that'd bring her to the point of blacking out. The temporal side of it allows her to move the object in and out of Temporal phase. (Meaning an object can exist 1 second in the past, or future, and thus not interact with present matter.) Or transport an object through time. (This is limited to something up to the size of a person.) (This ability is similar to Shadowcats in the latest x-men, where she is able to send a consciousness back in time. My characters power works in the same way with smaller objects. And not very far into the past of future either.)
  13. I've read all of the rules and thus: Darkest days. Name: -Classified- Codename: Kamiya 「神矢」(Eng. Devine Arrow) Gender: Female Age: 20 Loyalties/Faction: National Police Agency (警察庁 Keisatsu-chou) - Japanese equivalent of the CIA. Power(S): Quantum Manipulation - The ability to slow or speed up time for themselves, and has the ability to manipulate objects spacial and temporal locations, movement, etc. Appearance: 5'6, Short, shoulder length black hair. Weapons: Custom PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II Skills: Stealth, Infiltration, Sniping, Experienced in every form of martial arts (Within Asia), Fluent in Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian (Incl. Ukrainian), Hebrew, English, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Personality: Silent and Serious. But with a very kind and caring side to Her. Weakness: (Everyone has weaknesses, powers or no. Try to make them clear.) Bio: -Classified- Note: Classified sections would be revealed in story.
  14. Hey all! I know this topic is completely off topic from anything Bionicle related. But seeing as I know a number of you I thought I'd post it here anyway. Over the past 2 months, in my spare time, I've been working on a way to use the Korean alphabet (Called Hangul) with english. Random, I know, but I'm a linguist - Sue me. How I made it Anyway, from the get go I knew that out of all of the non latin writing systems out there. Hangul would be one of the best to use, do to it's abundance of similar letters and consonants to what we have. Here are each of the seperate characters, with their latin (english) equivalents. 14 consonant letters: ㄱ (g), ㄴ (n), ㄷ (d), ㄹ (l/r), ㅁ (m), ㅂ (b), ㅅ (s), ㅇ (placeholder/ng), ㅈ (j), ㅊ (ch), ㅋ (k), ㅌ (t), ㅍ (p), ㅎ (h)6 vowel letters: ㅏ (a), ㅓ (eo), ㅗ (o), ㅜ (u), ㅡ (eu), ㅣ (i)5 double ("tense") consonants: ㄲ kk, ㄸ tt, ㅃ pp, ㅆ ss, ㅉ jj4 iotized vowels (with a y): ㅑ (ya), ㅕ (yeo), ㅛ (yo), ㅠ (yu)5 (iotized) diphthongs: ㅐ (ae), ㅒ (yae), ㅔ (e), ㅖ (ye), ㅢ (ui) After I had researched each letter and sound system and such. I had a decision to make, do I go for a transliterative system (Converting the words to their equivalent pronunciation in the other writing system), or going all out and creating a new writing system for writing specifically english. Here's an example of what I mean: Transliterated: My cake = 마이 캨 (Mai kaek) New system: 뮈 차커 (My cake) I decided, for sake of ease and adoption, that a new system would be best, so I started with that in mind. Early on, I made some basic changes based on how a korean computer input works. First off, I narrowed down the vowels from the "ao, ae, eo" system that korena regularly uses to the a system using their basic vowels. So, I ended up with these five characters for vowels: A = ㅏ E = ㅓ I = ㅣO = ㅗU = ㅜ Then, I took the 14 consonants mentioned above, and removed letters that aren't single in english (Such as ch), and made double letters (Like the L/R) into one letter. (In this case, an L) The ㅇ is used as a placeholder (I'll explain later) and the sound NG in korean, so I removed that for the time being. So, I ended up with these 13 letters: ㄱ (g), ㄴ (n), ㄷ (d), ㄹ (L - Formally L/R), ㅁ (m), ㅂ (b), ㅅ (s), ㅈ (j), ㅊ (C - Formally CH), ㅋ (k), ㅌ (t), ㅍ (p), ㅎ (h) Now we're getting somewhere, we have 13 consonants and 5 vowels (18 letters all together). Awesome! But we're still missing 8 letters. The first letter I added was W. I used the Korean letter for Wa - 와 (Literally, Oa. (Say it out-loud, then you'll understand what that's used)) for the letter W. Good! Now I had 19 done. The letters I didn't have were: F Q R V X Z and Y After numerous hours going over multiple substitutions and alternative systems. I finally settled upon using the double consonants (mentioned at the top of this post) as the letters F, Q, R, V and Z like so: F = ㅉQ = ㄸR = ㄲV = ㅃZ = ㅆ Ok, 24 done. two left. For X, I brought the NG letter out of the metaphorical trash bin and used that. Now, there's something I should mention before I continue. In Hangul, the writing structure works like this: (C = Consonant, V = Vowel) C V C Example: 맡 M A T Each character is a Consonant, then a vowel beside it, and then a consonant underneath it. Now, if a word starts with a vowel, or has a vowel with no consonant preceding it, we use a placeholder. (The ㅇ character. Also NG in Korean, and X in my English system) In a case like this, we'd structure it like this: (P = Placeholder) P V C Example: 앝 * A T You may be saying "That's all fine Akiba, but what do I do if I have a word that has two vowels?" Well curious user, this is what we do: We simply remove the consonant from the bottom of the character, and start a new character. Like so: (Using the word heat as an example) HE * A T ( 허앝 ) OK, now that we have sorted out. We just have to finish out the last letter: Y. Korean has support for Y being the second letter in a word (Like: Hyuna, Kyun, etc.), but nothing that allows for a Y on it's own. (Like starting the word "Yes", or ending the word "Many") Most online translators usually translate the letter Y to the korean character for Ui, or 위, so I settled on that. There we go! Now we have all the letters we need. Now, how do we use this? How to use Hangul-English Using Hangul-English is quite simple! First, I should specify some basic korean writing rules. 1. If a vowel starts a word, or has no consonant preceding it, put the placeholder character ㅇ in front of it. 2. If you need to put two vowels, or two consonants in a row. Put the first letter down and then start a new character -- Vowels: Eg. Meet: 머엍 (Notice the placeholder at the begining of the second character? That's there because there is no consonant before the E in the character) -- Consonants: Butt: 붙트 (Notice the line underneath the T in the last character? That's there to specify that there aren't any other letters in the character.) 3. For numerous technical and linguistic issues in the Korean language, you can not end a character with letters ㅉ, ㄸ orㅃ (In Hangul-English, these are F, Q and V respectively), and you must start a new character instead. ( Eg. Gav = 가쁘 ) 4. (This only applies to Hangul-English, this doesn't happen in normal Korean) You can never start a character with the letter ㅇ (X), This is because it is used as both a placeholder and the letter X. If you want to start a word with the letter X, it must be it's own character, to let the reader know it's not a placeholder. Like so: Xeno = 으어노. Note: a character can still end with a ㅇ, because a placeholder is never used at the end of a character. 5. Because the letters w ( ㅘ ) and y ( ㅟ ) are built using two vowel letters, they act like vowels in the character structure. So the word Swan is written like 솨안 . Also, because they are treated like vowels, if you start a word with one of them, you must add the placeholder at the begining, like so: What = 와핱 6. In the case that there are 3 consonants in a row, you can occasionally stack consonants on top of each other without having a vowel. like so: 븠프 (BZP) (Note: You must add a line in between the two constants, like you did when there was a single consonant. Eg. 브) 7. If the third letter in a character is a consonant, and the next letter (The first of the next character) is a vowel, move the consonant from the first character to the second, so you don't have to use a placeholder. Like so: Instead of 탗오 (TAC - Placeholder+O), make it 타초 (TA - CO) With these rules in mind, here are the letters of the Hangul-English alphabet. A = ㅏ B = ㅂ C = ㅊ D = ㄷ E = ㅓ F = ㅉ G = ㄱ H = ㅎ I = ㅣ J = ㅈ K = ㅋ L = ㄹ M = ㅁ N = ㄴ O = ㅗ P = ㅍ Q = ㄸ R = ㄲ S = ㅅ T = ㅌ U = ㅜ V = ㅃ W = ㅘ X = ㅇ Y = ㅟ Z = ㅆ Yay! We've learned how to write Hangul-English! Here's some example sentences: My name is Akiba = 뮈 나머 잇 아키바 This site is known as BZP = 트힛 와업시터 잇 크노완 앗 븠프 Two matoran walk into a bar = 톼오 마토깐 왈크 인토 아 밖 If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! -TheAkihabara "Akiba"
  15. Before I start, I feel I should introduce myself; I'm Metax, BS01's Lead Programmer and System Manager. (Pleasure to meet you!) About the themes, I know that Monobook isn't overly great compared to some of the newer mediawiki themes, but that theme has been our standard for many years nows and many users have enjoyed using it and it's variants on BS01 throughout those years. That aside, we are currently in the process of designing and coding a brand new set of themes for BS01 which will be released within the next few weeks. So you won't have to suffer through monobook for much longer. We've been working quite a bit on ramping up the security of BS01 and HS01 over the past year. And we've developed safety measures to prevent XSS through the extensions you've mentioned. Funny you should mention our mediawiki version, as ironically we are upgrading the system as we speak to 1.22.1, and preparing the system for a quick upgrade to 1.23 once it is released as well! While simple, yes, our captcha has been quite reliable over the past few months and has succeeded in lowering our spam issues immensely. Thank you for the suggestions though! Security is one of our top priorities and any added filters would never hurt. Could you elaborate on what the replace.py script does that the ReplaceText doesn't? While all of this background system talk is great, this topic is about the "Foreground" features of our site. (Navigation, Tabs, etc.) So it would be great to hear your opinions on those things as well! If you'd like to talk more about extensions and such, feel free to PM me or message me on my BS01 page here: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/User_talk:Metax Thanks! -Metax
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