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  1. Probably the only set from this wave I'm looking to pick up. The Predator face with the fangs is incentive enough.
  2. I remember you... good old days. Can I add you on Yahoo? :)

  3. Dude, I'm randomly back on BZP. Been awhile.

  4. Dinobot The Maximal


    So the limited Mind Control part is basically Hypnosis. You can't make them do something they wouldn't do on their own in the first place? DtM
  5. I love the designs for the Bratva's get-ups in the video. Dude with mohawk/half-gasmask is my hero.
  6. Bonesii once again nullifies everything else ever. Run for president man. DtM
  7. I just heart Charlie Adler's Starscream. DtM
  8. Fringe was a nice pickup from last season, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia is already loads better than its last. DtM
  9. I said screw it and just ordered the mask itself from Lego. I felt like Lego was starting to hit their stride with Titans in 2006, but that it kind of fell apart after that (with the exception of Gadunka). I was hoping Titans would start taking precedence over vehicles in some way/shape/form, but not like this. TTMN makes Umbra look more impressive by comparison. DtM
  10. Bionicle AFOL's: The Masochists of the community! DtM
  11. Yeah, I use the backpack holes to holster the gun so he can go duel saber. Isn't a perfect fit, but gets the job done! Looking forward to the Magna Guard now so this guy can start building a posse. DtM
  12. Hey, AOB from TFW2005 here.

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