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  1. I would love you very much if you could make an image of 2 trainz with transparency. I like the usage of Xaniskit, the variations it allows gives the characters more 'life'. I like what you have done so far, my only insignificant complaint is how the characters are resized. My astute eye noticed that the pixels seem skewed: depending on what program you use to make comics there should be some setting which allows you to 'lock' the X and Y dimensions to the same rescaling factor.
  2. Vigor Mortis


    Very good work, I would be pleased to see more. I get pretty nostalgic when I see Razor being used even now, though I may be an RZ fan. Are you still taking GS's?
  3. You may/may not (delete whichever is inapplicable) heard of me or remember me, but I remember seeing your comics in the olden days of AWIII. Even now I still enjoy them, and do hope you intend to come back into comic making, as I intend to very soon.
  4. Hello. Edit: Try to be a bit more descriptive than just "hello." x_x -Wind-
  5. Very close to nothing. Besides getting a 33 on the ACT.
  6. I utterly and absolutely demand that you prototype Tahu into your kernelsprite.I will make sure to send that command, when the time comes.
  7. Indeed, I do.The person below me will not be able to be described by this sentence.
  8. Uh... sure, I won't try to stop you...Though, in the future, we could arrange something of course where you are allowed to pass through my space (if I happen to occupy that narrow strip), or you can always take a big shortcut and warp from 3-4 to 3-16, which I think is valid.
  9. Congratulations.As for an economic system without a plugin, I once was part of a server that used slimeballs as currency.
  10. Thank you. As for Heroes, they are basically categorized as Infantry, Archer or Cavalry, depending on what sort of hero it is. Siege exists outside of the Infantry-Cavalry-Archer system, as they are used against buildings and work differently than the other three. For example, you can disable it by killing the crew and even capture it.
  11. Uh, what does that sentence mean?Also, yes: those are built (not the big one though). If they had not been built, they would not have been in the ship report.
  12. This is what I have so far, but of course it needs to be greatly expanded.Combat System:There are 3 basic types of units: Infantry, Cavalry, and Archers (Siege and Hero are not basic types)Infantry are better against CavalryCavalry are better against ArchersArchers are better against InfantryAll weapons in the game deal one of three different types of damage: Blunt, Pierce and Slash. Hammers would do blunt, axes would do slash, most arrows would do pierce, etc.Units can be upgraded with certain armor and weapons that make them more resistant to a certain damage or increase the potency of a certain damage they deal.Magic System:Each player may choose one circle of magic to study, and can choose two others later as they progress. Spells range from battle mages casting incantations in combat to world-wide effects that send a great plague of locusts on an enemy empire. Each circle is divided into 3 arches, each of which specifies a certain aspect of this circle. Each circle has a single world-wide and immensely powerful spell that takes much time to prepare through intense ritual and exotic ingredients to focus magical power. Each arch has lesser spells that have considerably less effect, yet can mean the difference between victory and defeat in war. For example, if a vast enemy army is about to cross a frozen river, cast the spell from the Flame arch to melt it and slow them, giving you time to muster your defenses.Technology:There are many different solutions to the same problem in warfare, and players are rewarded for being creative in their arsenal of weapons they choose. The world is deep with many precious metals, and steel is by no means the strongest metal one can forge. Ores and metals are randomly distributed across the world, and so setting up more than a few mines is no doubt a good idea. Experimentation also plays a role, and players are encouraged to think beyond mere catapults and siege towers and think of things far more unique and new.Cities:You begin with a single small city at a location you may choose, and generate a revenue of gold and resources every day. What resources you get depends on the environment the city is in and any nearby mines/farms/lumber fields you have. When you have the resources and money needed, you can establish a village somewhere else in the world. As with Starscape, villages have varying stages which influence how much gold they produce every day and how much of a military population it can support.I'll add specifics later, but for now I merely wish to know if anyone is interested.
  13. Would anyone be interested in a fantasy-esque strategy RPG, in similar form to Starscape? I have talked a litle about this earlier with Xom, and am developing a few of the key mechanics around it. There would be seiges, world-wide magical spells, monsters and such.
  14. IC: [3-29, Abjiost. Assembly of the Undertaking]"That there shall be peace between us, and we will move o help one another in times of need. Though, I am curious: why is it that your race seems to wish to commit destruction?"IC: [General]With the Colonizer ship re-taken, it was guided back to be repaired, where it then was sent to 3-9, and established the Sixth Star, which the new inhabitants deigned to name Esxea, 'Outer Light'.[industry Report]Available/Sum of IP points: 0/13 IP3-13, 3-30, 3-31, 3-10: will become Core Worlds @ 12/18/113-9: will become Protectorate @ 12/16/113-29: building Starbase Qathek, -1 IP, 12/20/113-30: building Licepxoa, the Ark of Aeons , -3 IP, 12/20/11[ship Report]3-29: 1 Sahku exploration starship, 6 Jihek frigate gunboats3-13: 1 Jihek frigate gunboat, 20 Luqis fighters, 10 Hiald fighters.3-30: 2 Jihek frigate gunboats, 20 Luqis fighters, 10 Hiald fighters.3-31: 2 Jihek frigate gunboats, 20 Luqis fighters, 10 Hiald fighters.3-10: 1 Jihek frigate gunboat, 20 Luqis fighters, 20 Metek fighters, 20 Hiald fighters.
  15. IC: [3-29, Abjiost. Assembly of the Undertaking]Lojekek was disturbed by this obvious intent of destruction, recalling the early years of the race that was wrought with civil war. Yet, he hoped their intentions were not merely that, but something else more redeeming."It would be beneficial for both of us to enter an alliance."
  16. OOC: Sorry, missed your post.IC: [3-29, Abjiost. Assembly of the Undertaking]"I am Lojekek, Master of Mind. I appear as personification, mind out of body. We call ourselves the Lopec, and we live to proceed with the Great Undertaking. It is our inescapable call to understand and know all things: we are scientists and thinkers and engineers. That minds exist outside of our own race is of great interest to us, there is much knowledge that we may learn from you and your race."Lojekek paused, allowing his words to be taken in. His baritone and ancient voice echoed slightly through the silent, vacuous chamber. The eye of the galaxy stared down from the screen on the dome above their heads, persevering it its blatant gaze that seemed to emit a sense of awe and humbleness.
  17. Make it so that he can peel back his skin on his head like a banana peel at will. Worse yet, he prefers to normally appear this way.
  18. OOC: Well, Matt actually made us a competitive army, but he utterly gutted our previous lore and refused to fix Flayed Ones.
  19. Matt Ward violated my Necrons.
  20. Cosmology and Astrophysics. Yes, of course there are exceptions, but since colleges have decided that the SAT is a good measure of your capabilities getting into that 2200 region and beyond really puts you into the spotlight for them.
  21. Can you provide more information on this?
  22. Can there be fish people to? Imagine a shark man in the sewers of New York.
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