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  1. So, I'm new to this topic. Hi, everyone. If I remember correctly, wasn't a big argument against having more female characters in Bionicle the fact that the line was meant to appeal to little boys? Why all of a sudden do members with similar views want female sets with "feminine" proportions? Sounds contradictory to me.
  2. Not finding a balance between an engaging storyline filled with wonder and mystery and an overly-simplified, childish one that insults peoples' intelligence. I'm happy that it doesn't seem like they're going to let the story get needlessly complicated, but I'm afraid of things getting a bit too Hero Factory in here.
  3. Got a few: Elements are no longer exclusive to certain gendersLess giant, evil organizations vying for control of whateverNo dimension hoppingLess things to do with planets and universes and more islands for exploring as the years go by
  4. In general I like the new story, and I've been for a reboot since the first leaks. It's the best way to get a new generation of fans to like Bionicle IMO. The changes overall are fine, but I'm going to miss some things like the Koros, the Matoran, and some terms that are most likely going to be dropped.
  5. Bionicle 2015 needed to be a reboot. I'm sure my 6 year old self would be more than satisfied. My only complaint would be that some things feel a bit dumbed down, but it really isn't that big of a deal.
  6. How hot is it getting in this room would you say? I think I would just dip.
  7. Seeing them all laid out like this made it hard to pick for some reason. I picked the Metru build as my favorite. They had gears as well as elbows and knees! Least favorite is the Stars' build. Hard to pose, very few pieces.
  8. People have all these expectations for remakes/reboots/revivals of their favorite things. Some people here want to experience 2001 again when we've seen that already, and some want to continue the pretentiously serious, convoluted story of Bionicle's last years. These people are going to be let down when Lego inevitably fails to please everyone. This is the biggest problem with Bionicle coming back now. We've got to remember that Bionicle isn't just for us anymore. Yes, Lego wouldn't be bringing it back if they didn't think there were any old fans left, but many of the people who liked it in the past don't care anymore. Lego needs to focus on a new audience. It's going to be different, so hopefully it doesn't get that much hate for that. That said, if it sucks, it sucks. What are you gonna do? Besides that happening I think this place will be fine. If Bionicle takes off again, it'll just a be a little bit louder around here. I wonder if new members will be into pixel comics.
  9. Nuke the front page and start over. Make it look like it belongs in this decade. Other than that, I think we're good.
  10. I liked Gresh the most, with Tahu close behind. Overall, I think the Stars were too basic for them to be Bionicle's final line of sets. It didn't help that they weren't very poseable. Maybe the two robots as titans would have been better? Or maybe a remake of Tahu Mata with new pieces and better articulation...
  11. How could they possibly make characters that represent racial or ethnic groups when Bionicle characters look nothing like people? That makes no sense. The only thing Bionicle can use in terms of representation is gender, since gender is a thing in that world. I don't think you can compare race and gender in this context, and that's why your opinion had such a poor reception.
  12. Reboot It makes little sense to go back to a convoluted storyline when you're trying to attract new fans. Though, of course, it wouldn't be hard to set the new story far enough into the future that only the most important aspects of the old story would remain relevant.
  13. Hmm. I was about to agree with the whole "young boys may not buy toys from a series with many female characters." Reznas does bring up a good point about fans not attributing gender to the characters. I do remember having friends who had tons of sets but ignored the story, for the most part. Even if it was true, that female characters/sets wouldn't appeal to boys as much, there has to be another way to appeal to the target audience while keeping diversity. I guess this is where the set designers earn their money? A kid probably isn't going to care what gender the character is if the set looks cool.
  14. Bro, you're wrong because he proved that you were wrong. And how can people turn Bionicle into a feminist argument? If you want to see how, this is what I, and many others, have been doing all along. Except if you're asking, "why is there feminisms in my bonkles", then all I can say is deal with it. People aren't going to ignore what they see as problems with anything, and I am inclined to agree with them because of their logic and reasoning.
  15. Isn't that an opinion too, that opinions can't be right or wrong? Besides, opinions can at least be good or bad depending on how justified they are. If it's ok to ask, why do you hold the opinion that the gender issue isn't important with regards to either Bionicle or in general?Its a fact. Opinions and facts are two different things. Opinions can be politically incorrect but not flat out wrong. But opinions that are supported by facts can create a stronger argument.
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