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    Christianity-- A Pastor's Kid as well as a born again Believer in Christ. PM me if you want my full testimony of how Christ saved me.<br /><br />RPGing-- Well, I haven't actually tried out BZP's RPGs, but I do have other RPGs that I do frequent, most are written by me. Anyway, I enjoy RPGs alot... when they're done well. <br /><br />Corn-flower blue--Heh, my Text color I use in every post and PM. Yeah It's gotten to the point where I can write "[color=cornflowerblue]" in less than 2 seconds. xD<br /><br />Taco Bell-- Yeah, I work there so I have to like it. Not really but I do think Taco Bell is one of the best fast food places there is =D<br /><br />Art/Writing-- Well I am rather artistic, Chances are I have something creative in the works. My sig/Avy will always be made by me (I think...) and usually it'll have some new art made by me in it =D As for writing I may have a story up my sleeve that I'll post. =)<br />( =( Ran out of room)

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  1. How about http://virtualnes.com/ It's my new favorite website =D
  2. Cap'n Tek

    Oh Dear

    *Likes This* Greek is fun, no?
  3. Happy Birthday!


    Sucks that your birthday is so close to Christmas, though. :P

  4. tttttek


    Happy 20th, dawg B)

  5. FACT: The traditional starter Pokemon have been artificially created from other Pokemon (some would say "Frankensteined") by the professors that give them out. This explains why they can't be found in the wild.
  6. Cap'n Tek

    Note Of The Day

    Flickr isn't so bad. I like how you can leave comments ant tags and so on... but Maj is awesome still
  7. lol yeah I don't post anymore... maybe I'm saving it for something special.. IDK lol

  8. One more post and you'll have 600 even =D

  9. Oh okay then


    That makes your current display name even funnier =P

  10. Yes, I am Sunny's Brother =P

  11. Wait you're Sunny's brother IRL aren't you

  12. Cap'n Tek

    Calling All Dokumas

    This may or may not be a good idea.... =P
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