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    Oh wow, it's been a long time. I've been around...sorta. I do voice acting and audio dramas. I love BIONICLE to this day. That's about it.

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  1. Oh how I've missed this show! I was so excited to see it appear on youtube...and also to see I wasn't recast and stuff ...because that would be sad. Things look great--I am still really happy with the updated animation! I'm hopeful things continue--but I'm also just thankful for whatever I/we get.
  2. Wow. Much has changed. Still... I like what was done, even if the 3D was impressive; The MNOLG style is very nostalgic, and it was well done. I hope to see more!
  3. I'm really excited about these sets. Obviously I won't get all the fellowship, but some of those sets caught my eye.Though I agree, a Tom Bombadil set would be amazing....Though I don't think we should give up hope just yet. He was a card in the Lord of the Rings TCG...so there's a slight chance....maybe
  4. Yay! I was kinda worried what would happen because the forums were down...seems like lots of projects halted and were forgotten about (some of mine included)....Looking forward to the next episode!
  5. Indeed. Of course the admins playing an april fools joke could never be the case, since they've obviously never done something that devious before...

  6. Yep, it was definitely me who changed my name and not the admins as part of an elaborate April Fool's prank. The other staff changing their names in a similar fashion was all just a coincidence.

  7. I'm shocked! You actually changed your name! I never thought I would see the day....

  8. Krayce


    I've been told I look like three different people, and act like one of them even. I've also heard I've got a sickening resemblance in both looks and personality with my Uncle's sister's son... I was in Oregon one time and saw somebody who looked like an identical twin to a friend of mine's mom....who lives a half a world away... it was really strange to look her in the face... Then there was a time when I was in an airport saw somebody who looked and acted a lot like SPIRIT working with some gaseous chemicals in the terminal....and there was the strange scent of almonds...and then people started dropping to the floor all over and wouldn't get up...then the government came in and had everybody hush up... That was a strange day
  9. Well if you want something serious, "Stars of Glory" is one of my favorites, just with the pedal-tone they do with piano, and because it's an ancient Celtic song... Can't get any more epic than that. But if you want something funny, and a little country-feel "Leroy the Redneck Reindeer" might be a good choice. Then there's always doing some crazy remix...I'll think of a third song a little bit later I guess...
  10. Krayce

    Memory Lane

    Lollipop Guild was by far my favorite I miss your old av too! (not that I was an official member back when you had it.... )
  11. But....he did it last time..... *makes some hasty comment about the Makuta being Mata Nui's butler* I'm thrilled with excitement and anticipation to see what you will throw at us next. *hides behind a shield incase Greg starts throwing pies*
  12. Krayce

    It's Begun!

    Go get 'em LK! You can do this!
  13. Krayce


    Speak it, Lady K! You speak with a lot of wisdom and maturity. I'm so thankful for this reminder. I'm truely sorry that you can't sleep. My brother has similar problems, so I know a little of what it's like. I'll be praying for you To add to what you were saying, though, I was in a very third-world country this summer, and I saw people living in Cardboard houses on top of a trash dump. And I heard of 2000+ people getting their homes destroyed so the nation could build a fancy hotel with guards all around, "to help the economy." It really got me thinking on how blessed my life actually is, where I have a home and food to eat...and I realized that we all complain in what we consider the "bad" times far too much. I mean, We complain about paper cuts, yet there are people out there with no fingers at all, and they are happier than we are. and the sad thing is, One man's pain is another man's joke...little humbling, but from my expirience it far too commonplace.
  14. Krayce


    I'm joining, though not 50K, more like 10K...since highschool and a huge philosophy-based research paper are eating up my time. Though I've got so many ideas that I'm not sure exactly yet which one I'm doing..
  15. I'm with you....even though I do hang around America probably a bit more than you do... Seriously Skully, next time I'm in the area (which may be a while...), we totally need to meet....
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