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  1. Hm. I have been away from BZP for far too long. I stopped coming here since I could not find the new forums. But now that I'm back, let me say that this is still some great work you have here. I'll try to check in when I can, but that may not happen very often. But for now, KUTGW!
  2. persons324


    Perhaps how people react to certain things/ideas? That might turn out to be interesting. :tohu:
  3. No, it is not. It is Daft Punk, a band I really like.

  4. Is that Preston Stormer in your banner? It looks remarkably similar, so it confuzzles me.

  5. persons324

    More Manga.

    Got it. I'll definetly check them out sometime. Thanks for the reccomendations. :tohu:
  6. persons324

    More Manga.

    I actually have watched some of the anime from Bleach. I agree that it is very awesome. :tohu:
  7. persons324

    More Manga.

    Whew, it's been a while since my last entry. I sorta forgot about this blog. He. He. So anyways, I now have all the Black Cat volumes, volumes 1-16 of Bleach, all the volumes of Deathnote, all the volumes released so far of Fullmetal Alchemist, and volumes 1-5 of a new series called One Piece(by new series, I mean I just started reading it).
  8. persons324


    So there are two mangas that I recently got and am now a fan of: Bleach and Black Cat. They are AWESOME! I currently only have the first 4 volumes of both, but I hope to get the others soon.
  9. persons324

    Halo Reach

    My Gamertag is Persons324. Yours? :tohu:
  10. persons324

    Halo Reach

    Oh, I will. I most certainly will. :tohu:
  11. persons324

    Halo Reach

    So for Hannukah I got Halo: Reach. IT'S FREAKING AWESOME!!! So yeah. It's awesome and I love it.
  12. persons324


    Today I found out I have straight A's in all my classes. Whoo hoo! To celebrate, here is an XKCD comic!
  13. persons324


    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. For Thanksgiving, I am going up to New Jersey to visit some family friends. I hope everyone else here has a great Thanksgiving!
  14. persons324


    ...I was talking about Squash the sport, not the food. Yeah. :tohu:
  15. persons324


    So I'm going to be in a squash tourney this weekend. I hope to win!
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