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The Bionicle TRPG: an Open Project

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This is a project I've seen many groups try and fail to finish: creating a tabletop RPG for Bionicle. In order to circumvent that risk, this project will be open to EVERYONE to participate. All input is welcome and appreciated!


Updated 3/08/14: Akavakaku added Building Stats, Species, Light and Shadow, and Elemental Stat Modifiers

Updated 18/08/14: Akavakaku edited Statistics and added Turaga, Semi-Intelligent Species, Unintelligent Species, Playing the Game


What is the Bionicle TRPG?


It's (hopefully going to be) a fanmade tabletop role playing game for Bionicle. Interest in Bionicle is currently increasing with the possibility of its return, so this, I feel, is a good time for this project to start. Assuming a potential Bionicle revival does not completely deviate from the original, both the first and next generations of Bionicle should be incorporated into the TRPG.


Tabletop role playing games are interactive, multi-player games that require no special technology to play; only pencil, paper and dice (in theory). This restricts the complexity of the game, since players must perform all needed calculations and create all assets appearing in the game. However, it also allows players to be as creative as they like in their character creation and in-game choices.


Creating Characters



The most basic actions a character can take, like attacking, defending or moving, rely on statistics. As of now, the Basic Stats are:



A measure of how much force a character can support or exert. Strength is used for lifting, carrying, pushing, holding, wrestling, crushing, etc.


A measure of how easily a character can change speed or direction. Agility is used for leaping, dodging, catching, etc.


How fast a character can think, move and act. Speed is used for moving around, and also determines how soon they act or react. 


The strength of a character's special powers. Elemental powers, for example, rely on the Energy stat. Energy is not depleted when powers are used; it simply describes how strong those powers are.


Describes how long a character can continue to exert themself. All the Basic Stats above consume Stamina. When Stamina runs out, the character must stop and rest.


This is not a quality of a character's body, but of their mind. Will is how much mental strength a character has. Will is used for exerting or resisting mind control, maintaining focus despite distractions, activating certain powers, etc. Will can also be used to give a temporary boost to any Basic Stat above, meaning the character is pushing themself past their limit. If this is taken to an extreme, however, the character will injure themself.


A measure of how much a character or inanimate object can be damaged and still function. As a character is hurt, their Health decreases. At low health, characters may take penalties to all other Basic Stats, even Will. When Health reaches 0, a character is considered to have been knocked out. If they continue to suffer harm, they may be seriously injured or killed. An object whose Health reaches 0 no longer functions. 


Building Stats

To design a character, you must determine their Basic Stats. Each species has its own base value for each stat. Then, on top of the base stats, you first apply elemental stat modifiers (if applicable) (see below) and then apply individual variation. To apply individual variation, first choose a stat to exclude from the individual penalty, then roll a d6 or RNG 1-6 for the remaining 6 stats. The stat rolled gets a -1 penalty. Then choose a stat to exclude from the individual bonus, and roll a d6 or RNG 1-6 for the remaining 6 stats. The stat rolled gets a +1 bonus.



Elemental affiliations are common for Bionicle characters. For the purposes of the game, I've modified the list of elements.



The element of heat, flame and combustion, with some relation to volcanic activity and sunlight. Active Fire powers allow the creation and manipulation of fire and heat. Passive Fire powers give resistance to heat and burning. Fire-elementals normally enjoy warmth and are tolerant to soot and ash, so they are often found working in forges or living in volcanic areas. 

The prefix for Fire in Matoran is Ta-. Fire is represented by red with accents of yellow, orange and/or black.


The element of liquid water and water vapor, with influence in the weather and in physical health. Active Water powers allow the creation and manipulation of water and mist. Passive Water powers make swimming and diving easier. Water-elementals typically spend much of their time in or near water, whether canals, rivers, lakes or seas.

The prefix for Water in Matoran is Ga-. Water is represented by blue with accents of teal, white and/or green.


The element of solid mineral matter, related to sand and tectonic activity. Active Stone powers allow the creation and manipulation of rocks and minerals. Passive Stone powers confer increased hardiness and ruggedness. Stone-elementals usually prefer to be in places of exposed rock, and are not easily bothered by the harshness of such open areas.

The prefix for Stone in Matoran is Po-. Stone is represented by brown with accents of tan, black and/or orange.


The element of soil and substrate, connected to erosional features and ecological systems. Active Earth powers allow the creation and manipulation of dust and soil. Passive Earth powers cause sensitive eyesight and good hearing. Earth-elementals generally like dark, cool, enclosed places, making them ideal miners or tunnel constructors.

The prefix for Earth in Matoran is Onu-. Earth is represented by black with accents of gray, orange and/or violet.


The element of frozen water and general cold, related to crystal and freezing. Active Ice powers allow the creation and manipulation of ice and coldness. Passive Ice powers give increased resistance to cold and eyesight not easily bothered by glare. For most Ice-elementals, the ideal places to live are cold and usually still.

The prefix for Ice in Matoran is Ko-. Ice is represented by white with accents of blue, gray and teal.


The element of wind and atmosphere, related to flight and elevation. Active Air powers allow the creation and manipulation of air and wind. Passive Air powers ease adjustment to elevation changes as well as improving coordination. Air-elementals often prefer to live high above the ground, for instance in towers or treetops.

The prefix for Air in Matoran is Le-. Air is represented by green with accents of teal, white and/or yellow.



The element of illumination and radiation, tied to the ethical judgments of the conscious mind. Active Light powers allow the creation and manipulation of visible light. Passive Light powers confer a great tolerance for brightness and the ability to change colors in extreme circumstances. Light-elementals are very rare, but may be found in places of legendary illumination.

The prefix for Light in Matoran is Av-. Light is symbolically represented by gold and white, but may take any bright color.



The element of static and current electricity, related to magnetism and energy. Active Lightning powers allow the creation and manipulation of electrical charges and current. Passive Lightning powers grant resistance to injury from electrical shock. Lightning-elementals often like to live around powerful electrical charges, such as stormy regions and power plants.

The prefix for Lightning in Matoran is Vo-. Lightning is represented by yellow with accents of blue, white and/or red.


The element of inorganic, noncrystalline solid, related to minerals and light reflection. Active Glass powers allow the creation and manipulation of glass of any color and shade. Passive Glass powers grant excellent vision near and far, as well as skill in distinguishing colors. Glass-elementals usually inhabit places that are sandy but not totally exposed.

The prefix for Glass in Matoran is Idi-. Glass is represented by teal with accents of white, brown and/or blue.


The element of concentrated channels of heat energy, related to thermal radiation and life force. Active Plasma powers allow the creation and manipulation of energy flows, including those of organic affinity. Passive Plasma powers confer tolerance of extreme energy levels and temperatures. Plasma-elementals may prefer humid environments, which conduct heat easily.

The prefix for Plasma in Matoran is Su-. Plasma is represented by orange with highlights of white, tan and/or blue.


The element of gravitational attraction, related to mass and density. Active Gravity powers allow the creation and manipulation of gravitational fields. Passive Gravity powers allow increased balance and stability. Gravity-elementals are attracted to areas of higher gravity, such as mountain ranges.

The prefix for Gravity in Matoran is Ba-. Gravity is represented by violet with highlights of black, yellow and white.


The element of sound waves and vibration, related to tremors and kinetics. Active Sonic powers allow the creation and manipulation of sonic waves. Passive Sound powers grant highly acute hearing. This causes most Sound-elementals to seek out the quietest possible places to live. 

The prefix for Sonics in Matoran is De-. Sound is represented by gray with highlights of black, tan and/or white.


The element of wall-celled organic tissue, related to chemistry and the biosphere. Active Plantlife powers allow the creation and manipulation of plants and fungi. Passive Plantlife powers give resistance or immunity to many plant-based toxins and irritants. Plantlife-elementals almost always prefer areas rich in vegetation.

The prefix for Plantlife in Matoran is Bo-. Plantlife is represented by green with accents of brown, yellow and/or tan.


The element of metals, related to technology and natural ore. Active Iron powers allow the creation and manipulation of metals. Passive Iron powers give unusual strength and durability. Iron-elementals almost always prefer areas full of metal, usually artificial.

The prefix for Iron in Matoran is Fe-. Iron is represented by gray with accents of red, orange and black.


The element of darkness and absorbtion, tied to the moral instincts of the unconscious mind. Active Shadow powers allow the creation and manipulation of shadow. Passive Shadow powers confer excellent night vision and the ability to blend in in dark environments. Shadow-elementals are very rare, but may be found in places of legendary darkness.

The prefix for Shadow in Matoran is Kra-. Shadow is symbolically represented by silver and black, but may take any dark color.


What do elements mean?

Several areas of the game are affected by the elements of characters. First, different elemental powers give different options for attack and defense in battles. Second, each element carries different innate alterations to the player's stats. Third, certain elemental powers can be an advantage or a disadvantage in certain areas. And fourth, there is a story aspect to elements. Members of the same element usually share a bond stronger than between members of the same species but different elements, and may organize into elemental factions.


Elemental Stat Modifiers

Being of a certain element gives a character certain changes to their stats. All elemental stat modifiers increase stats overall.


Fire: +1 Will

Water: +1 Health

Stone: +1 Speed

Earth: +1 Strength

Ice: +1 Stamina

Air: +1 Agility

Light: +1 Energy

Lightning: -1 Strength, +1 Agility, +1 Will

Glass: -1 Health, +1 Will, +1 Agility

Plasma: -1 Stamina, +1 Health, +1 Agility

Gravity: -1 Speed, +1 Strength, +1 Stamina

Sonics: -1 Health, +1 Stamina, +1 Speed

Iron: -1 Agility, +1 Will, +1 Strength

Plantlife: -1 Will, +1 Speed, +1 Health

Shadow: -1 Health, +1 Energy, +1 Will


Light and Shadow

Unlike the other elements, Light and Shadow are not merely physical but also metaphysical powers. All beings have inner light and shadow--the greater the complexity of their mind, the more of each they must have. All beings, even those with light or shadow powers, naturally have a balance of each. However, this can be changed. By intense meditation upon either their lighted side or their shadowed side, a being can purge themself of nearly all of the opposite side. If they do so, they will gain Light or Shadow powers respectively, though the strength of these depends on the being. 

While inner light and shadow seem like good and evil, they actually describe the two sides to moral and ethical thought. Inner light is the conscious, ethical side of the mind, while inner shadow is the subconscious, moral side of the mind. A being with only inner light is unable to operate without a rigid ethical code, while a being with only inner shadow has no regard at all for the values of others. There are certain, rare powers that can cause the inner light or shadow to spontaneously drain from a being, and others that automatically restore one or the other if it has been lost.



There are many different species in the Bionicle universe, and each has its own base stats, powers and other traits. Ultimately it should be possible to play as a character of any reasonably intelligent species, although it is reasonable to assume that within a given game Player Characters would usually be species with similar levels of power.


Intelligent Species



Matoran are the most common intelligent species in the official Bionicle universe (not counting post-2009 expanded universe), and likely in most other settings as well. They are considerably shorter than average human height, but still fairly robust. Biologically they are biomechanical, like most all other beings of their universe, with metallic armor protecting their organic tissue. Some of this armor is easily removable, but much of it is finely integrated into their body and cannot be removed without surgery. Less than one third of their body is organic. 

To remain conscious, Matoran must wear Kanohi masks, which are made from metallic Protodermis. Great Kanohi and Noble Kanohi have powers that they can bestow upon the wearer, but Matoran usually wear powerless Kanohi, since they have no means of activating Kanohi powers. If a Matoran's Kanohi is removed or broken, they will weaken until they become unconscious.

As is the default, the insides of Matoran's eyes are luminous, and in the center of their chest is a "heartlight" that flashes in time with pulses of energy through their body. This plasma energy, rather than blood, sustains their body, and it will not "bleed" if they are injured. To maintain their energy they must breathe air, as their lungs convert oxygen to energy (and waste gas). Their brains are fully organic. They may restore their energy either by eating organic food or absorbing it from a font of "edible" plasma. To remain active they usually either have to visit a plasma font monthly (as little as annually if it is a very powerful one) or eat roughly every other day. Deprived of either of these, they will starve. Additionally, due to their organic composition, they need to drink clean liquid Protodermis or water from time to time so they do not dry out. But since they do not have sweat or any other fluid releases, they can go without it for a long time in normal circumstances.

All Matoran have elements, and may have any element at all, although Light and Shadow are very rare. However, they have no active elemental powers, nor any other powers.

A Matoran's base stats are:

Strength 5

Agility 5

Speed 5

Energy 5

Stamina 5

Will 5

Health 5



If it is their destiny, then with the help of an external blast of power a Matoran may become a Toa.

Toa are like Matoran in appearance, but they are taller than most humans (about 2 meters) and very powerfully built. The appearance of Toa generally varies more than that of Matoran; upon transformation the appearance of a Toa is reflective of how they envisioned a Toa as appearing, as well as how they envision themself.

Toa still must wear Kanohi masks, but while severely hindered by the loss of a mask a Toa will not lose consciousness without it. Furthermore, they are capable of accessing the power of Great and Noble masks, and may even be able to access the power of Legendary masks to a slight degree. When a Matoran becomes a Toa, their mask becomes a Great Kanohi. 

Toa are well-known for their elemental powers. A Toa has a great capacity to manipulate their element, beyond that of most other element-users. They also have a supply of Toa power that they may give up to make new Matoran into Toa and/or become a Turaga.

A Toa's base stats are:

Strength 15

Agility 15

Speed 15

Energy 15

Stamina 15

Will 15

Health 15

Or you can just add 10 to their stats as a Matoran.



Becoming a Turaga is a kind of retirement from the duties of a Toa, and signifies that the Toa has fulfilled their destiny. Turaga are slightly taller than Matoran, but are more frail in appearance. 

Turaga must wear Kanohi masks. If they do not, they will not lose consciousness, but will be hindered even more than Toa. They can use Great or Noble masks, but can only use the powers to the degree a Noble mask provides. Upon becoming a Turaga, a Toa's mask becomes a Noble mask.

Turaga retain slight elemental powers.

A Turaga's base stats are the same as a Matoran's, but due to their frailty they take penalties once they use them.


Semi-Intelligent Species

What makes a species "intelligent" is very subjective. Possibilities include the use of language, the ability to learn and be taught, advanced problem-solving skills, and the capacity to evaluate their own goals and motives. Species with all of these abilities will be labeled "intelligent," species with one or none will be labeled "unintelligent, and those with some but not all will be categorized as "semi-intelligent." Most semi-intelligent and unintelligent species are called Rahi, a term which roughly means a wild creature. However, some Rahi are fully intelligent.


Unintelligent Species


Playing the Game

Once the characters are made, the game may begin. The two roles are Player and Storyteller. A Player controls a character, and is responsible for that character's actions and reactions. There are usually several players.

The Storyteller is responsible for everything other than the Player characters' (PCs) actions, including the environment, the non-Player characters (NPCs), and the adventure itself. Generally, the Storyteller is in command of the game, and is in charge of making decisions that can't be easily settled by simply referring to the rules.



Conflict is at the core of most games, and is essential to Bionicle. Conflicts in the Bionicle TRPG are not necessarily physical, but a non-physical conflict must be settled by the relationships of the characters and the wits of the players; there are no rules for a shouting match, debate or negotiation. 

Physical conflicts must be settled according to the characters' Stats and actions. A conflict is divided into rounds, each round being roughly six seconds long. During a round, every character gets to act at least once. 

The order of characters' actions is determined by a Speed roll. For every character roll a d4 or RNG 1-4, and add the roll to the character's Speed. The highest-rolling character acts first. In the event of a tie, all characters that tied roll again to determine the order amongst them.


That's all for the moment, more will come sooner or later. Feedback and ideas would be wonderful!

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Very interesting. I'm a big RPG player, mostly D&D, but I once tried playing a BIONICLE game using FATE. It never really happened, but I might end up trying again when this system becomes playable. I'll be watching this avidly, and might pitch in with some stuff when I have the time.

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Thanks, I'm aware. But Crystal is a common fan-element, and I thought Glass would fit in with the real elements well while also being less similar to Ice and Stone.


Anyway, it's updated, so check out the new stuff!

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What if the Toa you know best were not destined to be? Interchange: The epic begins

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Sounds great, I play a lot of tabletop RPG, (online ones too), mostly SW E3, but I made my own rules for a Bionicle one based off the D20 system. I'll see how this goes, and then maybe I'll join [;)] (limited computer time ATM, hopefully that'll change)


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Ok, I look forward to hearing them.


Updated again. I'd really like someone with more tabletop RPG experience to give feedback on this.





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What if the Toa you know best were not destined to be? Interchange: The epic begins

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Akavakaku, this is pretty cool!  I think you are off to a great start.  As you know, I'm working on my own Bionicle RPG project, and I'd be happy to help out with this one if you are still working on it.  Maybe we could pool our ideas together.  Actually, the stats that I'm working on could easily be converted into the values you are using for your game.  Your base Matoran have stats of 5 and your base Toa have stats of 15.  My base Matoran have stats of 15 and my base Toa have stats of 45.  Either multiplying your stats by 3 or dividing my stats by 3 would get our projects onto a similar plane.


Do you have a document that you are working on?  What system will this utilize?  Is it d20?



The human world revolves around electricity.  I wonder what would happen if I, Toa Tahnok-Kal, blacked out the power grid and become the only power source for humanity?



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Hi Kooltone, welcome to BZP! :)
Unfortunately this topic has already passed its expiration date. Make sure you check the date to avoid topic revival in the future: 

3) No topic revival. Please do not post in topics that have been inactive for sixty days or more, or the topic will be closed. If it was still needed for discussion, people would have kept it going. If there's new information relating to the previous topic, but that topic is too old to revive, then it's probably fine to create a new thread.



Topic closed. 

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