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  1. 06. No bounds the band of ruffians withold, who any countermeasures surely thrash. One comes with passion bestial and bold, another with a tyrant's presence brash. And so come he who conflict instigates, a sleuth employ'd in search for witless tracks, and lo! upon their heels appear their mates-- anon arrives the fiend who constance lacks. Append, whose sin exceeds a den of snakes,' a villain stricken by a fatal curse. This last the company entire makes. O ye Piraka, yours I deem this verse! While 'round they prowl, thine efforts are as naught. Yet thou might strive, wherefore? thy doom is wrought.
  2. These are amazing creations, especially the beautifully sculpted griffin!
  3. Amazing dragon, and a very cute and functional scarab.
  4. Ok, my own ideas: Lightning: Stormy mountaintops, where else? Magnetism: Nowhere in particular, they're usually nomadic. When they do settle, they like to live by major roads. Plasma: Humid, steaming swamps, where will-o-wisps of plasma float around at night. Gravity: Thanks to their great balance and stability, they live right on sheer cliff faces. Sonics: They usually live in highly secluded valleys, often by streams due to their calming noise. Plantlife: Dense temperate rainforests, occluded with thick underbrush and hanging banners of moss. Iron: They don't mind big cities, but prefer mining villages in river valleys where ore can be collected.
  5. I didn't start reading the story until about 2004, but I figured out pretty quickly from Hapka's writing that they were cyborgs. Incidentally, it's technically correct to call a Bohrok biomechanical, since that doesn't mean something has to be alive, it can instead mean a mechanical system which resembles a living one.
  6. I like to think Toa of Plasma also have power over the energy flowing through biomechanical beings' bodies, which could be a kind of cool plasma (those really exist). They could use that power to make beings more tired or more energetic.
  7. Well, if I ignore things that already were mentioned: Fusion getting dropped after the beginning of 2004. I get that it wouldn't have made sense in 2005 because Hordika can't do it, or in 2008 because Makuta can prevent them from forming, but it's such a cool ability. Psionics being an element. Psychic powers are not a part of nature like all the other elements are, it just makes no sense to me. Plus, giving Psionics the power of telekinesis. I mean, if their element is minds, then telekinesis is the manipulation of something OTHER THAN their element. The ending of Mask of Light. Seriously, the novel version ended on a much better explanation. I can believe Takutanuva being crushed by the door, and the components being hurled in opposite directions. I cannot accept a magic revival place on Makuta's balcony that had no other relevance to any other part of the plot. The Bohrok Kal arc. It had villains that were just recolored Bohrok, a plot that had no overall impact on the story, and an already-done character arc of the Toa not realizing how much they needed Unity.
  8. "All I want to do, is see you turn into, a Toa Kaita." Izotor
  9. Get transparent bones that no one could appreciate, due to my having flesh. If you could use any non-legendary Kanohi for a day...
  10. It doesn't synch up until 0:18, but after that it's pretty good for a memix. EDIT: Wait, this forum is for stuff you make yourself. This mashup was made by this user: https://soundcloud.com/antrozemelin Who seems to have made a smoother version here: https://soundcloud.com/antrozemelin/gravity-hoops-quad-city-djs-vs-cryoshell
  11. Wow! The droning section at the beginning was a bit hard on the ears, but the rest was beautiful!
  12. This really made me laugh, nice editing.
  13. Wow, fantastic creations and story! I loved the narration, and the creatures are amazing considering their part constraints.
  14. It's obvious that you're a great writer, and that you've worked very hard on this story. The overall course of the plot seems very well-done, and so is the writing style. But a few choices stood out to me as a bit strange. Tahu's frighteningly willing to use his powers to hurt people who don't pose threats to him. Is he supposed to be acting out of character? Orde's telekinesis seems really overpowered. Isn't it just supposed to be a secondary power of Psionics? Some of the content seems much too mature for this forum, especially some of the Rock Tribe stuff. I would cut portions out if I were you. Kella's attraction to Lewa seems a little forced, as does Lewa's contentedness to just stay with the Bota Agori for the time being. Also, does Lewa/Onua mean anything to you...? It seems a bit too easy if the Mask of Life is just floating around wherever it likes, how could anything bad happen then? And there were also a couple minor errors: It's Bomonga, not Bomunga. Berix is a Water Agori, not Jungle. Canonically, the Red Star cannot transport Makuta. BIONICLE means the Biological Chronicle, so it should refer to both the Spherus Magnans and the biomechanicals.
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