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  1. Oh, yes. I'm totally playing this. Been needing an excuse to learn SoC for a while now, and you've ignited my destiny.
  2. I hate to be a nitpick, but... Am I the only one that remembers the scene from rogue one as depicted in set 75171? I think it may have even been the point where the asian force adept guy died. Strange they didn't include him...
  3. Something tells me that the super cheesy Enter The Ninjago stinger wasn't meant to be satire, after all. [¦\]
  4. Ah, I see. Well, this seems like a great idea for a project, good luck on it. []
  5. Umm, a link to the game might help us find it. []
  6. Am I not the only one that doesn't really see the point in these? Or have I become a curmudgeon who's forgotten what fun is?
  7. -Does a victory dance- Yusss! Definitely snagging this for when the next wave of Bionicle fanatic-ness comes along! [] I'm loving the way it's presented too, reminds me of the D&D book Volo's Guide To Monsters.
  8. Welp, I guess the next few hours are going to be spent replaying MNOG. [] Thanks for this gorgeous blast from the past! []
  9. I know this was meant to be funny, and at times it really did make me laugh. But at the end I just felt sad. [] Nevertheless, thanks for the laughs. []
  10. Maybe I should move to Russia, 'cuz you guys always make the best fan-created Bionicle stuff. []
  11. Those hands! ʘ.ʘ This makes me want to start MOCing again. []
  12. Wow. That's some superior modeling, texturing, and animating.
  13. I kinda prefer the X-Wing, to be honest. Even though it is pretty amazing that this manages to hold both itself and two cars up, it seems a little bland/skeletal compared to the iconic starfighter.
  14. And Ninjag. I wonder if the people who own lepin actually realize that they're evil, cackling plagiarizers, or wether they're as oblivious as an N-COD.
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