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Makuta, Dark Prince of Thrills and Frights

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Yet another Rebrick Makuta submission...


"Come one, come all, to the Shadow Realm! The legendary theatre of the Dark Prince himself is open all night, every night! Playing classics such as Hukio and Makuilette, Much Prophecy About Nothing and Onuaello, this is the place to be!"




Upon realizing that his brother, Ekimu, is the superior mask maker, Makuta, instead of succumbing to jealousy, turned to the performing arts. Assuming a new identity, he gained fame as a skilled street magician, where he also befriended a small cat-like being that originated from the region of ice. The duo travelled all over Okoto, become renowned and respected. 


Eventually, Makuta returned to the capital and opened his own theatre, called "The Shadow Realm", of which he was the director. His troop was known for using makeup instead of masks to better resemble their characters during performances, due to Makuta's lingering spite for his brother. 


However, while on the surface it would seem that Makuta got his act together, The Shadow Realm became known for more than just the fantastic performances - it's backstage area became the hub of the Okoto underground. Every illegal deal, every bribery, every contract killing could be traced back to the dressing rooms of The Shadow Realm. Many theorized that Makuta was not just a theatre director, but the kingpin of an organised crime syndicate.


And Makuta was quite the dapper fellow indeed, if I do say so myself. Appearing in only the finest suits, his kitten, whose name he never reveals to anyone, always well groomed, Makuta was the model gentleman - a point he punctuated with his pure ivory cane, topped with a quaint topaz. Many said the face carved into the stone was of hypnotizing beauty, though that effect might have more to do with ancient power, and the reason why Makuta managed to bend so many to his will...




While the limbs are pretty standard on this build, his torso is entirely custom. I'm pretty sure this won't win anything due to size and simplicity, but I submitted it nonetheless to break up the endless stream of shadow-titans.



Thoughts? Feedback?



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Oh yes oh heck yes...  Out of curiosity, was he inspired at all by Something Wicked This Way Comes?


It took me a while to spot the kitten.  Even a lord of darkness needs a cat =P


Only suggestion coming to mind is I would flip the round bricks on the hat upside down, so the studs aren't sticking up.  Either that or cover them with a round plate.  Also, maybe use smoother pieces than the gold Piraka armor on his legs to keep the look of a suit.


The Jaga approves of this development.

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I click on this expecting something different. I'm so glad it's not what I thought it was. This is probably one of the more creative MOCs I've seen in recent times. And considering I like the tuxedo/suit idea, that's definitely something I like a lot more as I have an affinity to those for reasons I can't understand. The suit, the cane, and even that top hat just work so great.


Definitely made my day, so I thank you for that.

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