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The Sixteen Realms (known and unknown) 2.0

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Hi, guys!:) Ninjago was originally about heroic ninja protecting the land of Ninjago from various threats. When the story progresses, we learn that there are sixteen realms, and Ninjago is one of them. It’s like Norse mythology with nine realms.


This is revealed in Season 5: Possession (you know, with Morro and the green ghosts who wanted to unleash their giant queen on Ninjago).


There are many ways to go from Realm to Realm.


Here are the list of the known ones of the Realms until Season 11 ended:

1. The Realm of the Oni and the Dragon - the first of the realms. It is where Season 9 took place sort of, as the Ninja got stuck in there. It was also where the Oni and Dragons fought and the First Spinjitzu Master came from.

2. Ninjago - the main setting in the franchise. The FSM created this Realm.

3. The Underworld - the Skeletons live there. It’s under Ninjago.

4. The Dark Realm - Introduced in Season 1, where Lord Garmadon got an extra pair of arms and the power to use all four of the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Sensei Wu went there to get Lord Garmadon’s help to fight the Serpentine and save Lloyd Garmadon.

5. Cloud Kingdom - a place on the clouds where people write destinies.

6. The Cursed Realm - That was where people from Ninjago get imprisoned. That was also where the Ghosts live, and their queen is the physical embodiment of the place. This is destroyed when Nya used her Water powers to destroy the queen.

7. Djinnjago - That was where Djinns live. Nadakhan’s place. It was destroyed when the Cursed Realm was destroyed.

8. Chima - That’s where another Lego theme called Legends of Chima took place.

9. The Never-Realm - Introduced in Season 11 (you know, with the Pryo Vipers and the Blizzard Samurai). It’s where time works differently. It’s an icy place where there are a race of people called the Formlings and that Hulk-from-Marvel-sized yeti named Krag. Plus, Zane got trapped there and then turned into the evil Ice Emperor. 

10. The Departed Realm - That’s where dead people in general go. 


Now, we don’t know about the other six realms. We can make theories about and hopefully they can come true. They could be other Lego themes, like Legends of Chima. In my theories, these realms would be:

1. Nexo Knights - people in there kept calling their home “Realm”. Talk about a suspicious key word. 

2. Lego Power Miners/Lego Atlantis/Lego Pharaoh’s Quest/Lego Alien Conquest/Lego Dino Attack in 2012 - Well, one of Atlantis’ descriptions did say that one of the Atlantis search team’s member came from PM indirectly. That guy’s name is Brains. A Lego magazine in November 2011 did say that these themes share the same world.

3. Lego Monsters Fighters/Lego Galaxy Squad - Well, in a Lego magazine in 2012, when a vampire’s mansion from MF made a beam of light, it reached space and then got the attention of the bug-like aliens from GS.

4. Lego Alien Conquest - Well, the aliens’ home world.

5. Lego Galaxy Squad - Well, the bug-like aliens’ home world. 
6. Monkie Kid - That new theme in this year. It could be one of the Realms. 


So, there. What do you think? What theories do you have in mind? Well, I believe that Ninjago’s Season 13 in summer 2020 would reveal a Realm because it shows living skeletons and goblins. Plus, I think that Ninjago is developing a shared TV universe, like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Flash-Arrow TV universe.

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I like Lego, Bionicle, and Hero Factory!:)

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Having Bionicle/Hero Factory be a realm within the Ninjago universe would be like a dream come true for many of us... I would love to see that at some point.

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There are several reasons I'm generally opposed to assuming that the other Lego themes could always be "realms":

  1. The fact that it would rule out future original realms (truth be told, if I had been one of the writers of the story (I probably wouldn't have numbered them in the first place to avoid locking the story out of future possibilities). Ninjago hasn't yet finished telling all the stories it can tell, so I feel like filling out all the extra "slots" for realms with past Lego themes, many of which are unlikely to be revisited, would be a waste of potential.
  2. The fact that tying themes together into a tangled multiverse creates more issues than opportunities. Most Lego "crossovers" have adhered mostly to their own internal rules rather than establishing a coherent multiverse, which is why I tend to treat things like Clutch Powers' cameo in Ninjago or the Ninjago cameos in Lego Universe, Lego Dimensions, and The Lego Movie as independent of that—otherwise you end up with overlapping crossovers all with their own contradictory rules about how they interact with and affect one another. This is also a reason why I don't really feel like a theme like Bionicle, which has its own complicated multiverse with its own entirely different set of rules, would make sense as an individual realm connected to Ninjago.
  3. The fact that several themes very specifically take place in a version of "our world", which I feel doesn't fit with Ninjago or Chima's wholly invented world. This is mostly a personal preference, but it's a strong one. For instance, Hidden Side very explicitly takes place in the American South, and Jack Davids is originally from Boston. And Monkie Kid's story is a sequel to a classic Chinese story explicitly set in China, albeit a highly folkloric version of it—I think it would feel insensitive to take that and fold it into a corner of Ninjago's established fictional multiverse. And of course, even Pharaoh's Quest takes place in Egypt.
  4. This is a little more shaky as far as preference goes, but I really feel like it's easier to visualize Ninjago's other realms also being minifigure-based themes. As big a fan as I am of themes like Bionicle, Friends, and Elves, I feel like their visual identity would be a really dramatic break from the Ninjago-specific realms or even a theme like Chima.

Of the themes you mention, a theme like Nexo Knights that also takes place in an invented universe and also uses minifigure characters seems like it'd be the strongest case for being a realm alongside Chima and Ninjago (though I doubt its use of "realm" in the story had any deeper meaning than medieval-esque jargon). I'm less convinced by some of the others, which feel like more of a stretch or like they would complicate things without meaningfully enhancing the story of either theme. For those I think any crossovers would be better approached with a looser set of rules like that of the Lego cinematic universe or Lego Dimensions.

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I have to agree with the idea that most of the other realms probably represent more elements or ideas rather than LEGO themes. Especially considering only 1 of the currently known realms is a crossover realm.

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