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Anime General Thread (Official)

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#1721 Offline Hodor

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Posted Apr 17 2015 - 05:43 AM

TBH I'm just one of those people who really liked EVA when it was a funny mecha show with some really good battles, post-apocalyptic undertones, and a good deal of symbolism. The ending really just lacked the action and humor that I came to love throughout the series, and to me replacing all that with a mentally interesting but otherwise boring therapy session was the real mindscrew. (Of course all the meta stuff was too, while I was first watching it when I was 14 or so)

Also I'm one of those people who likes the idea of Death & Rebirth > End of Evangelion > Last episode. That timeline at least made EoE and the last episode a bit more tolerable for me plotwise.

Honestly, agreed. Evangelion is really interesting in terms of themes, and solid all around but the characters aren't exactly three-dimensional. If anything, they're fairly 2D.


They're all rather obvious takes on various psychosis- Shinji is depressed, Asuka is depressed and has an inferiority complex (and possibly BPD), Rei is emotionally repressed, Gendo is a sociopath, and so on. It's easier to count the characters who aren't mentally screwed (Fuyuts- no...) than anything  They're relatable, yes, but they're basic. I also completely understand why people can't get into EVA because of the characters.


When they're botched in anyway, they're extremely prone to the Seven Deadly Words. 'I don't care about these people'. It's a big reason why 3.33 is awful- they completely toss out the setting, the characters are unlikable and hostile (albeit very justified), there's little connection to the last movie, the plot elements introduced are just stupid, and so on. They give you absolutely no reason to care about these people, and the narrative only really makes sense if you're already a fan of EVA and get all the little references and allusions to the TV series.


And are enough of a fan to get all of the strange, strange things with Kaworu seemingly referencing the past incarnations of the story and Super Robot Wars.


I guess it's part of why RahXephon arguably does better with the shared plot elements. Evangelion is a mess pacing-wise because Anno completely threw out the plot outline somewhere by the time they were writing. RahXephon was outlined beforehand, and stuck to it.


Yeah, it seems like an absolute mindscrew the first time around, but upon a rewatch, it makes perfect sense. It plays with the whole 2deep4u schtick and then comes clean, because it literally foreshadows everything from day one. Everything makes sense and the tonal shifts aren't nearly as bad as Eva's, since it's always a slow series with a surreal, dream-like atmosphere. You get to know the characters and their quirks a lot better because of this, which makes it easier to relate to them. It also makes the emotional moments of the series much more of a punch to the gut.


Albeit it's harder to grasp the plot because of how dense RahXephon can get (watch it AT LEAST twice). Trade offs, I guess.

Edited by Hodor, Apr 17 2015 - 05:46 AM.

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#1722 Offline I-AM-YOUR-LORD

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Posted Apr 17 2015 - 11:56 PM

The Spring season is fully underway now and I've managed to catch up on most everything I'm planning to watch (I'm an episode behind on Punchline). Ranking them would be...



2.Mikagura School Suite

3.Ore Monogatari!!

4.The Heroic Legend of Arslan


6.I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying 2

7.Ninja Slayer from Animation

8.Seraph of the End

9.Rainy Cocoa


So, big surprise, Nisekoi is as fun as it ever was. I'm not a big fan of the opening but the endings so far are good, first episode was hilarious, didn't like the second as much (don't find Paula's character very interesting) but all in all a fun, energetic experience, as always. Shame : is only going to be 12 episodes!


Mikagura was a pleasant surprise. The atmosphere is great, the main character is fun and gives the entire show a lot of energy and humor. The setting reminds me a lot of Medaka Box and the character design is solid. It's all fun and gay as heck, I'm really enjoying it.


Ore Monogatari!! is fantastic. Great animation, character design, music, characterization...it's really charming and fun, and I think it's going to end up being one of the best romances I've seen. Hopefully the misunderstandings get cleared quickly though, I have enough frustration from romcom misunderstandings from Nisekoi already.


(Yamato's voice is a little too high)


Arslan is alright thus far. Character design is solid, music is good. Still in the beginning stages of the series so there's nothing too engaging going on, but I think once the plot starts it'll be a lot more interesting.


Punchline I'll have to watch a little more of to have a proper opinion, but from the first episode, it's...ok? Character design is good, premise is good and ridiculous, animation is fine, voice acting is good, humor is ok, the whole thing is colorful, music is nice...it's got the makings of a decent series, but the first episode was very awkwardly structured. Hopefully it comes together soon. Considering who is writing it, though, I have some degree of expectations...


I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying is the same as it was last time. Short, amusing...and, that's about it. Seems they upped the anime references this time around, which is something I have no real opinion of.


Ninja Slayer ended up being Inferno Cop 2.0 after all. I always vaguely expected that'd be the case, but I admit I wasn't exactly hoping for it. I didn't really enjoy Inferno Cop. Ninja Slayer...well, I don't even know. It has more going for it than IC, since it includes bits of actual animation, and some stuff is funny (the police brutality scene is top notch). But yeah, I don't know.


Seraph of the End...I shouldn't judge it so much from just 2 episodes, but dang, this is one generic anime. Character design is nothing, setting is...I don't even know. Pseudo-post-apocalyptic, has vampires, school...? Eh. Poorly built up and paced tragic backstory was boring, whole thing is kind of predictable and none of the emotional cues they've doled have actually hit. I don't even know what they were doing setting up a traumatic past for the mc in episode one and then trying to resolve that the very next episode. Come on. Hopefully it gets a lot better.


The first half of the opening is really awesome, but I really don't like the rest. I think it's the first time I see an op that divides my opinion so.

(the lyrics are dumb in the whole thing)


Rainy Cocoa is weekly one minute and thirty second doses of absolutely jack squat. That's all there really is to say about it.

Edited by I-AM-YOUR-LORD, Apr 17 2015 - 11:59 PM.

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#1723 Online Terminus

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  • 10-July 07
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Posted Apr 19 2015 - 12:10 AM

I really need to get around to RahXephon. It's at least on Amazon Prime, so it's easily available to me, I might try and watch it when I can. I already have far too much on my list of things to watch/finish (including the second half of the second season of Code Geass, which I've somehow been putting off for months now) to really start any new non-simulcasting shows.

Anyways, on Eva- if there's anythingEva is good at, it's ditching it's plot for something else at the most important time. 3.33 was really important because it's the penultimate rebuild movie that would lead into Final. Then we got the timeskip (which I really wouldn't mind, were the rest of the movie handled better), hype surrounding two new characters (who really served no purpose, period) right around the time the movie hit theaters, no more development for Mari (again, another useless character introduced in the movies who I just can't care about), and then something like an hour of Shinji x Kaworu fanservice. IMO the only good things to come out of that movie were some of the redesigns (specify the Evas and Asuka's red & white plugsuit) and Kaworu's death (because if you already didn't like him, then watching
made the hour before kinda worth it), and then there was also some good mecha action but that doesn't really make or break the plot. It's also very much middle ground for the series as content goes, it wasn't as psychological as the later episodes, nor generally straightforward as earlier parts, so yeah, more problems there. If there's one thing the spinoff manga series (I've read Campus Apocalypse and The Shinji Ikari Raising Project) are good at, it's staying consistent throughout their runs, unlike main Eva.

And this season. Overall, not too bad:
1. Fate/stay night UBW
2. Nisekoi:
3. Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon (DanMachi)
4. The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan
5. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches
6. I Can't Understand What my Husband is Saying 2
7. Seraph of the End
8. Triage X
9. Ninja Slayer

F/SN is doing really well with the original material over the past couple weeks. It kinda made me hope that they might change the moment I inevitably knew was coming, but... Nope. This is still the UBW storyline, and they're sticking with it. At least I know the next season of Prisma Illya is airing next season...

Paula's introduction in Nisekoi was a pretty good show of how entertaining this series can be even when it's not focusing on the usual main cast. It's also a reminder that the underclassmen exist, because at the current point in the manga, the only one who really ever appears is Haru (who has only showed up in the OP so far), and I kinda forgot Paula and other girl in the OP exist.

DanMachi is probably the biggest surprise of the season for me- the first novel has been fully adapted in the first three episodes, and it's an all-around improvement. If nothing else, the fact that the novel's bad writing style doesn't really carry over into animation is an improvement in itself, and it lets me get into other parts of the series more, and the RPG-like setting is much more tolerable when "THIS IS AN RPG!!!" isn't constantly being crammed down your throat.

Nagato Yuki-chan is a nice, quiet little slice-of-life show... And then Haruhi showed up, and things got crazy (albeit with no espers, time-travelers, or aliens this time). It's definitely doing a pretty good job of adapting the manga, IMO, both visually and plotwise.

Yamada was pretty good, it's the second time I've seen the body-swapping thing in anime (haven't seen any since Kokoro Connect a few years ago), and once again I enjoyed the concept and execution. It also gets bonus points for being one of the only series to ever get me to start yelling at my TV (when Yamada had switched bodies and was confronted by the bullies, "Deck them. DECK THEM!" Because I know he could. And it was so satisfying when he snapped.).

I Can't Understand What My Husband is Saying is still 3 minutes of funny with a kinda loose overarching story and not much else to say about it. Pretty much just what I was expecting after the first season.

Seraph is pretty decent, although I'm not really a fan of the color palette- the lime greens are a bit too lime green, and everything is just a tad bright for my tastes. Still, it at least holds up nicely in the animation department, so I guess things kinda balance out. So far it's been a pretty faithful adaptation of the manga, but I wonder how it'll go in later episodes.

Triage X started out good enough to get me interested- so much so that I've now read about half of the manga, and I've really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I'm now familiar with the source material and have it really fresh in my mind- and while the first episode was a good adaptation, the second was not as much. The second episode adapted the entire second arc, which is twice as long as the first. The first arc was just short enough to fit into a single episode fine, but so much actual, important plot was cut from the second arc to fit it into a single episode that it really didn't hold together well at all.

And lastly, there's Ninja Slayer. There's some neat animation to be had here, somewhere between the mess of moving cardboard cutouts that comprised 90% of the episode. I really wasn't hoping for this, as Inferno Cop really was not my thing, and the cardboard cutouts plus neon explosion, along with the comedy that really didn't do it for me... Feeling like this one's gonna be a dud.

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#1724 Offline I-AM-YOUR-LORD

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Posted Apr 19 2015 - 05:54 PM

Well, technically Paula, Haru and Yuu have shown up in the anime before...but only in the third OVA, so that's...kind of out of chronology, not that it makes much of a difference.

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#1725 Online Terminus

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  • 10-July 07
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Posted Apr 19 2015 - 06:15 PM

I completely forgot about the Nisekoi OVAs, mainly because they aren't on Crunchyroll, and I pretty much completely left the fansub scene once I became a premium member there. I saw the fist one shortly after it came out, gonna have to check out the other two soon.
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3DS Friend Code: 4811-7119-1466 / PSN ID: khsora546 / Nintendo Network: Terminus2495 / FFXIV: Stella Iris (Famfrit) / PM Me to add me
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#1726 Offline LockmanCapulet

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  • 20-October 12
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Posted Apr 21 2015 - 10:16 AM

Alright, thoughts on this season so far. In no particular order, I'm following:


1. Heroic Legend of Arslan

2. Ultimate Otaku Teacher

3. Gunslinger Stratos

4. Mikagura School Suite

5. Plastic Memories

6. My Love Story!!

7. Re-Kan!

8. Seraph of the End

9. Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

10. Sound! Euphonium


Arslan's pretty cool so far. They've sowed some good plot seeds, and animation is top notch. No reason to think it'll go south yet.


Ultimate Otaku Teacher is plenty of fun! I'm kind of surprised where they've taken this premise so far. I'm also enjoying all the nods to other anime series, especially throughout the Akihabara scenes (just last episode I spotted posters for Nanana's Buried Treasure and Sword Art Online).


Gunslinger Stratos is clearly a video game series, through and through. The premise is interesting, but it remains to be seen if it'll deliver.


Mikagura School Suite is pretty fun! The battles are silly and exciting, and I love the music too. (I guess I have a thing for anime based on Vocaloid series-- first Mekaku City Actors, now this.)


Plastic Memories is shaping up to be one of this season's best-- a lot of the background characters are walking tropes, but the two main characters are interesting, and the individual "recovery" vignettes are compelling. Reminds me a lot of Death Parade! Which is a good sign.


My Love Story is hitting all the bases! Another of this season's best. Shoujo done absolutely right.


Re-Kan is nice, I guess. Nothing special, but a lot of the ghost gags are clever. I particularly liked the roll-call samurai.


Seraph of the End... it's... there, I guess. Not bad I suppose. Just... kinda generic.


Ohh man, the new Knights of Sidonia season is so good so far! Love the plotlines they've introduced. The animation quality has improved too. I especially like the new character introduced toward the end of the first episode.


In terms of animation, Sound! Euphonium has possibly the best this season. The story is pretty good too, and I hope we get some good musical numbers too!


Also, I just got an alert that my package has arrived-- I got the Sword Art Online Vol. 4 and The Devil is a Part-Timer Vol. 1 light novels! I'm off to pick those up!

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#1727 Offline I-AM-YOUR-LORD

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Posted Apr 22 2015 - 02:42 AM

I finished watching Wooser's Hand to Mouth Life last night. The second season was better than the first, but just, barely. Mainly I blame Darth Wooser? And some other stuff. ED was pretty nice I guess. And I suppose I got one amazing wallpaper out of it so that's cool. All in all it was pretty mediocre still, just a couple of chuckles here and there, guess the final episode was ok? Anyway, if the trend of slow improvement continues, season 3 this summer should be almost ok.


Also I got through Another finally. It's really the first horror anime I've watched (though I have seen some others with horror elements? Like, Elfen Lied at the least. Does Parasyte count? Probably not.) and to my surprise I actually ended up enjoying it quite a lot in the end. The last 3 or so episodes really got me engaged and episode 11 in particular was just. Bonkers. I think this is the first time I've really even begun to understand the appeal of the horror genre. Anyway, yeah, it was pretty good. The OVA was also pretty alright, the kamikaze bird fakeout was...I don't know? Funny, trollish, brilliant, sad? It was something. Whole thing was kind of sad. Good, though.


Also I started reading Oyasumi Punpun and I'm like a dozen chapters in and it's...I don't even know how to describe it properly honestly. this mangaka has a really interesting style both as far as the art and the writing is concerned, I'm not sure how much I'm liking it (loved his Dead Dead Demon's Dededededestruction, which has raised my expectations) but it's interesting as heck.

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#1728 Offline Ektris

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Posted Apr 22 2015 - 02:09 PM

Rather disappointed Digimon Adventure Tri appears to not actually be airing spring as was originally guessed. The next announcement is coming in spring? We didn't need an announcement for the announcement, Toei! >_<


Unlimited Blade Works has picked up where it left off wonderfully. The references to Zero and just continuinity overall have been so fun to see.


And I'm quite pleased with the pacing Yamada has had so far. It was my biggest worry after learning it would be so short and yet they were advertising all of the witches already (even though that takes a really, really long time in the manga). It's still entirely possible for them to rush the plot and just resolve all of them magically in one episode, of course... But for now, it's exactly what I wanted.



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E-T... Phone home.

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#1729 Offline I-AM-YOUR-LORD

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Posted Apr 24 2015 - 12:55 AM

Yeah,the delay on Tri is pretty disappointing! People are speculating that it'll start once DBZ Kai ends, since apparently that's taking up Digimon's old timeslot. Which could take a month or two, apparently. I guess I don't mind a delay as long as they don't pull a Crystal on us. I really can't wait for Tri, man...


Anyway, ohhh boy Ore Monogatari!! is just too good. We do not deserve it. Great characters, lots of progress in just the first three episodes, and it's a blast to watch. If it keeps this up it'll end up one of the best things I've ever watched. I swear, it's getting there.

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