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Nuva vs. Inika?

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#41 Offline fishers64

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Posted Oct 23 2012 - 11:43 AM

Do Toa lose access to collected masks if they are too far away?

I think the question is would Toa lose access to collected masks if they are outside of the MU which their suva are in?


3a)Can Toa who have a Suva access it when outside the MU?

3) The GBs built the Suva, and no, you cannot access them from outside the MU. The Toa would need to relocate them to use them now.

That's from 2010. The same principle still applies here IMO. The Nuva were outside the MU during 2006. The Suva were inside. No worky. On Mata Nui, both Toa and Suva were outside, so they worked. If the Toa relocated the Suva outside now, they would work.So that means that there is a shield in the robot hull that prevents Suva signals from getting through. And we are getting off topic. But hopefully that should answer the question.* * *It's possible that being without Suva on Voya Nui might have contributed to the Nuva's weakness. :shrugs:

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#42 Offline Extractor

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Posted Oct 23 2012 - 03:45 PM

As some of you stated already, I think it had to do more of the creators of Bionicle wanted the Inika to be the 'heroes' of this era. But as for a more lorishanswer, perhaps it was because the Nuva simply weren't designed to face the Piraka. Body size/structure, weapons. Maybe?
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#43 Offline UltToaNovaJoshNova

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Posted Dec 07 2012 - 08:23 PM

they are both super powered toa but it is strange because the nuva are more experianced 

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#44 Offline The Lord Of Wednesday

The Lord Of Wednesday
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Posted Dec 07 2012 - 09:05 PM

One other thing is the sheer tactical ability the Piraka had - they had fought and killed Toa for tens of thousands of years, from veterans to novices. They knew pretty much exactly what the Toa could do, and in contrast the Nuva knew nothing about Skakdi.However, the Piraka had never faced Toa who had lightning mixed with their main element - they also underestimated the tactical ability of the Inika.


[color=#008000;]One might also want to point out that, while the Inika had little experience as toa, they did have experience as warriors/soldiers.[/color]


[color=#008000;]Take Jaller, for example, as a matoran he managed to hold his own against rahi, bohrok, and even managed to rob a bohrok-kal of it's krana, it would make sense that his experience would carry over, and maybe some of his hand-to-hand abilities and thinking on his feet fighting styles that he had to use as a matoran.[/color]

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#45 Online Black Six

Black Six
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Posted Dec 07 2012 - 10:29 PM

Revival.Thread closed.
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