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  1. Who doesn't? The person below me takes medication for something.
  2. Alright, my GT is Exodus 2002, but mention in your invite that it is [your username] from BZP. Also mention your GT here if I do not have it already.
  3. Hi all, I know I have not been here in a while, but I wanted to say that if we want to do another game night, I just ordered an HD PVR 2, and wouldn't mind recording it. Amazon says it should be here on Dec. 27th, but I am not sure. Either way a game night still sounds fun if anyone wants to do it sometime.
  4. Unfortunately I would not be able to do it friday regardless because I am busy that day.
  5. Alright guys, I got a capture card (non-HD) and I wouldn't mind having a game night to record some of the footage.
  6. One of my all time favorite games, and I do hope that someday we will get a proper third installment now the BioWare is working on their own Star Wars project. I was somewhat disappointed with SWTOR.
  7. Okay guys we are online for a game night on Xbox Live right now, so if you see this then come one and join the party.
  8. It can be filled with game night invites, but to answer you question I looked it up and it does not appear to discount you if you happen to save and quit. Though I am not 100% sure as I have not attempted this myself and it is hear-say. Hope it helps, and is true.
  9. Assuming this is about a physical book vs a digital copy, then I agree with you, I prefer to own the book physically.
  10. I love that picture, I recall a video series doing a similar thing.
  11. I know this does not help, but usually my nighttime thoughts are along the lines of "Wow it's late, remember all that scary you looked up earlier? I certainly do!" Says the brain, replaying all of it at once.
  12. Mind if I join in? This is for this friday right? I miss our game nights. Assuming it is still on then what time?
  13. Nope. The person below me knows what my name refers to.
  14. I have not tried that. On an off note, as an American, I kind of wish that we would get more British roadsters or hot-hatchbacks. Now I know that some British roadsters are here but they are all for people who have a lot of money one them (as much as I would love a Jaguar F-Type, I don't have the roughly 80 Grand or so).
  15. Not really. The person below me is interested in abandoned locations or isolated areas.
  16. I have been playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 on steam, very fun.
  17. I disagree, I liked the teaser, and actually I hope you can wear the cloak in game because the idea of going around looking like a gun toting armored technomage would be awesome, at least to me.
  18. 3/5 it feels kind of average to me, though I will put it slightly higher for not being yet another uninspired song about relationships. Solstice (ft. Sidonie Bishop) - Evening Star.
  19. Thankfully no. The person below me has read some sort of mythological text.
  20. I am not sure, personally the Mazda 6 on it's own does not really appeal to me (not that I hate it), though the styling is cool. I would prefer to get a Mazdaspeed6 if I had to get one, but that is just me.
  21. If possible I would want to try and get something like a Scion FR-S for my first car, if not then I will probably try and get a second hand BMW.
  22. For those of us with Ipads, Knights Of The Old Republic is now available on the App Store. It cost $10.
  23. I typically keep most cars of mine stock, with the exception of a R32 (at least I think it was an R32) GTR which I upgraded because I did not meet the requirements for a race I needed and upgrading was cheaper. Currently I am saving up for a Shelby 1000.
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