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#1 Offline Phantom Terror

Phantom Terror
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Posted Mar 15 2013 - 02:45 PM

Yes, yes, I know. I've already started a topic for this MOC. But this is a more in-depth self-review of my MOC. With a back story!


[color=#ffd700;]Sandstorm is a brash, experienced warrior. He often leaps without looking, which lands him in sticky situations. Well, we might call them sticky, but he calls them training. He fights for what is right, if you consider "what is right" smashing your opponents into scrap metal. Even though he is hard-headed and strong beyond belief on the outside, inside he is just a gentle giant.[/color]

Posted Image



this is my seventh MOC since joining BZP. He was a lot of fun to build, especially the disc canon and the torso. He is very sturdy, and even though the canon was HUGE, he can heft it with ease and pose with it. And, if the canon isn't fun enough already. It can come completely off by pulling out two pegs from underneath the arm. The spear I feel I could've done better on. Even though having the two mahri Hewkii blades together like this looks cool. It looks kind of bland. This is my first BIONICLE MOC with a hydraulics system incorporated with it. I got the inspiration for his upper legs from Hydraxon and modified them a little, the lower leg design is basically Keetongu's. The arms are a simple build, and I couldn't find any armor that would work with the arms. So I finally said (theoretically) "what the heck." and slapped on two Mantax shoulder armor pieces. I was going for the Carapar armor, but I only have one of those pieces. His body may look complicated (in my eyes at least), but when you remove all of the armor, it's really simple. Finally, the feet. They don't go well with the color scheme, but I didn't have any Keetorange feet (did LEGO even make any?). And those feet worked with my design.


Back story


Sandstorm started out as a Matoran, like any other Toa. But unlike most, whose lives were filled with knowledge, exploration, and regular everyday stuff. His life was as a back-alley adventurer of danger. Always on the lookout for a job that would get him cold hard money. Be it clean or not. He was often hunted by the Vahki. he was caught once. But, because of luck, he got away. He took a job one day for an old coot who lived on the outskirts of Po-Metru. He handed him an orange stone with a soft glow, and told him to take it to the Toa Suva for a friend to pick up. When he got there, Vahki were everywhere. He had to employ stealth to get inside. But it didn't work out so well. As much as he hated going underground, he had to. He almost got his head bitten off by a Tarakava in the process. Once he was inside, he dropped the stone where he was told to, and when he was about to leave, Vahki swarmed in. Sandstorm had no choice but to see what that mysterious stone could do. He quickly threw it into the Toa Suva and ducked for cover, thinking that it would explode. But, nothing had happened. Yet. He was caught by the Vahki and got thrown into jail for breaking and entering, and countless other crimes that he had committed. One day, when he was cursing Mata Nui for putting him in a place like this, a bolt of lightning streaked though the only window on the wall. Sandstorm tried to dodge, but the lightning followed him wherever he went. He finally gave up and allowed himself to be hit by the lightning and felt himself growing larger and stronger. Once the changes had finished, he looked down at his new Toa form, thanked Mata Nui, and burst through a newly made hole in the wall.


Hope you all enjoyed! As always, I am open to any C&C. I will be  working on an epic "The Adventures of Sandstorm". A three part epic.


[color=rgb(40,40,40);font-family:helvetica, arial, sans-serif;]Photostream: [/color]http://www.flickr.co...s/93719765@N05/

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#2 Offline TechnicRage

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Posted Mar 15 2013 - 05:35 PM

I love the bulky look of him and the colour scheme, though the orange feet are annoying me. Might be my OCD kicking in, but by the look of it, it seems you have Mata Nui (or the Skopio).

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#3 Offline Phantom Terror

Phantom Terror
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  • 18-February 13
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Posted Mar 15 2013 - 05:51 PM

I love the bulky look of him and the colour scheme, though the orange feet are annoying me. Might be my OCD kicking in, but by the look of it, it seems you have Mata Nui (or the Skopio).

Actually, I don't have either. But thanks for sparking the memory of Mata Nui. He does have Keetorange feet. Why do you think I have the Skopio or Mata Nui?

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#4 Offline Tufi Piyufi

Tufi Piyufi
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Posted Mar 15 2013 - 06:11 PM

From the BBC Forum Rules

You may only post one topic for a MOC; posting multiple topics for the same MOC over any span of time is not allowed. You can post more than one MOC per topic, of course, but you may not post any additional topics for any of those MOCs if you do. As well, posting a new topic for a MOC that already has a topic is not allowed; for every extra topic you post for a MOC, you push somebody else's topic and MOC off the front page. Even if you only got a few or no posts in your original MOC topic, you can't repost it in hopes that more will see and post: you'll have to take your chances with your original.

Please read through the rules before posting again.Topic closed.

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