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I Win Pikmin 2!



I went through the Hole of Heroes and was able to get all but one treasure. The one treasure was held by a Man-at-Legs, which was a pain in the neck to fight because there was so much water on the field. I was forced to skip it and keep going.


The final boss, the Raging Long Legs, was easier and more fun to beat. After I beat it and took its treasure, I returned the next day (Pikmin time) with 100 blue Pikmin and returned to the floor with the Man-at-Legs. Even then it was hard to beat, but EVENTUALLY, after many soft-resets, I was able to beat it and get that last treasure! :D


Now I eagerly (and impatiently) await Pikmin 3 for the Wii U.


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Haha, rumor has it Louie secretly controls the Man-at-Legs' gun or something. Grats on the clear, too.


Also re: Waterwraith, it was just so beautifully unexpected when he dropped down that first time. I was all like NOOOOPE


So many blue Pikmin were lost.

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I learned the secret of soft-resetting so I actually have more blues than any other amount of Pikmin. They took up nearly half my army!


Apparently Louie ate the golden Pikpik carrot that "space bunny" apparently got to! HE'S to blame for Hocotate Freight's debt!

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