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The Lost Hobby






Most people seem to have forgotten the once-popular time-wasting activity of plastic model kit construction. My dad used to build them constantly back in the day, and he passed on the hobby to me over the years. I'e been doing it since I was 5, but obviously not with good results. :P


I mostly like to do various spacecraft (usually from Star Trek), but I've also got some planes and cars done/waiting to be started. Just felt like having an entry dedicated to it, and to put some of my work on here; it's one place I've never really thought to post models.


NSEA Protector (Galaxy Quest) (Most Recent; still needs decals)

Romulan Bird Of Prey (Star Trek: TOS)

Scale Collection of all Enterprise ships (except NX-01)

USS Kongo (Star Trek: TOS style) with really badly done ISS Exeter

USS Enterprise B (Star Trek VII)(First one I did on my own)

1953 Chevy Coupe




Saladin Class Kitbash (burnt for fun)

USS Excelsior (with USS Enterprise D)

USS Enterprise A (With TOS of the same scale made by my dad)


I still have a Piper bush plane, a Spitfire, a Stealth fighter, and the Jupiter II from Lost In Space that I've not yet started aswell.





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I suppose so, but they don't really involve all that much construction so you're missing half the fun. :P

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