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Free Agent!



So, it's been almost six years (!) since I started working for LEGO. Yesterday was my last day with the company. So now I can actually post on BZPower again!


I'll probably be posting some reminiscences about my life in Denmark, and what I found it to be like to work for one of the best companies in the world. A year and a half in Denmark, four and a half years back in the US, and frequent travel. It was really the most excellent job I've ever had, and the BIONICLE portion of it was by far the best.


Short answer to "why I'm not with LEGO anymore": the position was relocated to the East Coast, and for various personal reasons (family mostly) I decided not to relocate. So we parted on amicable terms, LEGO and I.


Obviously I won't be posting any confidential, non-public info about the company, or talking about future products or anything like that. Mostly just my experiences working there, the friends I made, and what it was like for me to be able to do things like take tours of the molding halls, packaging areas, and so on. I also recently moved, and discovered just how MUCH memorabilia I've collected in the last few years. I think it might be a good idea to take some pictures and share with people who'd be interested.


I was also thinking of doing an AMAA (ask me almost anything) thread later, when i have some time. I'll announce that later.


- Binkmeister


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Aahhh hi! When I saw your Facebook post about it, I didn't think about how this meant you'd be able to post again. Nice! Hearing about your time working for LEGO would be totally fantastic. :D

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Welcome back. :D Too bad I won't be able to pester you about LEGO.com anymore. :P Still great that you are here, and I look forward to some insights to your life at LEGO. :) Oh, and good luck finding a new fun job soon.


-Gata signoff.png

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East cost, you say? Hmmmmm. Tempting. :P


It's great to see you back, Bink. I do look forward to hearing about your experiences. :)

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I'd definitely love to hear some insights. Working over in Denmark must've been quite interesting.


Great to have you back!

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Sounds like an awesome experience, and the dream of any AFOL. It's a shame you couldn't continue with them, but also cool that you can post on BZP again. :)



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Haha, good to see you back 'round these parts.


You should do a Blogspot, like Christian Faber does. It'd be a fun read.

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Big man Bink! Welcome back, and sounds like you had a really great time, even up to the end. :)


Good luck with whatever endeavors you're pursuing now, and add me to the list of people interested in hearing a few stories.

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Pretty sad to hear you had to give up the dream, Kelly.


On the plus side, does that mean you'll be able to attend BrickCon all the way this year? :P

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Bink!! Welcome back!!! Just browsing the bloglist for the first time in quite a while and see your name. Think, "Hmm, I didn't know Bink was active on BZP..." :)


Definitely, pictures would be awesome. And, good luck with...whatever it is you're up to now.


Again, welcome back. :)

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I didn't realize it was that long ago you started working for LEGO. I guess now you're like the rest of us who don't work for LEGO either... except that you did.


Live the dream!


So now what?


©1984-2013 Toaraga EAM

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