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:kaukau: I would imagine that it wold be painful to use his laser vision, given that it's one of his most powerful abilities and one of the only things capable of hurting him is himself.


But what, if I may ask, did you find so painful. I'm trying to see the correlation between the title and the actual entry, and forgive me if the chain of thought seems a bit vague here. Did you pass a kidney stone? If so, then I completely understand your pain, having passed one myself. It isn't very pleasant.



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@ Bfa: Gryaaaaaaaghh!

(or something like that)

(I need to watch the trilogy again, it's been, like, a whole year)


@ Kraggh: I'll just repost what I said on Facebook.

Just got back from Superman.


I thought it was heavy handed, dull, relentless and noisy.


I need to watch something to refresh myself. I feel so drained.

And the fighting wasn't even interesting. It was just wearying. The world building was good, the acting was fine, but I felt like I was getting punched in the face with obvious symbolism (Superman is Jesus, guys!), pervasive product placement (how many people were in that Seven Eleven when it blew up?) and overdone effects (why didn't Superman try to take the fight away from Metropolis?)

Additionally, why did Zodd want Lois on his ship? She mentions something about them probing her mind, but nothing else. It's apparent they just needed to have her on the ship so Russel Crowe could tell her secrets and didn't know how to do it. But they just did it anyway.


The movie had some nice attributes but it never came together to make anything worthwhile or interesting and just became an irritating mess, in my opinion.

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:kaukau: Well, I guess you're more concise than my review. I hated the movie, too. I really wanted to like it, but so much of it was pointless, and there was no genuine emotion. I have no idea why Nolan was blown away with the story, because it feels so arbitrary. All of it. And the plot holes are huge are far less forgivable than anything that happened in the TDK trilogy. I mean, Lois was randomly appearing in all sorts of places to look relevant, but never really makes a difference. She was 100% Mary Sue. Yes, I'm dropping the MS-Bomb. Why did Zod need her? Why did Superman fall in love with her? And why did they choose that particular moment in Superman's story to fly? Wouldn't it have been cooler had they waited for a more emotionally significant moment, since that would have been far more powerful?


I can literally list something dumb for every minute of that film. No exaggeration I think I can do it if I just sit down with my sister and keep a pen, paper, and pause button at ready. It's on my to-do list when the movie comes out on DVD.



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Oh man, I love the RedLetterMedia review of it. I love RedLetterMedia everything.


I was afraid their review would poison me against it, but I ended up liking it even less than them, I think.

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