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Oh yeah. My Piraka Stronghold required two special orders of parts just to be able to build the dang thing. Turned out to be a terrible set, but I was blissfully unaware (read: ten years old) at the time.


Sumiki was 10 back when the Piraka Stronghold was released? Geez. It makes me realize that my mental image of the staff generally makes them out to be older than me (probably in part from having been on the site when I was young enough for the staff to have genuinely been older than me).




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I normally just place myself in the middle. There are lots of people here older than me (in some cases waaaay older), and there are lots of people younger than me (like, a lot). Whether or not they are staff is indeterminate.

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To be fair, I am older than you. And most other staff members too.

To be fair, we`re like the Statler and Woldorf of the staff.

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Wow...I just checked all the current Staff members' ages and it looks like Sumiki is in fact the youngest Staff Member.


I'm not even a legal adult yet. I'm practically a toddler on staff terms.

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