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Calling all Lego (particularly Chima) RPGers!



Okay folks! Here's the thing: the LEGO RPG forum is, shall we say, not exactly booming. So let's sit down and talk about something completely hypothetical here. You know, no reason to read into things too much, just a friendly chat.


Say, hypothetically, we wanted to hold a LEGO RPG contest, much like our better-known Bionicle ones. And say, hypothetically, it would be focused on, I dunno, let's say Chima. Chima sounds good.


In this completely implausible Chima RPG contest scenario - what would you, the LEGO RPG community, like to see? A straight contest, winner-designs-and-takes-all? Something more collaborative, maybe with multiple people working together to create an overall RPG setup?


By all means, I'd love to hear your pie-in-the-sky, definitely totally hypothetical comments, questions, or suggestions below!


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Zakaro has already suggested a Chima RPG, and here it is:

Legends of Chima:
The Forgotten Tales

In Chima, land of the animal tribes, there are many great tales and stories of strife, battle, and Speedorz. The most well known of those is the Great Story, the tale of the noble Legend Beasts that did not drink of the waters of Mt. Cavora and instead chose to leave Chima and live in the Outlands, never to be seen again...
But there are other legends that have been forgotten with the tides of time, traveler..
And this is but a few of them.

Welcome to Legends of Chima: The Forgotten Tales!
This RPG is set in Chima, before that thousand year peace which held Chima together until one power-hungry Crocodile decided to give her brother a little push into war... (I'm looking at you, Crooler. ;) )
Anyways, here you'll take on the role (s) of a warrior (or perhaps something more..) and fight for your Tribe, and Chima itself!
For Chima!
What's going on
Chima is at war. A fight between the Lions and Minority Alliance has broken out, with both claiming seemingly valid reasons to fight. The Lions feel that the Alliance goes against the rules of Chima as a whole, that more than one Tribe working together in close company isn't right. The Alliance reasons that they're all small Tribes, and so only together can they stand against the more powerful Tribes.
Both sides vie to gain the help of other Tribes, with most torn at the decision.
Which side will you choose?

Chima is a large place, with the terrain varying enormously in the area that it covers. Mountains, Jungles, Plains, Swamp, and Deserts. All apart of Chima.
**Map coming soon, suggestions for improving location descriptions accepted!**

Mt. Cavora: The name given to both the floating mountain from which the rivers of Chi flow and the mountain below from which it was ripped, Mt. Cavora is located in the direct middle of Chima. Respectively, the floating piece is "Ascended Cavora" and the lower "Shell of the Ascension". It's surrounded by the Plains of Chi and the Jungle Arm. Strangely enough, for whatever reason, Eagles and Ravons cannot fly within 25 feet of the Ascended Cavora. In fact, nothing can get within 25 feet without being shot backwards by an unknown force. The only thing that can actually touch it is Chi, which dissipates at the touch and flows into the Chi Falls.

Plains of Chi: A large plain that covers most of the northwestern half of Chima, with Mt. Cavora forming the lower right-hand corner. It wraps around Cavora until reaching the eastern side, where the Jungle Arm connects. From there, the Plains encompass the Lion Temple and lots, and lots, and lots of grass until reaching the Northern Mountains. This is where most Speedor races and jousts occur, with the Golden Chi Tournament taking place right in front of the Lion Temple, which lies on the southern face of Mt. Cavora.

The Jungles: Dominating the east and southeast are the Jungles of Chima, large and imposing. Home to many different Tribes such as the Wolves, Gorillas, Foxes, Skunks, and Bears, they're diverse and fruitful. The Jungle Arm is the unusual section that reaches out to touch the foot of Mt. Cavora, while the rest of the Jungles happily reside further away.

The Swamps: Land of the Crocodiles and a few Rhinos, the Swamps are mucky, gucky, and splucky. Luckily, that's just what the Crocs love. Located in the northeast between the Plains and Jungles, and fed by a small stream coming from Liku Lake, the Swamps are wet all year round. The Crocodile Fortress is built here.

Liku Lake: The main source of water in Chima, Liku Lake is the perfect place to have fun in the sun. ..And in the water too, of course. The Beavers prefer to live here. Located in the western side of Chima, the Plains thrive to its north and the Avian Spires feed it with runoff of rain and snow.

The Falling Forest and the Spikes: Two dangerous zones of Chima both in close proximity to one another. The Falling Forest is made up of very fragile trees; so fragile in fact that any sort of vehicle causes them to just fall down all around. The Spikes are dangerous because of the extensive cave systems beneath them, and the tendency of vehicles to fall into potholes and crash into the caverns, never coming back to light again.

The Avian Spires: Home to the Eagles and Ravens, these are very steep, thin mountains that point towards the sky. The air near their peaks is cold enough to form snow, but the slopes are so steep it all just slides down into the canyon systems below, which eventually feed into Liku Lake.

The Crags: Much like the Plains, but with many large rocks, all moss-covered, settled all over the area. A popular place to train with Speedorz because the crags and hill provide obstacles and ramps for Speedor riders. Located in the south of Chima.

The Quarry: A indentation into the earth where the Rhinos mine for gold, silver, and just plain rocks in general. Placed between the Crags and the Jungle.

What lies beyond: The Northern Mountains, The Great Desert, and The Outlands: Surronding most of the Northern Half of Chima, the Northern Mountains are large, impassible, forever snow-covered, and just plain not a good place to spend a day. The same goes for the Great Desert, which is hot, sandy, hot, dry, hot, barren-- have I mentioned hot? The Outlands are more of rumors than anything else, a place beyond the Desert and Mountains where the Legend Beasts live.

Even among the Tribes themselves there are divisions, sub-Tribes and combined-Tribes all together in Chima. Lions, Eagles, Wolves, Crocs, Ravens, Rhinos, Gorillas, Bears, Skunks, Beavers, and Foxes. Many to choose from, many to fight with.

They've made the rules, they're going to follow them. No matter what. Dispite this they can still have a good time as long as they're not breaking any rules to do so. Strict but peace-loving, the Lions constantly look for a diplomatic solution rather than to fight. However, as of now they feel that this new 'Minority Alliance' has gone too far over the line, and with refusals to talk war is the only option.
They're based in the Lion Temple, a grand structure at the southern foot of Mt. Cavora into which the Chi Falls flow. Their leader is either a King or a Queen, with their mate being a second in command. The firstborn child of the pair inherits the duties of a King or Queen when their parents die, although they can opt to hand the throne to another.

Smart yet absent-minded describes most Eagles in a nutshell. Given enough time, and space to write, they could figure out how to fling a single pebble and get a snowball to your hands, directly from the Northern Peaks. They're currently in debate over which side to support.
Based on the Eagle Spire in the Spires, with multiple nests on spires nearby. Lead by the Council of Eagles, who talk more than get things done. That's been fine until now, when action is needed. New Council-Eagles are chosen by election when one dies.

Always the ones to enjoy a good competition, the Crocs are one of two Tribes in Chima to spend a majority of their time in the water, and are proud of it. Actually, they're proud of anything and everything they do, really. They're also cunning, able to strike a good deal and negociate over fighting, unless influenced by a certain flower found in the Falling Forest.
Based in the Crocodile Palace, surronded by the Swamps, the Crocs are quite at home. Lead by a King and Queen, with roughly the same throne mechanics as the Lions.

They're pack animals, with most packs being able to reach the same decision without speaking within a couple of minutes. The 3-4 packs all live throughout the Jungle, they live seperate but have been known to come together to fight as a group. One notable thing is that their fur color often corresponds to their personality and skills: The darker, the stronger and more bad-tempered, the lighter, the kinder and faster.
Based all over the Jungles, walk around aimlessly long enough and you'll meet one. No garentees on the friendlyness, though.. Lead by Pack Leaders, with the position being switched off every so often through duals of various sorts to determine who is leader.

Sneaky, crafty, and silk-tounged, the Ravens are theives through and through. The more one steals, the higher-regarded they are and the less they have at home, as they're being stolen from while they're away. A few are gifted in math, which allows them to keep track of who's stealing more or less. The 'Theif of the Month' award is highly sought after, and rarely stays with the Raven it was given to.
Based on Raven's Peak in the Spires, the location provides a secure place to hide the things they steal. Often, stuff gets lost and so many Ravens just spend a day wandering the Spires around Raven's Peak looking for shiny things. Lead by a Grand Theif Master, who has shown great leadership, deal-making, and snatching skills.

The Minority Alliance: Gorillas, Bears, Rhinos, Skunks, Foxes and Beavers
Recently formed among the Tribes who are lesser-known and often only the size of one Wolf Pack, the Alliance was created to protect these smaller Tribes from being pushed over by the larger ones. The Lions, however, have protested, saying that this has made them too powerful and goes against the laws of Chima.
The Gorillas are hippies, the Bears sleepers, Rhinos miners, Skunks are just kinda there, Foxes doing the same as Skunks, and Beavers constructmen.
No true base, as they meet in each Tribe's base in a rotation. Led by a Council of Chiefs, who each lead their own sub-Tribe.

It never really got past hypothetical planning stages, though.

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Ah, I remember that thing.. yeah, it somewhat fell off the radar because honestly, it didn't seem like enough people were interested to having something apply.

However, I'd be more than happy to see any sort of contest take place. A collab would perhaps be more productive, almost, because the more people involved, the longer it'll stay active and happy.

Just my thoughts on it.


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So, now that the hypothetical is a little less -


Very cool to see there's already been an idea for an RPG.





Limits can encourage creativity (and/or furries)! And to be frank - I'm not anticipating this being all that 'limited', which is why I'm asking you all for ideas.


It sounds like people like the idea of a collab. How do you all think that would best be realized? Competing teams? Folks submitting ideas for different parts of the RPG, and people voting on/discussing which sound the most fun? Other, better ideas than these that aren't the result of a slightly sleep-deprived FA's ramblings?

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