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GREEN Machop?



I've heard rumours, and even seen a low-quality pic, of shiny Machop having changed from brown to green in ORAS. Has anyone else found a shiny Machop in ORAS and can prove if this true with higher-quality pics?


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This is how normal and shiny Machops have looked between Gens 1 and 5. ALL shiny Machop here are depicted as being brown or golden brown just like the Machop above. Not green.




This is the shiny Machop a friend of mine found. It may just be the quality of the photo but it looks green to me, far greener than any shiny Machop seen in the above pics, and far greener than the shiny Machop of X and Y, which used the exact same models.

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I think it's probably the picture quality, yeah. (and the colors looking a bit different in game anyway) The eye color also looks a bit iffy.


I mean, I don't really think they'd change the color, though I guess it's possible. It would be a really random change, though.

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Not sure if I'm allowed to double-comment in my own blog, but I just found this video. It reveals that Machop has not been changed to green, but a brighter shade of golden brown.


This entry will now close, but not deleted. I'll keep it in existence as a message to NEVER change it to green, lest incur my wrath.


To be continued...

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