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G2 Headcanons - Protectors



The thing I hate most about G2 is the complete lack of any backstory of the island. So far, the only story material we have are the brief blurbs on each Toa and Protector on Lego.com and the videos, which doesn't provide much. Of all of the villagers on all of Okoto, the only one with some hint of characterization is the Protector of Fire. This is precisely why everyone loves MNOLG so much. It gave a look into the lives of the everyday villagers, the ones who fished or sailed or sold or who could fight off the Rahi just fine without the Toa's help. The Toa weren't the only heroes of the story, fighting for some villagers smacked in only to have something to fight for.


So I've been thinking about it a bit in my course of drawing and building characters. What exactly could this character's personality be like? Let's start with the Protectors. Of course, this is all my own headcanon and is in no way official, but until we get something clearer, I'm treating it as canon. :P


Protectors: These elite villagers of Okoto are called to be guardians of their people and culture. Each Protector is chosen from the family of the previous, typically the first born, though special circumstances have occurred in the past. When the current Protector reaches a certain age, they select their successor and pass on their mask and weapons in a grand ceremony attended by the whole island. Their names are replaced by their title, a show of their commitment to leave their previous life and turn towards their people. Each mask was crafted from sacred materials by Ekimu himself, distinguishing them from the typical villager masks.


Protector of Fire: One of the most experienced Protectors, the Protector of Fire has seen much of the world. He has been fighting for his village for decades, always looking for the time when the Masters would come to liberate them forever. He has searched every prophesy and is filled with much ancient wisdom. In battle, he is fierce and unrelenting. His large frame is surprisingly agile, able to twist around enemy blows, yet deliver punishing strikes with his swords, just like his element.

His Mask of Fire was forged from crystals found in the heart of the Okoto volcanoes. It is rare to see one come to the surface of the lava, and rarer still to obtain it. It is said the very essence of fire is captured within those fractals, a power the Protector of Fire uses to great effect. His flame swords are mounted on swiveling handles, allowing him to twirl them around in combat to redouble the force of his strikes. A slow spin is usually enough to frighten away the creatures that lurk in the dark, but when Skull Spiders come to battle, they are met with the white-hot blades as they whirl in blazing tornadoes in his hands.


Protector of Earth: The eldest of the current Protectors, the Protector of Earth is brash and loud. His rumbling voice is often heard echoing through the caverns of the Earth Region. Despite his... rough personality, his devotion to his people is unquestionable. He is always at the forefront of every battle, blasting away with his chest cannon or shredding through opponents with his drill. When the village is at peace, he can often be found in the mines, digging away alongside his fellows.

The Protector of Earth's drill, armor, and mask are formed from the rarest of Okoto's gems, a hardy and lustrous purple stone found only in the deepest caverns. Some have questioned if they bury themselves there, pushing away from unworthy hands with powers of Earth. If his launcher ever runs out of energy, he has throwing knives in ready supply and has become quite adept at their use.


Protector of Stone: Though rarely seen in his home village, his skills with his staff are not to be questioned. Since the current Protector of Stone was instated, not a single Skull Spider has been seen within the village boundaries, though occasionally a villager will stumble upon an old carcass, killed in one blow with his deadly accuracy. When he can be found, he barely speaks, and only then in a hoarse whisper.

The Mask of Stone was forged from the purest sand caught in a rare phenomenon: arcs of pure energy that cut across the Stone Region's deserts. Perhaps it is caused by the heat, but many affirm it is some ancient magic of the land. His staff-mounted elemental sandstone blaster is effective at close and long range. The long energy prongs, formed of the same energy that created his mask, are able to slice through most substances, though he rarely needs to use them.


Protector of Ice: No one expected her sudden calling to be the next Protector of Ice, least of all herself. Even before taking on the mantle, she was shy and unsure of herself. Her aim with anything was shaky, her carving skills were cringe-worthy, and she couldn't seem to manage to get anywhere without falling on the ice. Her new responsibility has helped little. Though her new weapons make things slightly easier, she can't help but feel she was the worst possible villager for the job. Perhaps her purpose will only be apparent in time.

Truly, it is only her weapons that give her hope of success, for it is difficult to fail with enchanted ice at your side. Legends say the mask, ice blade, and shield appeared from the ice at Ekimu's approach. They are bitterly cold to the touch and show no signs of melting even after generations of use.


Protector of Jungle: The fastest gal in the land; Brynn was known as a messenger long before she took up the title of Protector of Jungle. She knows half the island like the back of her hand, and the other half well enough to get a message to anyone. Some of the other Protectors claim she shirks her duty to her people in favor of exploring the island or socializing, but whenever there is an attack, the Protector of Jungle is always there, appearing as if from the jungle itself.

Her Mask of Jungle is carved from the sacred wood of the Jungle Region's Spirit Trees. These great monoliths are said to twist the junglearound them, only allowing those who are worthy to approach. This same ability to control the greenery is contained in her mask, and its wise guidance whispers to her through the vines trailing from her form. Her bow, the weapon of every Protector of Jungle, at first appears to be merely a tangle of vines and thorns, but with the assistance of her power, it is able to fire straight and true with greater power than any crafted before or since.

(Yes, this was inspired by Bynn the Breaker from Bastion, as well as gk733 on DA)


Protector of Water: The newest of the current line of Protectors and by far the youngest. She almost seems too youthful and naive to possibly save anyone, but she has proven herself a prodigy in swimming and combat. Her new tools only enhance her already great skill. She would be a formidable force to reckon with if she could just stay focused. Far too many times she has swam off to explore the sea floor, only to return to find a battle had been fought and won without her. Though she is young, the people can only forgive her curiosity so many times.

On closer inspection, one would find her seemingly solid mask ripples softly. Its entire shape is formed by water, held together by some unknown power. The villagers had watched Ekimu as he walked through them wordlessly and stood at the shore as if waiting. Then, the Mask of Water washed up to him on a wave, and he handed it to the first Protector of Water. Her torpedo launcher and turbines pull her through the water at seemingly impossible speeds, and she had grown accustomed to using the new weapons.


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Notice, how only the protector of jungle has a name? :P


Very nice, but I'd love to see your take on how the Toa should be. I think they tracked way off of gen 1 when creating personalities. Sleepiness? really?

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Notice, how only the protector of jungle has a name? :P


Very nice, but I'd love to see your take on how the Toa should be. I think they tracked way off of gen 1 when creating personalities. Sleepiness? really?


Well, I wanted to just leave them all as "Protectors," but then I started calling the Protector of Jungle Brynn... and then I couldn't come up with anything else. In the story, I just rationalized it as everyone knowing her name before she became a Protector from her days as a messenger.


My take on the Toa would probably be pretty much exactly like G1, abolishing those ridiculous quirks that I've never liked. 

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I do have some other sort of head cannons for the protectors.


The Protector of Fire was actually from the Earth Village, before he left due to abuse. He then entered the nearest village, and was adopted by the leader, as all his other sons were greedy, and only wanted power. Since then, the Protector has served his village well, and now very few would question his ruling.


The eldest protector will train the next incoming protector for a year. This training includes firing a Gatling Gun, and other forms of fighting, but also politics, writing, history, and many other forms of advanced science and literature.


There used to be a celebration every year at the ancient city, before the fall of Makuta and Ekimu. This generally included gladiator style sparring, trading between all the villages, racing, and where the new protector would be announced if there was one.

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