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So a few days ago I made my 800th post even though I've been here since 2006. Which is like nine years.


whaaaaAaAaAAaat am i even doing


I need to get back on that, I guess. But I have the Stars Hau so that's cool. One more year until Hapori Tohu!


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Welcome to the "my post count sucks brigade" We all awkwardly lurk around and play games in CoT instead of contributing anything meaningful to the site.

CoT, eh? *slowly peers into the complex world of CoT games*


Excellence is found in few words. 


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I hear ya. I've been around nearly as long and just hit 700. But then, I disappeared for about three years, so perhaps I can be forgiven.



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My post count started rising for the first time in a long while when G&T posts started counting.


But even then it's still really slow.




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