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Childhood Bionicle Projects



When I was a kid, my family travelled a lot. I actually spent very little time in the States from '04 till '09, so I missed out on a lot of Bionicle - but I never forgot about it, and I missed it the entire time I was out of the country. In fact, the first thing I did when we returned to the US in 2006 was buy a Bionicle set (Hewkii Inika). I also managed to compile a massive collection of bulk parts, which I would haul around from country-to-country in an enormous hiker's backpack for years to come. Seriously, Bionicle was the only thing I cared about enough to carry with me (well, except for a few pairs of clothes).


Anyway, moving back a bit - when I was separated from the Bionicle fandom, I spent most of my time MOCing, but I also put together this little book that was my own Bionicle universe. I dug it out of the closet today and took some photos, which is what prompted me to write this. Though largely incomplete, it's got some cute drawings and stuff. Here it is - and please, I was like twelve years old when I wrote that, so sorry about the han...well, I still have terrible handwriting. Never mind.


Later, when I was going to school here in the US, I was fortunate to have a close friend who was also interested in Bionicle. We made these booklets out of composition notebooks which were supposed to be chronicles of Bionicle's lore. It's really just passages from the Bionicle Wikia that I copied down alongside some Bionicle images from comics/magazines/instructions/etc., so it's less exciting than the other one, but here it is if you want to thumb through it.


I've got a bunch of small mementos and such from Bionicle, and I'm glad I managed to hold on to them for so long. I've got no clue where I'll be years from now, or even months from now, but I hope I can keep my Bionicle stuff with me forever.

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When I was a child , I made my own in-my-head story that went on for like two years . it was about 3 kids named Chris, [Casey], and Bobert that spent their life killing Bionicles that turned into monsters because of Makuta and the devil....................................... yeah idk


Atleast now my new story is very interesting (to me, at least) and I cant wait to share it

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I used to do something similar with leaked images of the next year's sets, making pretty colorful booklets and gifting them to my other Bionicle obsessed friend so we could freak out together. Childhood is so precious

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Geez, this is like BS01 on hyper-nostalgia steroids. You've captured something I cannot possibly explain.


Never let these go.

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