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  1. *sips herbal bleach* mhm

  2. geez ... i'm still getting views and visits but i've been gone since ... since like ... since like since ... since ... since ... since ... since like ... since ...

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    2. Bonkle


      Join us once more.


      *maniacal laughter*

    3. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      thank you , @chelsea . and it's been like months .

    4. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      .... and it doesn't seem like i have a choice , @Terrorsaur >_>

  3. Forty one posts and two thousand profile views. Amazing.

    1. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      which is odd because i haven't been here for over a month ! but thank's for viewing pal

  4. hey guys ~ back for a quick sec . if you were ever so interested , i recommend you join the Bionicle Community on Google Plus . it's a lot of fun and i think you should try it .

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    2. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      2. it's very active and it's a place where typical social media and Bionicle can intertwine . if you have a Gmail , you automatically have Google Plus , in a way . this is the link [iT'S 100% FAMILY FRIENDLY WITH ACTIVE MODERATORS SO CALM DOWN .]



    3. Arzaki


      But only like 50 people in the world actually use Google+ and know how to use it.

    4. Ghidora131


      I have a friend who loos into the Google+ Bionicle group. He's not exactly bright, though

  5. k done with bzp . is deleting my pro' possible ?

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    2. Bonkle


      Aww, don't leave, man.

    3. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      meh it's the best for me , Bonks . I can't tame my sanity , and these interactions with members and mods wont help at all . even looking at some of these members triggers me . see what social media does to people ?

    4. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      so for the sake of my well-being , like someone said before , "i don't belong here" and "i should leave" . Find me in the Bionicle Community on Google Plus as "a jason" or "kaburimasu"

  6. pretending to be happy is hard , so i give up . no more mr. nice me .

  7. another Mata Kanohi Pack on it's way . can't wait to see what I get this time .

    1. Bonkle


      How much did it cost you? I'd love to get one or two but they're usually expensive.

    2. Kaburimasu 米
    3. Kaburimasu 米

      Kaburimasu 米

      They usually go for 50+

  8. Such a simple question , but believe it or not , deciding might be harder than it looks . I've been thinking about it for days and i still cannot figure out what was the hardest game for muh . Which is why I'm passing my suffer onto you . So what do you think is the hardest game you came across ? (i meant console/PC , but you can mention mobile games) *
  9. fresh start , or the continuation of an evelasting cycle

  10. Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one Anotha one
  11. Silver the Hedgehog got his pretty little hands on some fresh armor
  12. no christmas wishes from me

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