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Weird Pricing



I just checked LEGO's online shop and I have to say, I was honestly not expecting Umarak to be the same price as Onua and (presumably) Tahu at £14.99 considering he has 172 pieces.


Kopaka and Melum, on the other hand, are £19.99 and have 171 pieces. It's clear who has the better price/part ratio here. Onua has 143 pieces at £14.99. The other sets aren't on the UK LEGO Shop at the moment, but it seems weird the sets have more pieces and yet remained the same price.


I might as well post my general 2016 set thoughts now that we've got solid looks at them:


Let's start with the 'iconic' character, Tahu.


Tahu, I like him better than Kopaka. He looks decent, all right alone, and amazing with Ikir. However, alone there's something a bit off about him that I can't quite put my finger on. Though he does have one of the better creature combinations of the Toa, if not the best.


Onua, probably my favourite of the larger Toa. The transparent purple, gold, and black combo works so well. He really stands out amongst Kopaka and Tahu IMO.


Kopaka is the weakest of the larger Toa, and Melum is the weakest of the creatures. He's got a bit of random dark blue and what looks to be awkward upper arms, plus his leg armour should be silver instead of gold or his silver parts should be gold instead of silver.


Lewa's probably up with Onua as one of the more solid Toa. The green and silver go together well and the arms, despite being a bit different, aren't really awkward like Kopaka's. Plus, Lewa's mask is a solid improvement over what we got last year.


Gali, not sure how I feel about Gali. I feel like Gali's the plainest Toa this wave, the one that took the least risks (other than the orange parts). Don't really have a strong opinion on Gali.


Pohatu, I like. Some may not like the multiple colours but I like how it resembles rock layering, sort of, and I like what they did with the upper arms.


Umarak looks good, especially for £14.99 instead of £20.00.


I'm skipping the creatures because I like most of them with the exception of Melum. They all seem to do their job well. (Small set design has been amazing the past few years). Ikir and Uxar are pretty good, Terak and Akida are good, Ketar seems a bit meh and Melum is Terak, Uninteresting Edition. Tahu and Lewa have the best creature combinations, followed by Gali, followed by Onua and Kopaka, followed by Pohatu.


Recommended Comments

I'm incredibly surprised that Kopaka and Melum are £19.99. I thought they'd be the same price as Mask Maker vs Skull Grinder, what with them being the whole little and large concept a second time. I'm a little more interested in them now, I have to be honest now that I know they're £5 less than I feared they'd be. 


I did expect Umarak to be the same price as Tahu and Onua though. They have the same size box so it seemed right. 

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