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Hopefully you could tell from the title that this will contain spoilers about Star Wars: The Force Awakens.



So I just got home from watching The Force Awakens. My brother bought tickets for me and my younger brothers, a Christmas present I guess. :D


I actually had a much more enthusiastic Blog entry written, but one accidental Ctrl+R erased all that. So I'll just list some of my thoughts here:


-The movie was fantastic. Just absolutely positively fantastic.

-I loved, loved, loved the whole defective Stormtrooper thing with Finn. However, I wish that Finn had a harder time fleeing from the First Order, emotionally. He was just totally desperate to not be a part of it anymore, and it would have been much more interesting to see him struggle with it, feel conflicted, etc. Still, it was amazing to actually feel sympathy for the Stormtroopers. It made them seem like actual individuals.

-I loved all the throwbacks to the original movies, both big and small. Big things like Rey snooping around the Death Star (like Obi Wan), and using the Force to grab the lightsaber from the snow (like Luke and the Wampa). And little things, like the swiping transitions.

-Han's death was perfect. When Kylo Ren took off his helmet, and handed the lightsaber to Han, I was like, really disappointed, and thought they did a terrible job with the ending. Kylo just turned to the light side, there wasn't any struggle or anything, then...ZAP! Killed Han. Didn't see it coming at all, and it made Kylo Ren seem like a seriously evil villain.

-I felt terrible for poor Chewie, it would have been nice to see him rage some more about Han's death...but he did shoot Kylo Ren, and set off that detonator, so I guess I shouldn't complain. I just wish that was a slightly bigger moment.

-The wreckage from the Sith Wars was so freaking cool! The wrecked Star Destroyers, and especially the AT-AT that Rey was living in. Just awesome.

-The movie was fantastic. Just absolutely positively FANTASTIC!


Go watch it! I'll be seeing it again for sure, I did not expect to love it as much as I did. Star Wars!!!



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Sounds like J.J. Abrams is copy/pasting ideas yet again.

Have to agree with you for once.



The mentor dude dies, there's a Death Star thingy, R2/BB-8, etc.


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Sounds like J.J. Abrams is copy/pasting ideas yet again.

Have to agree with you for once.






Oh yes, the movie was very much a remake of A New Hope. Didn't bother me one bit though, I think it really worked, and the ending suggested that the next two movies will be very different. They're also being directed by different people. I think that The Force Awakens is a great segue into the new trilogy, and furthermore, the plot has never been the appeal of Star Wars to me personally. I disliked how needlessly complicated the prequels were compared to the original trilogy.


The new Death Star may have been taking it too far, though; the ending was pretty much exactly what we've seen before - hit the thing's weak spot and the whole thing blows up...


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Sounds like J.J. Abrams is copy/pasting ideas yet again.

Have to agree with you for once.









I blocked myself from certain things of the internet so hard so as to not be spoiled for this movie. I wanted to be completely surprised so that I could enjoy the movie.


Unfortunately, while it was a good film, I left disappointed. Part of the problem I think was how exhausted I was of seeing Star Wars stuff in the months before The Force Awakens came out. I was annoyed by Star Wars by the time I went to see it. Me, a huge fan of Star Wars!


As for the movie itself, here are some of my problems that left me disappointed: It was basically a reboot of A New Hope; I could tell Han was going to die, I wish it was more of a surprise; how powerful Rey was without any training or examples to go off of based on other present force users (I am hopeful that one of the sequels will give a Darth revan mind-wipe explanation); and the power-source of Starkiller Base: was it able to go to new star systems (like the Death Star) to charge up it's super-weapon, or did the First Order idiotically build a weapon that used up the very thing that sustains life on the planet?


But the main thing that killed it for me was the lackluster soundtrack (Star Wars is known for it's signature great music, and it was lacking in this film except tunes from the old movies), and the total lack of history/background. How am I supposed to care if those planets blew up if they were never mentioned beforehand, or understand that there is both a New Republic and a Resistance unless I ahve subtitle to catch every single one-mentioned word/detail? What, by looking it up online? That kills the movie-going experience. The future film makers have some explaining to do >in film< next time and better darn well do a good job on it otherwise I'll be lost again; At least the Prequels did that part right (even if they may have done too much). What little background we got saved the film in my eyes, and I eagerly await for more of the past to be revealed as well as see Kylo Ren's development (he's my favorite new character).


Due to my disappointment in Episode 7, my expectations for the next film are very high and I am afraid it may not live up to what I want.



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I agree with most all of your points, except that they didn't bother me like they bothered you. I guess I was too excited about the movie to be upset by anything, maybe in my second viewing they'll get to me.


There were a few things that were apparently explained in books related to the movie - who was that guy with the map piece in the beginning? How did the map come to be? What's the political situation? That did irritate me a little; it felt like I missed a movie between RotJ and TFA that might have explained everything.


I didn't mind how similar it was to ANH until the Starkiller Base was introduced. Yeah, it was a silly idea to do the Death Star again, only to have it destroyed at the end of the movie again.


Rey's power didn't bother me, though, I guess because that was all so ambiguous. If she's Luke's daughter, then maybe she didn't need training (I mean Luke didn't really, either - he just needed to be introduced to the Force). They made it pretty clear that she picked up her initial Force powers through Kylo Ren, when he was trying to read her mind.


The soundtrack was disappointing, though. I totally agree with you about that - even during the movie, I kept wishing the music gave a stronger impression.

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