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Definitely Serenity.


Or a Puddlejumper. A Puddlejumper would be fun. Maybe a Puddlejumper that I can park inside the cargobay of Serenity?

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Humanity's new home from the end of Interstellar, I could live peacefully like everyone else until the population reaches a new hospitable planet and colonizes it. Either that, or the Ebon Hawk: unlike the Millennium Falcon, it's cockpit is in the middle so it makes more sense logically, not to mention I know where every nook and cranny is.



I think I would go with the ship from the first Alien movie. Minus the alien, of course. It just looked super cozy.

THIS (without the xenomorph infestation).

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That Klingon ship from Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. 


It suits my rustic style. 

Good choice, plus the ability to go invisible would be nice for some quiet space voyages.

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