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An Eighteenth Random Question

Toa Smoke Monster


If you were to write a song, would you want it to be loved by the majority of people, become a classic as time went on, but not make any money off it at all, or would you want it to be hated by the majority of people, forgotten as time went on, but make millions of dollars off of it?


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Become a classic. Besides creating a song that could potentially define a generation, if I wanted to write more (money-making) music I doubt anyone would turn a record-smashing artist down.

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:kaukau: I'd like for it to become a classic as time went on.


Also, I'd love the same to be said of my conlangs, and my books.  It would be awesome if they became mandatory reading in high school classes, like To Kill A Mockingbird and Fahrenheit 451.  And if the conlangs could be taught in college, well, that would be great.



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