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Beating my own lay attempts years ago, someone figured out a way to extract all the musical fragments from BIONICLE: The Game and sewing them together to bring the most complete, well-composed and high-quality OST of the game available online:




The score includes fragments that have never been used in the actual game for one reason or another, like

amazing passage for Ta-Koro and
entire battle theme for Ga-Koro.


Credit goes out to Hexadecimal Mantis for extracting the music and That1Cactus for editing. Insane job, you guys.


I'll go ahead and also share the original Onua Nuva and Tahu Nuva tracks Bob & Barn were kind enough to share with me some years ago that I never got around to uploading—and while I'm at it, here's the entire thing I personally managed to put together:


DOWNLOAD! (23/32 edited tracks + 2 original tracks by Bob & Barn)


Enjoy the best score ever composed for BIONICLE!

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If you haven't caught them already, Hexadecimal Mantis has got a bunch of additional tracks on their channel:


Unused Gali puzzle theme


Older Bohrok-Kal battle track


Older Onu-Wahi tracks


Thanks for uploading those original tracks! They sound great.

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Yeah, I thoroughly examined Hexadecimal Mantis's channel. I couldn't believe someone had managed to get Kopaka Mata to walk to Ko-Kini. I tried everything in 2010 and couldn't kill the timer to save my life.


Good stuff.


A widescreen patch for The Game would be epic, too.

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