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Music Games



(Sorry I haven't updated this recently, but I joined Reddit recently and was reminded how much fun it is being on a active forum can be)


I like music. I like board games (both playing and making them). But, trying to make a board game involving music has always been a challenge for me.


-Music Questionnaires can be fun, except I only have three and they get old real fast, plus it's more a solitary activity than an actual game.

-Music Top Trumps is a real thing and card games are the easiest to make at home and I'll admit I have a draft for a set written up on my computer, but the "War" card game with cool pictures is only so much fun.

-Music Trivial Pursuit? Eh...

-Something I tried recently with my sister is I guess "Shazam!" the game. One of us plays a song and the other person has 25 seconds to guess what it is. After each song write, down the time and after ten songs each the person who has the lowest time is the winner. I'm this isn't some revolutionary thing, but we had fun.


That's all I got. Do any of those ideas sound interesting to you? Do you have any music games you play with your friends or game group?

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