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Ask Me Anything



Or considering the activity around here maybe I should call it an "Ask me nothing." Imma rite?


Anyway, my premier membership is almost up so I thought I should do at least one of these in my time on BZPower before it finally runs out.


So go ahead and ask me any questions you might have in the comments and I'll answer them when I can.


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What happened to the first seventeen JAGs?

JAG1 evolved into JAG2 who evolved into JAG3 who evolved into JAG4 who evolved into JAG5, etc.

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When will we see JAG19?

The same day we see Ash's Pikachu evolve into Raichu. 


Which isn't to say that I didn't consider changing to JAG19 a while back, but since I've made the name my internet identity it's a moot point now. 

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