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I've felt a great disturbance in the forums

Akaku: Master of Flight


As if millions of posts cried out in terror, and were suddenly discounted...


...Press F to pay respects to all the pre-dataclysm forum posts which were removed from our post counts in the board upgrade :(

Mine used to be around 2750, but has been reduced to a mere 310. How much did your post counts change? Some peoples post counts may actually be higher now, as all content like status updates and blog posts now counts towards it. Silver lining? :P

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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Yeah I'm one of the few who got boosted by this, since I joined at the tail end of the old forums, and I was very shy and hardly ever posted. It is kind of sad in a way that some people got their counts lowered and now we'll probably never see anyone reach the far upper ranks.

This whole situation makes me think back to the old days when BZP would offer post count increases as prizes in contests, or more recently, referral bonuses. Since manually upping post count is apparently impossible now, we'll probably never see anything like that again, not that we were going to have to resort to post count prizes any time soon anyway.

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I am honestly not sure how much I was affected by this. Although I am glad I didn't just imagine the number changing ^^'

Who knows if I'll ever reach 5000 posts, tbh. But quality over quantity, right? :D

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Mine jumped quite a bit. I was most active after the shift to the new forums in 2011, plus my activity in the blogs assisted with the new count.

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I went from 6K to 8K.  But I'd been at 6K for years; I just wasn't posting in the forums that upped the post count, and I was very active in the blogs.  So I'm frankly surprised my count is that high.

That said... we never lost any data in the blogs during the datapocalypse, unlike the years and years of posts.  So while current post counts only go back a few years, blog activity goes back to the very beginning of the blogs, so those of us who jumped in on that early and stayed active apparently had an advantage.

Still sad that so many people had significant reductions.  :(


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@Valendale  I think there's still a few BZPRPG people who still have incredibly high post counts. It does make me sad though, to look at the profiles of some very old content creators that left before the new forums, and see that it now looks like they never did anything :(

@Taka Nuvia I agree. I don't post often, but often I find myself putting a lot of thought into what I'm trying to say when I do.

@Edelgard Nice! I really should post more often/be more active in Blogs... I'm trying to be, anyways :P

@xccj Whoa, that really is a lot of Blog activity. I did notice that somehow blogs had survived the dataclysm; it proved useful when at one point I was trying to find sources for BBC contest results missing on the wayback machine.

--Akaku: Master of Flight

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