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Popular Le-Matoran advice columnist, Sanso, replies to a concerned citizen.

Dear Sanso
    Dear Sanso,
    Even though I’m an quick-running Ussal messenger with a High-Flyer level commute badge, I’ve heard whisper-talk that soon the Smelters will close all borders to their affiliated metrus, bar-none. What’s the point of having earned a High-Flyer badge if I can’t get into Ga-Metru to see the beautiful [name redacted] again? Any advice-help?
    Pining from the Ussal Pens
    Dear Pining,
    Never-worry. Even if the whisper-talk is true, it will be tough-hard for the firespitters to orchestrate a complete border-bar. With our sneak-smart control over the communication waves and transmissions of our entire city-home, they won’t be able to enforce a moratorium on transmetru travel. We have so many option-plans to mess them up - from imposing radio silence to sending fake message-casts. You and your golden Ga-Matoran have nothing to doubt-fear. And besides, even if something happens, what’s a little travel ban to a high-flyer like you? Be ever-daring! 
    Great Spirit’s Blessings!
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