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A Report From Texas



It's cold. 

In all seriousness, yeah the past few days have been hard.  My family lost power early Monday morning and we just got it back this morning.  It was a challenge, especially staying (sort of) warm and we're not out of it left (I need to keep this short 'cause we still need to conserve whatever power we can).  My last few days consisted of reading by day light, listening to music at night (had to save battery life), and whatever me and my sister could do to stay somewhat entertained.  I tried my best to be grateful during the whole experience for whatever I could and I'm so grateful now that the power's back. 

OK, I need to get going, please send any prayers and good wishes this way, both for me and my family and for the other people here who had it worse and still have it worse than us; they're very appreciated.

One last thing, you know what music gave me the most comfort through this?  Digital Pacific, the new album from Luna Shadows, which I thankfully bought when it dropped last Friday.  It's been one great bright spot in an otherwise dark (literal and figurative) time. 



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