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Melt Fat In Five Easy Steps!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


That's right, it's us blog-invading advertisers' latest scheme! But no worries, this is 100% guaranteed to work and has been clinically tested by professional taste-testers with their arms tied behind their backs!


It's quick and easy! No frustrating dieting! No diet drinks! No harmful chemicals! No long manuals keeping you up all night! That's right, five quick steps to watching fat melt away!



1. Remove butter from refrigerator.


2. Unwrap and set on plate.


3. Place in microwave.


4. Set time to two minutes.


5. Watch your fat melt away!





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My sister's and I have a super metabolism. We gain no weight no matter what. Lol. So no thanks. Please take me off your calling list.



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Oh my god! NO DIET! I can finally melt my fat!


Now, how do I melt my body's fat? :)


The Disousa

Just don't try the same method.



...Without someone holding a camera around. That would be pretty funny.

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hmmm, I shold tell my mom to but butter on a plateand put in the Microwave for two minutes... that's a good way to melt fat! :P



P.S: once again I approve this AWESOME Blog, Turakii: blog_approval_stamp.jpg

P.P.S. Sorry if you cant read the text ;)

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