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Mylego Appears To The World!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


MyLego, after vanishing for maintenance for a few days, is now available to everyone! Unfortunately, all the beta tasters (mmm, Lego) were reset to rank zero, so now we're back to impatiently waiting for red bricks again so we can beg Henrietta for a mason jar blueprint so we can make two mason jars to trade to Beekeeper Bill for a worker bee blueprint to make a worker bee for Flora because she asked for one, all the while trying to remember how to make a honey pot to add to five apples made from the still-lacking red bricks to give Henrietta a honey pie.


I wish they supplied you with some sort of magic wand you could use whenever you were tired of waiting... or what if Echo could send you 75 of them if you poked him with it? *Dashes away to poke Echo as many times as possible.*


Also, the buddy lists got reset, so if anyone wants to add me, I'm Supergirl321.





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I like it a lot, it's much better than the old Club Pages. I have a hunch that it might tie in a bit with the upcoming MMO, too...


I sent you a buddy request (from novahunter0)

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Dang it!

You got the pet glitch module and I didn't. Me be sad. :(

But not for long! I have an avatar of Mr. Uchiha in My Lego Network and because of that, I will not be sad, I will just brood!







Maybe I'll just stick with sad...


Never mind, I got over it. By the way, I'm Brambo3.


:fear: Shadow Scimitar :fear:

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