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The Bacon Fanclub

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Many admire and enjoy the crisp tastiness of a strip of bacon. Anytime, day or night, with eggs and without, even on a burger or stuffed in a sandwich, bacon is the most satisfying food to be found. All over the world, everyone from emperors to canines celebrate upon receiving a bacon-flavored treat. Mail carriers have been known to attempt smuggling bacon out of their deliveries, and doctors often recommend it for curing sicknesses. It is suspected by scientists that bacon may one day be the missing link in the equation for solving war, famine, and the melting of polar ice caps.


However, despite the vast numbers, few people take the time to inform bacon of its importance, or even pause in front of the fridge long enough to offer the bacon even a bit of encouragement or appreciation. Unfortunately, this is far more serious than anyone ever imagined.


Statistics have proved that, day after day, the lonely bacon sit quietly in its package, wishing for a friendly word. But, due to its being so superior when it comes to breakfast, it is silently shunned by the rest of the refrigerated food, especially pickles and green olives. This often results in a syndrom called Prelimary Bacon Dejection, which in turn results in a dark thundercloud hovering over the bacon, flashing lightning and pouring rain upon its packaging. (Your bacon is very likely to be suffering from the above mentioned if water is constantly pouring out of your refrigerator.)


Saddened by this news, several enjoyers of bacon united and agreed on the formation of an appreciation group, with the short-but-impressive name of "Bacon Fanclub." Unfortunately, they only had time to carve their plan into a nearby rock before they were all kidnapped by aliens. The rock itself was overlooked and lay by the side of the road, abandoned, until a passing farmer in a horse and buggy picked it up. Finding its inscription interesting, he kept it, and it was passed down from generation to generation as a family heirloom until the day it was laid in my hands, thus inspiring me to create...





Loyal Order of Honorable Bacon Lovers

Many thanks to ~Antroz the Phantoka~!


~High Priest: bio djinnie


~The highly regarded Dr. Jones

~The much respected Macku: Toa of Bubbles

~The often admired Doctor Norik

~The greatly applauded The lost Toa

~The surprisingly talented Argetlam

~The excessively esteemed Lady Ranna

~The tremendously brilliant Blue Diamond

~The wonderfully revered Double O' Dalek

~The happily honored Mercenary Xero

~The cheerfully venerable Avohkah Tamer

~The strikingly enjoyable Axinian the Chronicler

~The marvelously merited Teebert

~The understandably distinguished mespelted naem

~The wondrously worthy BrassEXE Toa of Gold

~The richly striking Shmog

~The extremely captivating ~Po~

~The eternally astonishing Toa Z

~The everlastingly fascinating Rawkmaster Ko-Zap

~The gloriously awe-inspiring Not Zonis

~The increasingly praiseworthy Arpy

~The startlingly enchanting ChocoLvr13

~The impressively brilliant ~Konta~

~The admiringly charming ~Light~

~The awesomely beloved Varaka

~The insufferably pessimistic Biobylon 5

~The artistically advanced Vezon the Piraka

~The obsessively handsome Actop

~The undoubtedly devoted Cleofan119

~The bipolar-yet-awesome Xaeraz

~The dashingly heroic Jordboy1

~The noticeably pimpin' Dr. Tehina-toa of lava

~The bewilderingly entrancing Tohru_Honda

~The courageously earthbending Zyglakky Munki

~The pleasantly friendly Bionicle Dragon

~The military-like odd guy .:Sgt. Panda of the 60's:.


Exclusive Bacon Fanclub Products (Courtesy of Actop)


Bacon Shirt! :o

Bacon Air Freshener! :o

Bacon Bandages! :o

Bacon Chewing Gum with Strawberry Flavor! :o

Bacon Wallet! :o

Bacon Wrapping Paper! :o





Recommended Comments

Put my name on that stone! BACON RULES ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-*falls off something very tall, like a building or cliff*

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If I'm not signed up already, do so please. :P


I don't really like bacon. I'd much prefer cereal. :P *collective gasp*




Blasphemy! =O

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I don't really like bacon. I'd much prefer cereal. :P *collective gasp*



What!?! :o Away with you, you breakfast food heretic! You are henceforth banned from the Loyal Order of Honorable Bacon Lovers! :P

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