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The Round Robin: Approved And Arrived

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


That's right, it's the first round robin to ever be hosted in this blog! Are you excited? Are you happy? Are you turning cartwheels? (If not, it's okay, I love you anyways.)


Just some really quick guidelines:


1. You can post anywhere over one sentence, unless the sentence is like this:


Then Tahu walked over and picked up a sock and juggled it until he got like super tired and then Kopaka walked over and said "Oh, hey Tahu" and hit Tahu on the head with a pillow Tahu didn't like that so he made oatmeal and threw it at Kopaka who got even madder so they were both all angry and stuff so they threw televisions and toasters at each other and the people who owned those unfortunate electrical appliances got really mad and...


Then... well, be careful about the BZP word limit. :P


2. Try not to end the story. I mean, if you want to have a crown of winged angel Matoran suddenly fly down with a fanfare of trumpets and remind everyone of this thing called "peaceful existence," I suppose you could, or if you wanted a fifty-foot sock monster to devour the entire Bionicle universe. Just make sure you leave something for the next person to add to.


3. It's not an RPG, so although you could probably introduce your BZP character, anyone who wants can do anything they want to them, even giving them a moustache or standing them on their head on top of a refrigerator. It's a scary thought...





A kingdom is in danger. A world is threatened to be overthrown. And a king is very, very angry.


Emperor Tahu Mistika stood on his balcony, the scarf wrapped around his face flapping in the wind. His drawn ninja swords gleamed in the dim daylight. He narrowed his eyes and glared at the cold, blue ice kingdom across the huge field before him.


"The nerve of that Kopaka!" he snarled. "Just 'cause he's got wings and a laser in his eye, he thinks he can beat me? I'll show him!"


A Matoran entered the room, calculated Tahu's mood, judged it to be somewhere perilous to his health, and promptly dived under a box. Tahu stalked over and kicked the box, glaring down as it shook with the Matoran's shudders.


"You! Gather two thousand fully trained and highly lethal Matoran soldiers immediately, and prepare them for battle!"


The Matoran peeked nervously out from under the box. "Uh... Emperor Tahu, sir... we don't even have two thousand Matoran, let alone highly trained and lethal ones. Sir."


"Then gather one thousand and five hundred of the slightly less trained but still equally lethal Matoran fighters!" Tahu barked.


"Half of them are out of practice, sir, and..." The Matoran retreated farther into the box. "And the rest are on vacation. "


"Make it a thousand barely trained and occasionally lucky combatants!"


"Most of them broke up and moved to Louisiana, sir, although some did form a classical band a little while back, sir. Do you think King Kopaka would consider clarinets to be dangerous weapons?"


Tahu paced back and forth in deep thought, then whirled on the Matoran again. "Don't we have anything!?"


"W-well..." The Matoran trembled. "We do have the bacon regiment, sir."


Tahu stood still, weighing the chances of victory with no soldiers at all over the chances of victory using the bacon regiment. Deciding they had a bit more of a chance with at least soldiers of some kind, he sighed. "Gather me three hundred bacon warriors, arm them with frying pans, and be ready to charge at daylight."


"Yes, sir!" The Matoran saluted twice, to get on Tahu's good side, then dashed away.


Tahu turned back to the balcony, ready to begin glaring at Kopaka's kingdom again, when a Ko-Matoran missile jumped, hurled across the room, and rammed into his back, knocking him to the ground and crushing both his dignity and one of his swords.


The Ko-Matoran stood squarely on Tahu's back, holding a spear to his ankle. "The great and almighty frosty king, Kopaka Mistika the First, son of Unknown the twenty-third and brother to the delicate and beautiful Gali Mistika, lone ruler over the entirety of the immense Kopaka Kingdom, acclaimed king over various silences and ellipses patterns, owner of the Frozen Scepter and weilder of the much-sought Freezy-Pop and fro---"


Tahu pressed his hands against his ears.


The Ko-Matoran pried them off. "Frozen ice powers, Sole Heir to the Icy Crystal Jewels and half the stock of Wal-Mart and its prize product, .::Mutran:.~ ~Mutran~ Double-Fun Chewing Gum™, and various..."


"Get to the point!"


The Ko-Matoran, afraid to admit that the heat generating from Tahu's back armor was penetrating his array of courage, cleared his throat. "Kopaka demands you surrender within the next three days, or he shall conquer your kingdom, hypnotize your Matoran, and freeze your 'mighty' flames."


"How could he freeze a flame anyways?" Tahu demanded. "Who does he think he is?"


"I have spoken all that I needed to speak," the Matoran declared, then clicked his heels and marched from the room, leaving Tahu to sulk on the floor.


Recommended Comments

"How can I defeat kopaka?" queryed Tahu, as he paced arund the room.

"what is wrong great tahu" said kapura as he slowly walked to tahu.

"Oh, its kopaka" said Tahu, "I have three days to find a way to defeat Kopaka, or he'l freeze my mighty flames or somthing." He paused and said "What are you doing?"

"Im pra"

Beore he could finish tahu interupted " yeah yeah your practcing, Kapura i need your help, can you hink of a way to stop Kopaka"

"Well you could always use he You Know What" said the Matoran.

"Yes thats it" said the fiery warrior. "Kapura, Call in evry living creature in the kingdom, including the flamers."

"As you wish sir said Kapura as he opened a vault realecing an army of :burnmad:s, :onfire:s, and :baaa:s

To Be Continued


Great Idea Turaki, Cant wait how see how the story goes.



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After that Tahu turned around, mumbling something.


"Kapura!" Tahu shouted.


The Ta-Matoran named Kapura came running from the hallway.


"Yes, sir?" Kapura said.

"I've heard about a Toa of Electricity named Lessy, Toa Lessy. Find him for me. I need his help."

"Right, anything more, sir?"

"Yes, I want two packs of Twix'."

"Ok sir."


After that Tahu went to his undescribable bed, taking his non-existant shoes off. Turning the TV on he said six words.


"I hope Fullmetal Alchemist is on."



That's my part! =P


I'll post some more if I have time. :P



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Kopaka Mistika reeled back in surprise at the Ko-Matoran's report. "The Flamers!" he gasped.


"Yes, Sir!" The Ko-Matoran clicked his heels. "He's ordered three squadrons of On Fires, an army of Mr. Angry Faces, and four regiments of those really mean looking Burning Mads! Oh, and a sheep. That's all I heard before I left."


Kopaka clenched his fist around his scepter, unconsciously turning it to solid ice. The scepter shattered. "A sheep," he said through gritted teeth. "That does it." He glared out his fortress window, in the direction of the Fire Toa's kingdom. "Tahu, prepare for the most powerful counterassault you've ever known!"


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"...on all the sheep you've ever known," He continued, "after this counter assualt I want no sheep alive!"


"What about Tahu?" objected the Ko- Matoran


"He can wait," explained Kopaka.

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Kopaka lept out on to the battle field where he saw to his suprise not sheep but worse, sheep imposters.

"Oh my mata nui" said Kopaka rather calmly, well as calm as you can be when sheep imposters are attacking. He powered up his wings and flew out "hey you" he said to a sheep...thing who are you?"

"BAAAAA" replyed the sheep...thing (wow this is going to get confusing)

"Oh no its wore than i thought" said kopaka "There sheep trapped in peoples boddies, there sheeple!" :baaa:


sorry if you cant post twice a day, if thats a rule, please deleat this.

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In Toa Tahu's Realm...


Toa Po, leader of the bacon regiment, entered the relatively well heated room rather abruptly.

"Toa Tahu!?" He said trying to mask his frustration, "Why have you sent your sheep imposters when you know all too well they stand no chance against Toa Kopaka's silent army? We in the bacon regiment are armed and ready for an attack."


"I know" Replied the Toa emperor, rather angered by the interruption of his favorite anime. "I have used my 'sheep' as a mere distraction. As you can see..." Tahu cringed in disgust. " 'Toa' Kopaka... has already left his fortress to join in the battle against them."


"And that affects me and my men how?" Toa Po prompted.


"You must lead your frying pan armed group on a covert mission against Kopaka himself"


"What of his armies?"


"Did you miss the 'covert' part? or do you need me to repeat the entire conversation for you?" Tahu hissed getting more and more impatient of his current situation. "Now go already! You have much work ahead of you. Let Mata Nui be with you."


Much aggravated by his new mission, Toa Po briskly walks from the room. As much as he hated working incognito, he didn't have much choice in the matter. As he entered the Bacon Warrior training grounds, Toa Po started gathering his men.




Yeah, I know it's not that interesting, but I saw an entry and I took it. Sorry. :P

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You can post as often as you desire, Grim Ripper.


By the way, I took out the word maximum --- it's more fun without it. :P




The happy, fluffy sheep skipped merrily along, glancing confusedly now and again to the big, white blob with a red thing sticking out of its eye, which was hovering overhead.


Kopaka huffed and flapped down to where his Ko-Matoran army waited. "Obviously, they have been well trained to follow the exact breathing, skipping, and emotional patterns of actual sheep. Although Tahu has a horrible fashion sense and probably doesn't even know how to buckle shoes, he's not bad at instructing sheep."


"What would you like us to do, sir?" Matoro asked, entirely forgetting he was supposed to be a Toa on Metru Nui. "Shall we go to the attic and dig out our water pistols, sir?"


Kopaka looked at him, shocked. "I should say not!" He looked back at the sheep thoughtfully, then narrowed the eye that didn't have a laser in it. "Get the artillery. The big ones."


"Not the ones we saved for defeating Tahu, sir?" Matoro shuddered. "Not the ones we needed five licenses just to carry out of the store...?"


"If we're going to take down these sheep, Matoro," Kopaka said firmly, "we're going to do it right."








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Onua sighed. Tahu and Kopaka were at it again. Wouldn't those two ever learn?


But wait...


If Tahu was busy fighting Kopaka's armies, he'd be too busy to guard his refrigerator.


Onua opened a secret door in the wall of his stronghold and followed a conveniently located secret passage into Tahu's kitchen.


He stepped through the door, and walked to the refrigerator. And-


-and spun around when someone tapped him on the shoulder. "Lewa!" Onua stuttered. "Erm.. What are you doing here?"


The Air-Toa grinned. "Tahu and Kopaka are busy hard-fighting, so I went to quick-raid Kopaka's fridge. But Kopaka's food is all frozen, so I came here to try Tahu's."


Onua relaxed and said, "Okay, let's see what he has."


The two of them opened the refrigerator, and Lewa pulled out a slab of bacon. "I call this!"


"Wait a minute!" cried Onua. "I was here first, I get the bacon."


"Fat chance!" scoffed Lewa, who clutched the package more tightly. Onua was stronger however, and pulled the bacon from Lewa's grasp.


Lewa yelled loudly, said some not-nice words, and then unleashed a cyclone on the Toa of Earth. The bacon flew from Onua's hand as he spun around.


Lewa reached for the package, but as he did the floor under him gave way, and he fell flat on his face.


The two of them got up and looked around: Tahu's kitchen was destroyed, and the bacon lay on the floor between them.


Onua locked eyes with his bacon stealing friend. "This," he growled. "is war."


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Onua grabbed a banana off the counter and swung it at Lewa. Lewa flipped over Onua's head and picked another banana and charged at Onua. The fight started wildly as neither was able to hit either fruit or Toa. But then Onua got a good swing that was actually in the general direction of the air Toa. Lewa brought up his banana in a parry. SPLAT! Both bananas met and turned into mush. Lewa quickly grabbed a saltshaker off the table and flung it at Onua. Onua ducked and the shaker hit the ceiling fan. Suddenly they were surrounded by a wall of salt, which formed into a shape and colored into-- A Krahli!


The Krahli grabbed the Toa by the backs of their sweaters (which they had gotten when they were in Kopaka's kitchen) hoisted then into the air, and said, "Two intruders caught. The charge: Stealing the royal bacon. The punishment: Being--"



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---Hugged By Gorast in a Barney Suit.

"Oh no, anything but that" Screamed the two toa "no please have mercy"

No you touch the baken you get hugged, its here on page 233 paragraph 5 line 25 of tahus Realy big rule book *IN stores evry where now, buy one or be incenerated. Costs over nine thousand widgets*

"Not so fast said---



Yay making other people come up with stuff for you!!


This is realy fun turakii, how long do you think it will be until we start a new story all together?


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Tahu back from his beuty parlor visit, "Why are you all in my house?"


"Well, uhhh... when were you even at the beuty parlor?" retorted Gorast in defense.


Tahu was at the brink of tears, "Can't a guy look pretty!?"


Then suddenly Tahu stumbled into the room but it was a different Tahu. Krahili looked at the 2 Tahu's standing in front of it. "Hmmm..." it questioned, "Which one is real?"

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Aww, you love me? I love you too. In a...completely friendship way. *hug!*


Nice story, you're an excellent and quite humorous writer. I'll edit this with my post later.



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Xaeraz covered his eyes as Pohatu, toa of eye-searing color schemes (and stone), popped up on his visor's view screen.


"Xaeraz. Kopaka is unleashing the Farshety cannon. We need you to--"

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"get back to what's really happening, i know!" Xaeraz shouted as he jumped back through a protal to BZP member land.


the two toa Tahus stared at each other for a long time. so long, cobwebs began to emerge on both of them, before the real one spoke up.


"MATAU!" Tahu screamed jumping twards the toa and falling to the ground as Matau flew out the window laughing like a madman, still looking like tahu.


meanwhile, on the battle field, the sheep and the ko-matoran were doing something that scared kopaka out of his wits, besides a creepy-looking tau flying past him.

if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey!

even if it has a monkey kind of shape!

if it doesn't have a tail it's not a monkey,

if it dosen't have a tail it's not a monkey it's an-

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"AN!?" demanded Kopaka. "An what!?"


The Ko-Matoran and sheep continued dancing in circles and singing (or, in the sheeps' case, baaing in rhythm), taking no notice of their commander/enemy. Kopaka snarled and stomped back to the Farshtey cannon to load it himself, muttering something about mindless pawns and too much Strawberry Shortcake.




Meanwhile, Toa Po, the amazingly courageous, dashingly heroic, excessively talented bacon regiment leader marched impressively over the hill, his shining armor reflecting light so the army could be seen from miles a---


"Hold it!" he said, stopping short and nearly getting trampled by the overeager troops behind him. "What are we doing marching over a hill and being seen from miles away when this is supposed to be a sneak attack? And who wrote that paragraph, anyways?" He looked around suspiciously for a hidden author.


"Sir!" called a warrior. "We are standing in the open where it is extremely likely that we shall be shot, showered by shrapnel, or spotted by Tahu and thrown into the dungeon for daring to take a break. If we value our lives, perhaps we should make our way under cover of the bushes. Sir!"


"Just what I was pointing out to the author... wherever he is." Toa Po looked around one more time, then shrugged and led the troops to a path behind a large wall of thistle bushes, which conveniently stretched all the way to Kopaka's castle.




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Suddenly, clouds gathered overhead. The happy sheep looked upward, their nemesis appearing in the sky. The Matoran, Krahli, Toa, and the aptly named Makuta-whom-no-one-has-seen-yet look on high, as a great rock emerged from the stormy sea of vapour. As it hurtled to the ground, they could see one word, dooming all:




Everyone promptly ran for cover.





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"We need reinforcements!" Kopaka yelled as Tahu's sheep imposters and the Seriousness attack from above bore down on his Ko-Matoran forces.


Matoro, his first-in-command who wasn't supposed to be there at all, saluted. "I'm sorry, Sir, but they won't arrive until Tuesday!"


"It is Tuesday!"


Kopaka lit the fuse and fired the Farshtey cannon. The sheep imposters broke into song again. Kopaka covered his ears.


"I think they like it," said Matoro. "But at least they're not attacking anymore."


"This singing is worse!" Suddenly, a movement behind the wall of thistle bushes caught Kopaka's eye. Could it be his reinforcements?


A piece of bacon fired over the bushes and plunged into the Farshtey cannon.


"Oh no!" Matoro shouted. "It's Toa Po and his bacon forces!"


"I know who it is," Kopaka snarled. "Okay, Toa Po, be prepared for my counterassault. Matoro! Release our Anti-Bacon Commandos!"


Matoro pulled a switch. A door open and out raced a regiment of Po-Matoran, each with a knife and fork in hand and a bib tied around his neck. "Mmmmm..." said one when he saw the bacon hurling over the thistle bushes. "Bacon..."


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But then, to Toa Po's shock, appeared his arch-nemesis, Toa Edgar Allen, leading an army of Eggs over Easy! Toa Edgar Allen stared at Toa Po in shock, as the two armies came to a halt.

"And what are you doing this fine day, Toa Edgar Allen?" Toa Po asked suspiciously.

Toa Edgar Allen stared down at Toa Po.

"Me? I am inconspicoulsy taking my specially trained army of Spec Op. Eggs over Easy on a jolly mid-evening picnic down the secret path behind the large wall of thistle bushes so as to NOT go and covertly take out your battalion of pseudo-sheep. And you?"


OOC: A word-play on Edgar Allen Poe. I just couldn't resist.

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Then Tahu saw a gleaming frightening light

"Who in Makuta is that gleaming light?"

He then saw that it was Takanuva, who then engulfed two random Matoran in the shadow he created.




How long is a sentence again? :P


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I think I killed the one sentence thing a while back... So I wouldn't really bother about it too much. :P


Toa Kopaka, Toa Edgar Allen, Toa Po, and Toa Tahu stared blankly at Takanuva as he continued using his powers to wipe out random soldiers, sheep impersonators, and slabs of bacon. Edgar Allen was the first to snap out of the trance. He started heading strait towards the leader of the Bacon Regiment who was, at the moment, still staring at the mass chaos ensuing in the battlefield below.


Only the vision of foresight given to him by his mask power awakened Toa Po before Edgar Allen was able to kick him in the back of the head. He dodged slightly and caught the large metal foot midair and twisted Edgar Allen's leg backwards to subdue him long enough to bark orders to his bacon slinging soldiers to attack the rival Toa and his group of Eggs over Easy.


Tahu glances down long enough to notice that everyone that the shadows of Takanuva touched, automatically stopped attacking each other and, instead, started heading directly towards both his and Kopaka's fortresses.


As much as he hated the thought of having to fight his own men, if that's the game Takanuva wanted to play...


"So be it..." Tahu snarled as he-

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...Watched a random BZP member appear in midair and crash to the ground.


"Who're you?" Tahu asked in confusion, not used to random people of any kind appearing in midair and crashing to the ground.


The member stood up and brushed himself off, then pointed toward Toa Edgar Allen and Toa Po, who were engaged in a furious battle. "I'm Mr. E! I'm here to make up for the missing letter!"


"Well, we don't want you here! We're in the middle of a huge war and all our minions are going back to our castles for some unexplainable reason, and we don't have time to make up for measly missing letters! Off with you!" He promptly scooped up poor Mr. E and hurled him back into the vortex from which he came.




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Meanwhile in an alternate dimension Mr. E sulked home. In his home dimension it was raining all over. He felt as if his heart had been ripped out. He burst into his home and tossed off his raincoat and sighed. "What is it?" asked Mrs. E, his loving wife.


"Tough day," sighed Mr. E, "I come all the way into another dimension to fix their word problem and they just shun me and send he back. I feel so rejected." Then he looked up and smiled sinisterly, "I'll get them back for this!"


Meanwhile Tahu rushed over to Kopaka, "I hate to say this but we may need to team up to stop these hypnotized people.




Also whatever hapened to the second Tahu I added into the story?

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he turned into matau and flew back to metru nui. :)



kopaka stared at tahu. there was no conceivable way those two would be able to work together. in the background, lewa and onua were still fighting over the bacon, not realizing it had turned into a flying pig and flew back to its cloud farm. meanwhile, the minions were still singing the monkey song, and wondering about whether vegtables could talk.


"in your dreams!' kopaka snarled, and shot his hand twoard Tahu. tahu retaliated and grapped Kopaka's arm. then, coincedentaly, they banged ther heads together. the scream could be heards for Kios around.


"did you hear something?" Gali mistika asked as she sat on a beach on the island of mata nui with nokama, hahli, and macku.


"naw, it was probably the other boys you heard." macku replied, rubbing sunscreen on her arms.


"oh, ok." gali replied, streeching back onto her beach towel and adjusting her sunglasses.


back with the other boys, both ice and fire toa had fallen two the ground. the other toa and the minions stared for a second, then went back to what they were doing. then, the fallen toa began to sing the dreaded song:


"i love you, you love me..."

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"We're a happy family, with a great big... ah!"

The duo snapped out of the trance as a loud sound came from the direction of the kitchen.

"What in the world?" Kopaka exclaimed.

"Oh, that's my Uncle Franks Happy Pop Popcorn in the microwave." Tahu explained. "However, I'm not sure if I exactly have the time to eat it yet, seeing as a large army is currently approaching."

"So, any bright ideas?" Kopaka asked.

"Don't ask me for bright ideas, bub, I'm not doing this willingly."

"Well, you think this is easy for me?"

"It would be easier if you wouldn't argue with everything I say."

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"As a matter of fact, you do."


Tahu and Kopaka both jumped at the sound of the English-accented voice who spoke the words. In the corner stood a tall being, black with silver armor, a smile twitching across his mask.


"Who are you?" Tahu sputtered.

"Axinian the Chronicler, at your service." The fellow said with a bow.

"What do you want?" Kopaka inquired, ready to send a bolt of ice at the being if his intent should prove hostile.

"Just to help you two chaps see eye to eye, that's all."

"How did you get in?" Tahu wondered aloud.

Axinian sighed. "I went in through the unlocked front door. You fellows really should take more precautions when an army is approaching your fortress. Now, are we going to keep chattering about my identity, intent, method of entry, favorite food, and shoe size, or are we going to do something about that army?

The two Toa remained silent.

Axinian nodded. "Good. Now, my associate is holding off the opposing force with a force field at the moment, but it won't last long. You fellows need to come to some kind of an agreement. You must stand together, or you will never prevail! Divided you fall, together you stand! Leave your differences behind! Acknowledge that you have faults, but learn to live with them! Stand together for yourselves, for all Matoran, for assorted breakfast foods, for the Great Spirit, for equality, for justice, for the story to have a plot!" Axinian ceased shouting and lowered his upraised arm to wipe away the tears that were dripping down his mask.


Tahu and Kopaka stood side by side, heads hung like naughty Matoran caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Tahu sniffed. The two Toa looked at each other at the same time...

Then, will long wails and much sobbing, the two embraced.

"I'm so sorry Tahu!" Kopaka cried out.

"Me too, I've been one big fool." Tahu moaned.

"I regret all those times I ever hurt you!"

"So do I."


The two continued to confess their grievances for five minutes, while Axinian looked on and enjoyed the warm, fuzzy feeling that ran through his belly.


Axinian jumped as Kopaka glared at Tahu.

"I just said that I was sorry for the time I stuck my bubble gum on your Suva." Tahu said with confusion.

"You little... That took me three days to wash off! To think I trusted you!"


Axinian saw that his plans were beginning to unravel and spoke up desperately. "Gentlemen, I'm sure that there's some way that we can resolve this issue!"

Kopaka turned toward the Chronicler. "You. You're the one who started all this." He began to walk toward Axinian. "You're the one who reduced me to a blubbering fool, all for nothing!"

Axinian backed up while his life flashed before his eyes. "Sorry!" He squeaked.


But it was too late. Kopaka had reached the Chronicler's position in the corner. He raised his hand and-




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"NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Xaeraz screamed, diving in front of the hand. Kopaka facepalmed.


"You're obsessed with getting into this, aren't you?"






Meanwhile, two beings stood in the shadows. One looked very regal, making him the king of shadows. The other seemed to only be a shadowed one.


"Well, Makuta?"


"TSO. Our plan to eliminate the nuva is working."


TSO cackled, rubbing his hands together maniacally. Makuta laughed evilly.


"I'm sorry sirs," said a passing park rangertoran. "The Kini-nui park is closing."


"Oh," said TSO. The two villains got up and walked out of the park, still cackling.


"The nutzos I put up with," the rangertoran said as he began to shoo away the mutant rahkshi over by the kini.

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