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Those Rahkshi Thought They'd Won!

Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


...But Hahli sure showed them. :P


With a bit of cheating supreme skill and sharpness of mind, Hahli and I bravely made our way through MNOLG2! Many thanks to Master Meca One for his expert guidance skills.


Even in victory, clouds of doom gather over Hahli's head...






But, beside the mysteriously sunny beach, Nokama praises her anyways.





*Dances off before anyone can ask what she was doing playing MNOLG2 at one in the morning.*





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It was because of time zones. :P


And she had already beaten Onu-Koro back in 2003 when it was still possible. That's all you require to win. And my guidance. But whatever. I can help you all if you've beaten Onu-Koro in Ga-Koro. But that's not likely. :P


And it wasn't really cheating, it was advanced methods to get past glitches. Although she did cheat in kolhii. :P


:m: :e: :c: :a:

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Ha ha... what's that on the bottom of the page, Turakii? Somebody was using FRAMERATE... :P


Don't worry, I cheated too. It's impossible to beat it without, anyways...

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Wow, nice job. I can't even get out of the hut that you start out in. *Pounds walls*

I would ask you what you were doing playing the game at one in the morning, but I recall when I played MNOLG until roughly midnight... :P


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That, or as soon as the game begins, hit tab-space until Hahli and Macku begin thrusting their sticks in the air victoriously.







it never told us we had to use the space key... or any key... it just said GO!


I'm glad I know now...


Lady Ranna

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