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I Know The Last Posting Rank!

Tifosi 92


I figured it out, and I've even found the rank image (at least, I'm pretty certain it's the last one). What? Of course I'm not telling you. :P


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I don't recall ever getting the Gali Nuva ranks. That was when they updated the ranks so I shot straight from Submerged! to the second Pohatu Nuva rank aagh.gif
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I missed all the ranks after Kopaka Nuva's to before the Mask of Time one. :(

Oh yeah, I think I remember looking rank images up one time. Don't think I found the name of the rank, but I did find the image, I think...



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Keep in mind guys that rank images and when you get them is a secret. ^_~




That's why I haven't shown it or linked to it. I know what it is, though. (And knowing how far along you have to go just to get to the Phantoka ranks, it's probably hidden at like, 25,000 posts or something. :P)

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