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2010 And A Dilemma

Tifosi 92


Looking forward to the new year, though it will most likely be a busy one. I've been less active on BZP towards the end of the year, and I'm starting to think that this might not change for a while, unfortunately. School is just too much of a burden for this, and whenever I do have time to relax I'm often chatting with friends or playing games. Here's to a hopefully easier year for everyone in 2010--and a more active one on my part. :P


Also, I've been trying to finally write out some projects I've had in the back of my head for a while, but none of them are coming out the way I want them to due to perhaps a lack of motivation. I know they can be good stories if I can get my mindset right, but for some reason I haven't been able to do that. Should I try to brainstorm some of my old ideas more thoroughly and see if I can get the fire back into them, or should I abandon them completely and wait for a new idea to come along?


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I'd rather say to go back to your old ideas then wait for new ones, because it'll probably be a little easier to work out the plot and stuff instead of trying to make an entirely new story where you need to do the chapters again and do other stuff that's important, including the characters, considering they're a total pain to figure out how they'll look like, what mask they wear, etc. ><


But still, when doing new ideas it gets hard to have one idea and then think of a new one, since it'll keep on going until finally you have too much stuff. Which happens to me all the time. :P But either way, if you have an idea you might want to finish old ideas and start to do new ideas after old junk is finally done, if you know what I mean.


Keep in mind that this is just some advice. Do whatever is better for you and doesn't get in the way of other things, 92. :)


EDIT: Also, Happy New Year. :happydance:

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Happy New Year and all the best for 2010. ^_^


As for your projects do what you think is right. Make the choice you think will help you improve your writing skills. :)


Once again have a great new year.

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I know exactly what you mean about the writing thing. It's so frustrating when that happens. But, what I do is just simply jot down all my ideas for that story in bullet-point form, and then I just move on to something else until I feel like writing it. Or I may write down the ideas I have, and then try to imagine the scene and expand on those ideas, and then finally get to writing them out. Or sometimes I'll go back to really old ideas that I haven't worked on in a while, and do the same process with those [reading them over, trying to imagine/expand, etc.].


But, what may work for one person may not work for another, so just try doing different things and hopefully you'll discovr what works for you.


And a very happy New Year to you, Tifosi.



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