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Farshtey Feed (p259-261)



Saturday, January 30, 2010

But check this out.

• A heat vision Rahkshi loses its power if it does not have its staff in hand. [source] [source]
• Same as the Rahkshi in 2003, the heat vision Rahkshi's tools aid its flight. [source]
• Tahu will feel some frustration over his devolution back into a Toa Mata. [source]


• Tahu's mask is still adaptive. [source]
• The Golden Armor does not make Tahu invincible. What it actually does is to be revealed in March. [source]

• Greg plans to continue the side-plot of the Shadowed One's alliance with Pridak which was made in Destiny War. [source]
• Teridax did not simply kill his alternate version outright because he does not perceive him as a threat. [source]
• On the chances of Vezon showing up in the latest scene of Reign of Shadows: "Oh, Vezon always pops up somewhere …" [source]

• Spherus Magna had possibly other, smaller volcanic regions besides Vulcanus and the Great Volcano which would have been home to other Fire Agori. Vulcanus was merely an outpost and not the main center of population for the Fire Tribe. After the Shattering, just about all the Fire Agori who came to live in Vulcanus came from elsewhere, since none of them were native to the area. [source]
• The Iron Tribe mined iron mines in the forested mountains of Bota Magna. In some cases, they shared territory with the Skrall, in others, they did not, since not all mountains have iron veins in them. [source]
• Capital cities for tribes existed on Spherus Magna. [source]
• If the Great Beings had built the third robot, they would have designed it similarly to the Matoran universe, not the prototype. [source]
• The fact that all the energized protodermis in Spherus Magna drifted out into space after the Shattering might have had some bearing on why the Great Beings never created another robot, depending on whether they had some left from the sample they had originally. [source]


• The Mask of Mutation was worn by a Makuta. Greg intends to assign this mask to Miserix. Toa would not know of this mask in an immoral context since Miserix was not part of the rebellion. [source] [source]
• The Mask of Mutation's changes are permanent unless undone. The user does not need to be in contact with the target for the power to work. [source]
• Greg would say it is likely that Artakha used the Mask of Creation to create the protosteel adaptive armor and masks. [source]
• On the Mask of Creation's offensive uses: "…t is hard to use in combat because you have to pause to conceive the design, during which time someone kills you." [source]
• The Mask of Creation could not be used to create precious materials, since those are not things that are designed and built. [source]
• The Suva on Mata Nui were not taken to Metru Nui, only the Kanohi Nuva were. There were already other Suva on Metru Nui, since Toa had already lived there before. [source]

• Gelu never received elemental powers from Mata Nui, since the two never met. [source]


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I don't think so, RCN. I mean, it's basically up to Planetperson if he wants to post the same thing twice, but I can't imagine it would be too time-consuming.


By the by, congratulations on the graduation of your work from blog to official topic!

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