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  1. Keep them forever. Whether they're in a box in the closet or taking up 90% of what was once my avaible floor space, they'll be kept. Except for the new Gali, she'll be up on my nerd shelf for a good, long while. Occasionally joined by someone or another whenever I rotate stuff out on the shelf.
  2. I would just love to have a unique color for each Toa, it adds individuality and is great for MOCing. I'd be fine with only 3-4, but only 2 makes me a little sad. Things got a little less interesting in the later years when everyone had either orange or lime eyes.
  3. I know it well enough in writing to take a full days worth of college lecture notes in it (I got tired of a friend copying everything) and even do a small bit of calculus in it (just a warning, don't try that) When it comes to reading it, I can do it decently. I'm a bit slower with that, made the whole calc thing a lot harder. Seriously, I don't recommend that.
  4. I don't think it'll be any more complicated than the merging of new and old Doctor Who or Star Trek fans. The new fans know the new stuff, the older fans know both. Like Arc and Nidhiki have said of the new guys want to learn about the old stuff they can simply look it up or ask about it. As long as we don't reject the new fans for not being up to date on a story that began and ended many years ago the integration shouldn't be very difficult.
  5. How about neither? In all honesty I'm looking forward to emptying out my pockets again, man that's going to be amazing! But really, until we get a bit more on what the story will entail I'm more excited for the sets. Not that I'm not excited for the story, it's just hard to say about it right now.
  6. Taipu, Kopeke, and Vhisola. The rest of the Company would be awesome too, but my love stays with those two (and Vhisola). Any Matoran from Mata Nui would be just dandy, even if as Protectors and not Matoran.
  7. My grandparents were in town for my little sister's birth, and I went with my grandma to the grocery store and I found a Kopaka set in the bread isle. I instantly recognized the mask as the same one that my favorite McDonald's toy had, and grandmas don't say no when their grandkid wants a new toy. The canister alone left me hooked before we even left the store.
  8. I'm hoping it'll be Kopaka, seeing as he was my first set. But I'm loving Lewa's design so much I might just have to go back on that... Or just get them together! But more than likely Kopaka will be at least the main part of my first purchase
  9. The whole magic and gold thing is making me think it's going to be a bit different, but oh boy Here goes my money.. My poor, innocent money..
  10. Oh boy, this is going to be my first season of being able to watch when episodes come out (only started over the winter!), I'm liking what I'm seeing of Capaldi in that trailer!
  11. Well when you put it all without context like that most any sci-fi/fantasy will sound awfully odd I mean try doing that with Star Wars or Doctor Who or Harry Potter, they wind up sounding pretty weird! But I've got to agree with what a lot of people, it's that element of different and weird that draws us all into these sci-fi/fantasy stories, Bionicle especially
  12. Considering I pretty much forgot this place existed, I'm genuinly impressed with how resililiant y'all are! This is some serious dedication to keep this place existing for so long!
  13. Tohu you're lovely face is back!! <3 Ive missed that greatly...
  14. Hmph, I have no real use for it at all.. Makes me question myself about why the heck I add people in the first place..? xD
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