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Portal 2



I just realized that there were no blog entries about it, thus without further adieu:


CO-OP SOUNDS AWESOME, and different campaigns for solo and co-op sounds even better.


I can't imagine how they are going to make it better than the original, but I know they will, and I'm terribly excited. :3




Also comment on wip please:



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Actually, there was another entry I commented in somewhere...


But anyway, I am also super excited for it.


I'm so GLaD that GLaDOS will be back! (did you see wut I did thar)



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And Gamestop is charging full game-price for it, so I guess that means it will be of a proper length.




I still need to go beat Portal again so I can see the new ending (it is for all versions, right?).



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I still need to go beat Portal again so I can see the new ending (it is for all versions, right?)

No, just the computer, and it's only 15 seconds longer and it really isn't worth not watching on video sites.


But playing Portal again is. :P

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Whoa, I'm gone for four days and one of the best games ever has a sequel officially announced? ;_;
And what's this about a new ending? Is it through a Steam update?
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