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That's Good For You



I died again...I keep procrastinating using BZP, even though it's painfully easy to get on since the school doesn't block it. Ah well..


Life kinda sucks. I have four close friends - Zac, Andy, Jblz, and Rachel (all nicknames/fake names, just for the sake of consistency here). Andy and Rachel are going out, which is awesome for them. Then Jblz has a girlfriend too. They keep doing stuff together as couples and I keep getting left out...so I'm really left with only one good friend, and he lives a little too far away to hang out with all that much. It's really terrible; I feel pressured to get a girlfriend just so that I can hang out with my friends. And I still like the same girl (which is a whole other miserable issue). She has a boyfriend, and even if she didn't she's out of my league anyway. So I really have no other choices than to suck it up and be the fifth wheel, or just not go hang out with my friends ever. Don't like either of those choices...and I don't like the idea of getting a girlfriend to get my friends back either.


This must happen to a ton of people; don't know how they deal with it...

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Ah, that's hard. I only have two friends, both of who I don't get to see much. I'm not in the same situation with you as the gf thing, but I still understand how you're feeling.
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