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Vezok's Friend


So the game is out since a couple of days now...unfortunately I can't play it since I do not own a 360 and do not plan to buy one soon.

I am just not a fan of consoles.


What I am a fan of is Spartan Supersoldiers though ^^ Now what to do with 8-10 Armors scored at BFair...oh RIGHT!



^Click the Image^

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Well, if Microsoft has something to promote in say, 3-4 years, Reach might come out for the PC (If 3's come out by then).

I don't have a 360 either, but daaaang this game looks awesome.

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...does that guy have a knife strapped to his shoulder? Isn't he supposed to be taking out the enemy's eyes, not his teammmates'?


Yes, Emile's got a Kukri strapped to his shoulder ^^

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